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November 2013

25 November 2013 – This week’s Astrology

I’m back from a trip to London and back to the blog.

What’s happening this week?

The Astrology Blog – w/b 25 November 2013

I’m always talking about new cycles but of course, by definition, such moments signal the closing of old ones. This is a particularly strong theme as the week kicks off, a message that fittingly comes through Mercury – who in mythology is Hermes, winged messenger of the gods, and the planet of all communication:

  • Mercury is reaching the end of his unusually long journey (nearly 10 weeks instead of the usual 2 to 4) through the powerful and complex water sign of Scorpio. There’s another ten days to go before he moves on into the next sign of Sagittarius.
  • Along the way he conjuncts (joins up with) Saturn in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Because Mercury has been retrograde – moving forwards, backwards and then forwards again – this aspect is being formed for the third and final time. The first two dates for this aspect were 8th and 29th October.
  • Also on Wednesday Mercury reaches 18.22 Scorpio, the degree at which he turned retrograde on 21st October, and this is the end of the Shadow period.

So, whatever issue has been unfolding for you during the last two months is reaching a finale. This is a picture of hidden matters coming to light, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and the time is right for decisions, resolutions and finding answers, even if they’re not ideal or the ones you really wanted – such is the nature of Saturn. Work with the “this is as good as it gets” message – which includes accepting the things that you’ve tried to change but can’t, and recognizing where your responsibility in a situation starts and ends.

In particular note any issue that carries the symbolism of Scorpio – secrecy, matters of great personal intimacy, shifting the locus of control back to yourself rather than giving power to others to dictate your life, addictions, areas that need total change, matters on which you are no longer prepared to compromise, feeling the fear and doing it anyway – and so on. Scorpio governs all that relates to

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9 November 2013 – Astrology for next two weeks


If you want to explore the fascinating subjects of astrology or tarot for yourself, and enjoy a week on this beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, here are the The Greek Island Summer School course dates for next year:

5 & 19 May Working with Tarot

2 June Discovering Astrology and 22 September Good Timing – Predictive Techniques in Astrology

8 September Astrology & Tarot 


PLEASE NOTE – I am away for two weeks now. I will deal with all course enquiries on my return – with thanks.


For an overview of the month and your November horoscope here’s the link to Network She:


What’s happening this week?

The Astrology blog – 10 to 24 November 2013

Hurray, Mercury is stationing, getting ready to turn direct tomorrow evening 21.13 GMT. Remember that what is called the shadow period finishes on 27 November, so there may be some lumps and bumps to smooth out over the next couple of weeks, but the worst is over. This may relate to knowing at least to what you are dealing with in terms of a particular issue, and the next fortnight will be the “fix it” time.

Here’s a checklist for Mercury turning direct:

·         Important information comes to light

·         Rumours are squashed when the truth outs

·         You find the right person to deal with the problem

·         People make decisions

·         Computer glitches are solved/disputes are settled

·         Lost objects are found

… and so on, you get the picture.

Mercury turns direct at 2 degrees of Scorpio and therefore trine (harmonious) to Neptune at 2 degrees of his own sign of Pisces. This aspect first happened on 1 October and repeats twice, today and almost immediately again on Monday. This is doubly important as Neptune himself is poised to turn direct on Wednesday, having been retrograde since the beginning of June. (Note that the outer planets spend months when in their retrograde periods, unlike the personal planets who are retrograde for a matter of weeks.)

This feels incredibly healing.

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4 November 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week?

This week’s blog – 4 November 2013

You probably know what I’m going to start with! Yes, Mercury, planet of all communication and information, is retrograde for another week. He’ll be turning direct again on Sunday evening – hurray – but at least for the first half of this week the tempo is still marked slow, or even stop.

This is underlined by the fact that the major aspect of the week is the annual Sun – Saturn conjunction. Saturn has a 29.5 year cycle and therefore takes about two and a half years to travel through each sign (by comparison the Sun does the same journey once a month). So roughly every 12 months the Sun catches up with Saturn, last year we had the first of three Sun/Saturn conjunctions in Scorpio and this week is the second – here’s the pattern:

·         2011 – 13 October – 20 degrees of Libra

·         2012 – 25 October – the aspect occurred just as Saturn had started his slow trek through Scorpio, so the conjunction happened early in the sign, at 2 degrees of Scorpio.

·         2013 – 6 November – 14 degrees of Scorpio

·         2014 – 18 November – 25 degrees of Scorpio

·         2015 – 30 November – 7 degrees of Sagittarius

So, what can we expect? Well, it’s not easy. The Sun is one of the Lights – the light of the day, the other being the Moon, light of the night. Saturn is the enemy of the Lights as demonstrated by the fact that he is in detriment (weakened) in Leo (the Sun’s sign) and in Cancer (the Moon’s sign). So, the life force itself is paramount and health issues must be taken seriously.

With Mercury still retrograde, also in Scorpio, the “stop” message of the Sun/Saturn get together is also very important. Saturn symbolizes barriers and obstacles. He likes building brick walls and saying no. Don’t force any issue that is grinding to a halt. The “No Entry” sign is there for a reason, even if you can’t yet see what that reason is.

Isn’t there anything nice about Saturn? Yes, his more positive face is about realism and “getting it together”.  He rewards hard work, discipline and strategy. Look at your toughest challenge,

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