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May 2013

27 May 2013 – This week’s Astrology

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What’s happening this week? This is the most cheerful picture that we’ve seen for a while as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter (08.57 BST) this morning and Venus will conjunct Jupiter tomorrow evening (20.30 BST). These are, roughly, annual events as the fast moving personal planets catch up with slower moving Jupiter (12 year cycle) once a year. (The last Mercury/Jupiter conjunction was 22 May 2012, the last Venus/Jupiter conjunction was 14 March 2012, in Taurus).

It’s always encouraging to see Jupiter in the picture. Traditional astrology calls mighty Zeus “the greater benefic” and it’s easy to see why his principle is “expansion” as he rules good fortune, opportunity, education, justice, freedom and travel. That which makes our world bigger and better is his job – ours is to learn, to stay informed and to work with the truth. The headline in the news that captured this picture best for me was on the BBC:

“Colombia’s government and Farc rebels say they have agreed on land reform, after months of talks on how to end five decades of conflict.”

These conjunctions are taking place in Gemini – the communicator of the zodiac. There’s nothing new under the sun – if you have conflict in your life the road to peace is to talk. With Venus in the picture – traditional astrology bestows Aphrodite with the title of “the lesser benefic” – the message is also to move from a position of concern and compassion. Ultimately, Jupiter is the liberator.

Note that these conjunctions fall at 23 degrees of Gemini. If you have planets at or close to this degree, in any sign but especially by conjunction or opposition (Sagittarius), these aspects will be especially significant for you.  

We also have two planets changing sign at the end of the week. Mercury moves on into Cancer on Friday morning, and Mars moves on into Gemini four hours later. I’ll be talking more about these next week.

The weekend picture is the Sun in sextile (two signs apart, harmonious) to Uranus, and the aspect is exact in the early hours of Sunday morning. Hopefully we will see the positive side to Uranus – spontaneity, fun, exciting news or enjoyment to be found in groups. He is however always the loose cannon of the zodiac so even by good aspect I would still err on the side of caution in risk taking scenarios of any kind.

20 May 2013 – This week’s Astrology

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What’s happening this week? Regular readers will be familiar with the phrase, “As above, so below”. This invites you to look at astrological symbolism as a reflection of life here on planet Earth rather than as something causal.

There are several events of significance starting with the Uranus – Pluto square, exact late this evening. This aspect – rare because it is formed by two of the slow moving outer planets – repeats an astonishing 7 times, and this is the third (the series started last June, will finish in March 2015, the fourth contact will be 1 November).

The Uranus – Pluto alliance is anarchic, explosive and dramatic. One story that reflects the symbolism exactly was actually planned and contained:

“A two-mile viaduct in the Chinese city of Wuhan has been demolished, breaking a record for the longest reinforced concrete bridge ever blown up in the country.” (BBC news)

However, it usually carries a huge shock factor, the things you don’t see coming or only know about at the last minute. The headlines this morning capture this with yet another tragedy of car bombs in Iraq and the devastation of deadly tornados tearing through Oklahoma, resulting in a state of emergency being declared in 16 counties.

At a personal level then knowing how to contain our own dramas and operate our rescue and recovery skills is part of the human experience. Working consciously with what can be repaired/bridge built, or accepting that which is beyond our control, is part of the picture. At the moment this will be especially poignant for you if you have planets positioned at 11 degrees in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

On a lighter note the Sun will enter Gemini this evening too, and Mercury/Venus will unite in this sign in the early hours of Saturday, about five hours before the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is the third and final eclipse of the current series. Again, note that the main eclipse symbolism is about a shift of power, the falling and lifting of shadows, and the emergence of new pictures. Pay close attention to new information, especially the things you didn’t know at the beginning of the week but which turn out to be important in problem solving or decision making of all kinds.



13 May 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week? Next week starts with the third of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, and then the third and final (until October) eclipse, so this week feels very quiet by comparison. However, there’s also a theme of uncertainty as we have Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune (exact tonight) and then Mercury entering Gemini on Wednesday night, first aspect a square to Neptune (exact on Saturday morning).

Even though Neptune is strong in his own sign of Pisces the squares can be tricky. The flipside to the Neptune coin is confusion, being misled or wrong footed, grief, anxiety or making mistakes through tiredness and lack of concentration. Neptune (Poseidon, god of the sea), is problems with water (eg plumbing) or seeking solace in over indulgence. Alcohol is the top of the list so if you’re drowning your sorrows you might end up making yourself feel worse! Ultimately Neptune is about redemption, whatever route you might take to get there.

That’s the broad theory. When writing theoretically it’s also easy to go for the worst case scenarios, so don’t be alarmed! I do like to quote real life stories and have permission from two friends for the following that captures the Venus – Neptune message. The first, who is not involved in the world of astrology/psychic things whatsoever, told me this morning that she’d received a message totally out of the blue from a man visiting other friends. They had never met before. He told her that she needed to forgive her husband, who died some years ago in a boating accident that was shrouded in mystery. He gave her more details that could leave her in no possible doubt that the message was authentic and that the burden she’d been carrying had been holding her back in life. The second friend made the painful decision to leave her partner, not because she didn’t love him or vice versa, but because he turned into a different person under the influence. These are painful experiences but they are also redemptive.

Finally there’s a lovely Venus – Uranus sextile (harmonious) on Saturday evening. This is fun, whacky, let your hair down picture, including love (Venus) events of the unexpected (Uranus) kind. Watch that space!

Here’s the link to this week’s column on Avon Connects:


6 May 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week?            

It’s Easter Monday here in Greece and Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. The Moon is in Aries until Wednesday morning, perfect for “me time”, so enjoy what you’re up to and enjoy the ones you’re with.

Time out to think about any important matter more deeply gets a huge tick. Mercury, planet of the mind, underlines this message with a series of aspects starting tomorrow morning with the trine (harmonious) to transformative Pluto and then the more rare conjunction to Mars in the early hours of Wednesday. Take care around any matter that falls into the “brutal honesty” category. This aspect is known for verbal punch ups, especially this one as it falls in Taurus, a sign in which Mars is in detriment. Be assertive, not aggressive. Money making and business ideas also benefit from discussion and a “how to” approach.

Pay close attention to what materializes and comes to light over the weekend as there’s a Mercury – Sun conjunction on Saturday night, the first major aspect to occur after Friday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Friday (01.30 BST). As I said a couple of weeks ago when we had the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio these phenomena tend to play a role in revealing new pictures. A shadow is thrown but lifts again. Triangular setups also feature as eclipses are about the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Someone may be overshadowed while another emerges in a new light.

This shift of power often shows in the world of monarchy. On 30 April Willem-Alexander was sworn in as the new King of Holland after the abdication of his mother Queen Beatrix. The Lunar Eclipse fell exactly opposite his Taurus Sun as she handed over the mantle to him and his wife, who incidentally is also a Taurus.  

Further back in history an Eclipse featured in the most famous abdication in the world.

  • Edward VIII officially abdicated on 10 December 1936
  • A Solar Eclipse fell at 21.49 Sagittarius just three days later, on 13 December 1936.
  • His brother George VI was born on the 14th December, with his natal Sun at 21.55 Sagittarius, almost exactly conjunct the eclipse degree.

Not only was George VI’s Sun conjunct the eclipse degree, his Sun in his natal chart is conjunct the third house cusp – the house of siblings. His brother is eclipsed, and in fact spent the rest of his life in the shadows of exile, and George is crowned in Edward’s place.

So, back to now, this week’s Solar Eclipse falls at 19 degrees of Taurus. If you have planets conjunct or opposite this degree (give or take 5 degrees each way, but the tighter the aspect the more powerful the relevant event) you will no doubt be living through some life changing experience. If you don’t know if you have planets on or around this degree you can contact me free of charge. Just send your data of date, place and time of birth.

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