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April 2014

This week’s Astrology – 28 April 2014

The Astrology Blog – w/b 28 April 2014


As above, so below, the astrological picture has been totally nuts for the last couple of weeks so for many people life has been at full stretch and many situations have reached that “elastic band” moment that I talked about on the 14 April blog in relation to the Grand Cross. To quote:

The bigger picture message is that whatever is at full stretch will now snap. It’s like an elastic band – you can’t stretch it forever. At some point it will ping back in your face. Tension cannot build and build without something eventually happening.

I’ve heard so many difficult stories that amply bear this out but in many cases the actual results are positive. There’s a definite theme of people clicking into action mode, to stop tolerating something that is in fact intolerable, to admit where help is needed and to set new wheels in motion. It’s a reminder of the old saying that you may not be able to change what happens but you can change your response. Even recognizing what you don’t want is a good starting point.

The final event of this rollercoaster is now unfolding as tomorrow morning brings the Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

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21 April 2014 – This week’s Astrology

The Astrology Blog – w/b 21 April 2014

The aspect pattern called a Grand Cross is still unfolding as we come to the end of the Easter weekend. Here’s the sequence, all times in BST:

Sunday Jupiter square Uranus (04.57)

Monday Jupiter opposite Pluto (00.06) and Uranus square Pluto (19.39)

Tuesday Mars square Jupiter (20.29)

Wednesday Mars opposite Uranus (08.10) and Mars square Pluto (14.48)

Mars is the fasting moving of these planets and it’s his arrival on the scene that has turned this configuration from a T Square (3 planets, 2 opposing each other, both making a square to a third, in this case Jupiter opposite Pluto both square to Uranus) to a Grand Cross (2 oppositions, in this case Mars opposite Uranus, Jupiter opposite Pluto). So Mars god of war and action is the stirrer, the mover and the shaker, but note that he is travelling through Libra in which he is said to be in “detriment”. In other words, Mars struggles to be his warlike self in this sign. Libra belongs to Venus, planet of love and peace, and is associated with balance, negotiation, arbitration and partnership. Whether or not you are a royalist Prince William, with Mars in Libra in his horoscope, is an illustration of this as he charms his way through Australia and New Zealand with wife and baby.

Mars being expressed through Libra is the ultimate symbol of non violence or inactivity/lack of assertiveness. In terms of world events this is potentially helpful re calming the Ukraine situation, but it’s allegedly the issue that lies at the heart of the Korean ferry disaster, ie a fatal lack of leadership, indecision and failure to follow recognized procedures.

I must thank fellow astrologer Rod Chang for my top Grand Cross story:

“A flight destined for Iran never made it off the tarmac at a Swedish airport when passengers on board protested over the deportation of Kurdish refugee Ghader Ghalamere who was due to be sent home on the same flight. Angry passengers refused to fasten their seatbelts in protest at his treatment and prevented the pilots from being able to take off.”

Ghader faces certain death if extradited so this was his cross to bear, the thing he could not fight. The showing of the astrology is fabulous. At the last minute the power of the rebellious collective (Uranus) against the system (Pluto) through non violent means (Mars in Libra) pinning the plane to the ground in the name of humanity (Jupiter). Avaaz has started a petition – it only takes a minute to sign so here’s the link:

On a more personal note I’ve heard several stories this week of seemingly impossible situations. If you’re caught up in one yourself then no doubt you will feel up against it for the next few days but keep looking for ways in which you can keep nudging an issue in the right direction. However, some matters will simply fizzle out as they reach a natural end.

The astrological picture for the end of the week is much steadier, calmer and constructive. Here’s the sequence:

Friday Venus trine Saturn (06.16)

Saturday Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus (04.28)

Sunday Sun sextile Neptune (11.35)

These aspects are all harmonious and occur in the feminine water or earth signs.

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14 April 2014 – This week’s Astrology

The Astrology Blog – w/b 14 April 2014


So here we go, it’s time to fasten our seatbelts for the most feverish week of the year, culminating with the Grand Cross – Mars opposite Uranus/Jupiter opposite Pluto – moving into exact alignment over the Easter weekend. I summed up last week as the lull before the storm, this week is the storm itself.

However, let me say straight off that there is no need to hit the panic button. Life is full of “crosses to bear” and for some there will be issues that are unavoidable and horribly heavy. But more generally this week is one of those times when we have to choose how to shoulder the weight – of a problem, a relationship, a job, that thing you’ve been putting off for weeks or months, or longer. The easy option is probably not a real answer and this week is the acid test for authenticity. There’s nothing new under the sun. It was Socrates who said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So this week’s scenario is not just about some weird “energy” – as if the universe is somehow cooking up some brew that will make you wired, vulnerable, conflicted, extra psychic or powerless. It’s about YOU and your life now, here, on planet Earth, what you do or don’t choose to do, or how you do or don’t handle what is thrown at you.

Yes the political situation is tense, possibly critical, but no matter what week I may be writing this blog there will be some awful scenario being enacted in some part of the world. It’s important to stay informed and, astrologically, to see how world events reflect the “as above so below” principle at work. Yet I am also ever conscious of making this blog applicable to all of us in our daily lives. Getting too hooked into “the end of the world” alarmism is not what I am about, or what astrology is about, and being in a state of War is not representative of this blog’s readership. Being in a state of “war” – small w – is more to the point.

So, let’s start to unravel this complex picture. Mercury is the forerunner as he works his way through the four planets in the Grand Cross from Monday to Wednesday – here’s the sequence:

Monday Mercury square Jupiter (19.33 BST)

Tuesday Mercury conjunct Uranus (00.16) and Mercury square Pluto (05.13 BST)

Wednesday Mercury conjunct Mars (12.16 BST)

It’s as if he is being sent on ahead to check out a situation, maybe stir things up a little, test the water, gauge people’s reactions, get a glimpse of what could be.

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7 April 2014 – This week’s Astrology

The Astrology Blog – w/b 7 April 2014


This week has definitely got a feel of the lull before the storm. The much talked of Grand Cross will be in operation over the Easter weekend of the 20th, with all kinds of build up as of next Monday, but this coming week does at least suggest breathing spaces and the right kind of gear shifts.

The first significant event is Mercury’s move from Pisces (his sign of detriment) into Aries (ingress exact at 16.36 BST). This means that he’s moving from 29 degrees of Pisces to 0 Aries. In terms of world events this is important as Mercury is information and 29 degrees of Pisces is the position of a fixed star called Scheat which is malefic in nature and associated with danger through water, and also with suicide/death through drugs/in mysterious circumstances. Marilyn Monroe had Uranus at 29 Pisces in the 8th house (death). This last degree of Neptune ruled Pisces is like the depths of the ocean so it would seem that the signals picked up by Ocean Shield will prove to be those of the missing Malaysian flight. My thoughts are with those poor families.

At a more personal level look out for a shift with anything that has overwhelmed you with sadness. Mercury’s move into Aries first sign of the zodiac is like a repeat of the Spring Equinox (20 March) and the New Moon in Aries (30 March). Fresh starts, wiping the slate clean, the entrance of a new and energetic person into your life, recognizing your own abilities – these are all exciting possibilities. Any planet at 0 degrees of a sign marks a new cycle and huge potential, but in Aries that newness is emphasized.

The other way to use this Mercury to your advantage is to take a leaf out of Aries book in terms of independence and immediacy.

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