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Libra & Scorpio as Rising Signs, Retrograde Venus, Preview of Next Week’s Blog – incl Lucy Letby, Mercury Retrograde & Mars into Libra (Summer School updates – 6 places left for Sept courses)

GREEK ISLAND SUMMER SCHOOL – SEPTEMBER COURSES There are direct flights from all major UK airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Stansted and Bristol. Destination airport is Preveza (PVK) and flight time averages 3 hours. Return prices as of this morning range from £174 to £255. All courses comprise of 4 study days during your week…


Leo & Virgo as Rising Signs, Summer School updates & Preview of Next Week’s Blog – incl the Big Event of the Sun – Venus Conjunction & Relationship Astrology

Now writing this week’s blog, horoscopes mentioned so far are Justin and Sophie Trudeau, which is leading me into some key relationship astrology info for you, appropriate for a big Venus week ahead. 
How do you assess each horoscope in terms of the relationships that individual is destined to experience in this lifetime? What are the textbook indications for meeting a partner? And for reaching the end of a relationship and separating?


Lowdown on Leo, Gemini & Cancer as Rising Signs, Summer School updates & Preview of Next Week’s Blog – incl Retrograde Venus and the Moon’s Nodes

This is the free fortnightly newsletter that goes out to everyone on my general mailing list, even if you haven’t subscribed to the weekly blog. This newsletter contains info about the content of this and next week’s blog and how to subscribe if you’d like to. You’ll also find updates on Summer School courses for…


All about Ascendants, Flights for Sept Summer School & a Preview of This Week’s Blog

The Ascendant (or Rising Sign) is not a planet but the sign rising over the eastern horizon at the time of our birth. This crucial angle can be calculated to exactitude only if the time of birth is known, which is why time is so important to an astrologer. Without a birth time it is a little like looking at a clock with no hands. The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the horoscope.