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April 2013

29 April 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week? There are two clear themes playing out, possibly related to each other and/or connected to last week’s events. You may remember that last week we had Venus and then the Sun making tough oppositions to Saturn. This week it’s Mars’ turn early Wednesday, followed by Mercury midday Sunday.

The golden rule to remember is as above, so below. Saturn generally signifies slow moving situations, or those that are difficult to adjust to. He is against risk taking, pushy behavior or disrespect. Saturn does things in the time honoured way, symbolizing convention, hierarchy and the status quo. He loves making us wait or warns us off the things/people that are bad for us. When you find the road ahead is blocked to you, or when you’re not getting the love/support that you need, you can be pretty sure that Saturn is in the picture.

The second theme is also a repeat. Last week we had Venus trine Pluto, this week we have the Sun trine Pluto on Wednesday evening, followed by Mars trine Pluto Sunday evening. For trine think triangle – the signs that are 120 degrees apart from each other, working in harmony as they share the same element. In this case it’s the element of earth as the Sun and Mars in Taurus align with Pluto in Capricorn.

In many ways this second theme challenges the first as Pluto symbolizes change, of the deep and total kind. From a craft point of view the astrological link lies in the fact that Saturn and Pluto are currently in “mutual reception” – in other words, Saturn is travelling through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, and Pluto through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. They are therefore in collaboration and sympathetic to each other’s causes.

So, difficult situations CAN be turned around but not in a hurry. For example, if you’re starting a new job, forging or rebuilding a relationship or rebuilding yourself after a health problem, or adapting to a new set of rules the message is slowly-slowly for now. It’s also a good time for taking advice from those you respect – professionals or those who can pass on the benefit of experience.

You may like to note that this is the last week of things being heavy going, so hang on in there if you’re struggling! Mercury is picking up speed fast, and will be a key player throughout May with a rapid chain of aspects that start this coming weekend with a sextile (harmonious) to Neptune, exact in the early hours of Saturday. Mercury rules language, Neptune rules altered states of consciousness including intoxication, so this made me think of “in vino veritas”, which just out of interest I checked out on Wikipedia. I leave you with these words!

“The Roman historian Tacitus described how the Germanic peoples always drank wine while holding councils, as they believed nobody could lie effectively when drunk.”


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22 April 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week? Well it’s certainly a mixed bag. Venus, planet of love and life’s pleasures, is strong in her own sign of Taurus but is only just separating from an opposition (tough aspect) to Saturn. In effect this acts as a cancellation of Venus goodies – suddenly love is hard work or non-existent, life is a battleground not a funfair, a health issue returns or is slow to mend or work takes over – you get the picture. Venus’ next aspect will be a trine (harmonious) to Pluto on Wednesday (exact 16.42 BST). This may be a good aspect but it’s still a tough planet and is not for the fainthearted. The textbooks love the word “transformation”, a word I rather shy away from as for me it conjurs up magic wands and “Cinderella rags to ball gown in a nano second” images, so I prefer to use the word “transformative”. Pluto likes processes.

The Sun is also in Taurus and is writing a similar story, with a sextile (harmonious) to Neptune in his own sign of Pisces late on Wednesday, but making the opposition to Saturn on Sunday morning. Wherever you find yourself up against obstacles or involved in a slow moving situation it pays to be patient. Saturn is Lord of Time and nothing can be forced or rushed.

In the middle of all of this we have the Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday evening which is also a partial Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse is short, lasting only 27 minutes (20.54 to 21.21 BST) and is visible throughout Europe. We won’t see the amazing phenomenon of the Moon turning red as it does in a total eclipse, but the northern half of the Moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow.

That’s the astronomy, but what does it mean astrologically? Again, it’s a mixed story. Some astrologers refer to eclipses as power points, others as omens of disempowerment. Either way, they tend to play a role in revealing new pictures. A shadow is thrown but lifts again. Triangular setups also feature as eclipses are about the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Someone may be overshadowed while another emerges in a new light.

Finishing on an optimistic note the easiest aspect of the week is the Mercury – Jupiter sextile early on Wednesday morning, textbook for good news, effective decisions and any plans related to Jupiter ruled matters – travel, education, publishing and all things legal being the main ones. Traditional astrology would give extra weight to this aspect as Jupiter is still travelling through Mercury’s sign of Gemini. This is the sign of the Twins so look out for themes of doubles – or multiples!

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15 April 2013 – This week’s Astrology

If you want to go straight to the astrology columns for 15 April 2013 just scroll down for the links.

What’s happening this week? The big event is yet again taking place in Aries, as we have the rare Sun – Mars conjunction in this sign midweek (exact on Thursday at 01.21 BST). Traditional astrology attributes great power to this conjunction, as the Sun is “exalted” and Mars is “dignified” in this fire sign. Together they conjur up the image of an army being mobilized, a picture of glinting swords and shields and blazing energy. Think courage and purpose, get fired up about what matters to you and above all act. When you refuse to be defeated it’s what you do that counts, not what you say, and there’s no time like the present. The Sun and Mars both move on into Taurus at the end of the week.

Venus is ahead of them, having already arrived in Taurus this morning. This is one of the signs that Venus rules so she also is now “dignified’, so we have both the love planets happily placed. Venus’ first aspect is a sextile (harmonious) to Neptune, again dignified in his own sign of Pisces, picture perfect for emotional concerns of every kind.

Mercury throws a bit of a spanner in the works at the weekend, meeting up with erratic Uranus early Saturday and squaring Pluto on Sunday. In essence this signals news of the surprising kind, that may even spread a few shockwaves, and it’s a no-no for risk taking, in word or deed. Also look out for cancellations and sudden changes of plan.

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8 April 2013 – This week’s Astrology

The main feature of this week 8 April 2013 is the New Moon in Aries, exact at 10.36 BST on Wednesday. New Moons are new brooms that sweep clean, and as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac this one carries an even bigger message around new beginnings and fresh starts. The essence of Aries is to initiate, and to approach life with enthusiasm and directness. Immediacy is the hallmark of this sign and, being ruled by Mars, this New Moon ushers in new challenges or the chance to start something from scratch. Unflinching self belief is also a key Aries characteristic so don’t wait for others to bolster your ego or give you encouragement – you can do it yourself!

New cycles are also indicated by the fact that two of the personal planets are on the homestretch of their journeys through a sign. Mercury is travelling through the last degrees of Pisces (to move into Aries in the early hours of Sunday), and Venus is travelling through the last degrees of Aries (to move into Taurus early next Monday). So also use this week to wrap up any outstanding tasks, to have that sensitive conversation you’ve been putting off, to clear the decks and spring clean your life in any way that will make you feel lighter and fresher. It’s out with the old and in with the new.

1 April 2013 – This week’s Astrology

You’ll be glad to know that this is one of the smoothest weeks for a while. This doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be quiet or uneventful. We’re leaving some difficult astrology behind but, again, that doesn’t meant that everyone’s issues get solved overnight. However, what you can look for is a feeling of moving on, a new cycle starting, different options taking shape and therefore an understanding about what you can “do” rather than feeling that nothing will ever change. The Aries energy is very forceful – it’s the first sign of the zodiac, leader of the pack, and it’s nature is to cut to the chase, to initiate, compete – and win. In the Aries book second place is for losers!

The Aries Sun is today now separating from a square to Pluto but aligning happily with Jupiter, an aspect that is within an hour of being complete as I write. Pluto is black holes, Jupiter is wide horizons. Step firmly away from anything that has disempowered you and look at ways to make your world a bigger place. Make travel plans, sign up for a course or a workshop, get your social hat on and put definite dates in the diary. Having things to look forward to is the best spirits lifter in the world.

The big event of the week is the conjunction of the love planets, Venus and Mars, an event that happens roughly every two years. This time they meet in Aries early on Sunday morning, singling out the weekend as prime partnership time. If you want to capture the Aries vibe give your partner your undivided attention, put them first and make them feel special. If you’re unattached pay special attention to the new face coming into your line of vision, or expect key developments with someone you’re already getting to know.

Happy Easter to everyone who’s been celebrating the event this weekend – we’ll be celebrating it the first weekend of May over here.

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