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Astrology for Today covers the symbolism of the Sun signs and planets, but more than half of the book is devoted to the technical work involved in locating and interpreting transits and progressions, a skill that no computer package can teach you!

There is also a chapter on Astrology and Relationships, and a substantial number of case histories and examples from my own client work. This is a book for the serious student who wishes to keep their craft rooted in traditional theory whilst working with modern day issues.

Astrology for Today shows how astrology is more powerful than watered down “star” readings provided in magazines and newspapers.

It guides readers through all the elements of the horoscope, using clear text and colourful charts and diagrams.

Rather than simply looking at historical meanings, the focus is on how different elements can symbolically work to influence and reflect personal situations and relationships.

Using working examples and case studies, you’ll see how planets, signs, houses, and aspects work together to paint a personal astrological picture.

Astrology can also help predict how situations may develop in the future. Our horoscope represents a frozen moment in time – our birth. After this moment, the planets carry on moving.

How this movement compares to the original chart takes us into the realm of prediction. Joanna shows how the movements of the planets – transits and progressions – bring a chart to life.

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The sections in Astrology for Today on the symbolism of the planets are quoted extensively on well-known Deborah Houlding’s website and she also gives the book a fabulous review –

It is delightfully presented and richly illustrated – but more than that, the author, Joanna Watters, is a very credible expert astrologer and this shows. She has successfully built up her own international practice after having studied with and later taught for the highly reputable Company of Astrologers.

Too many of these books are written by people whose experience is based on a ‘way with words’, rather than the hard experience of working closely with clients and teaching astrology directly to students. On the basis of her experience she anticipates areas of potential confusion and explains them in her text so smoothly that you don’t even realize they exist.

Only an author with a very deep knowledge of their subject matter can write a simple and truly informative introduction. Joanna has managed to do so in a way that leaves no room for contention. She has recognized the need to explore traditional philosophies and introduce ingrained elements that are often ignored in similar works, such as planetary dignities, the nuances of house strength and interpretation and the distinction between traditional and modern aspects.

Her commentary is sane, illuminating and authoritative. Joanna introduces astrology, but also acts as a guide to the problems that will confront the reader who sincerely seeks to become proficient. There is nothing in this book that I can disagree with and I was genuinely impressed with the simplicity by which certain intricacies were illuminated and conveyed.

This book is the best introduction to astrology that I have seen so far. It is a perfect book for beginners but will remain valuable for those that pursue the study to expert level… I have often been asked to recommend a good, introductory book to students and in the past I’ve found it difficult to isolate one book that stands above the crowd and doesn’t leave me wanting to qualify the recommendation with some proviso. Not now. I have no hesitation in recommending this book.

Read the review in its entirety on this link –

‘Great book for astrologers who want to widen their knowledge and learning’.

‘Very informative, and extremely useful – I have found I can complete birthcharts properly without having to resort to books for explanations anymore’.