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June 2015

15 June 2015 – Your blog for the next two weeks




Thanks to everyone who’s signed up to do the astrology workshops this coming weekend in London. Everyone coming along has either attended previous workshops, has been out to courses in Greece or has a long Facebook relationship with me so I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone face to face. There are still some places available so if you want to join either group I can guarantee that you’ll have great company!

Both workshops focus on your own horoscope. Level 2 is Planets and Prediction is for those who’ve done Level 1 or any other kind of beginners work.
If you want to contact me to book a place or to ask questions then you can use the sign up box on the right hand side of this page, email me or, from Wednesday afternoon, you can reach me on my new UK number:

07835 361 151

The Astrology Blog

It’s always obvious to me when Mercury turns direct (last Thursday at 4 degrees of Gemini) and this time was no exception. From the couple of days before the exact moment everything suddenly feels so much easier to deal with and red lights start turning to green. On my checklist below you’ll find “important information comes to light” – but note that this also includes things that need to be corrected and rescued quickly. It’s interesting how the main stories always seem to come from those of the sign/opposite sign in which Mercury turns. A friend’s Gemini husband had been booked to run workshops abroad, and had booked the air tickets at his own expense, only to be told at the last minute that there were no takers – owing to a marketing mess up, not as a lack of interest in his skills and material. Other travel plans were connected to this and everything had to be rescheduled. A Sagittarian friend found that a usually lucrative source of business on line that had gone deathly quiet was down to the fact that her business wasn’t listed at all – even though she had paid for it and seen the original posting.
On a more cheerful note thanks to Hilary and Emma who did the astrology course together here in Greece last week – great students, and a whole lot of fun, and we had so many interesting conversations.
My flight out is booked – I waited for Mercury to turn direct and right on cue the price went down. I also chose that time to launch a new Facebook page for UK events, it’s already had over 100 likes, and here’s the link –
My thanks in advance if you can add your “Like” to the page if you’re interested in these kinds of workshops – the more the word spreads, the more events I can plan!

So, Mercury is now starting to pick up speed again and here are the general themes to look out for, some of which you may already have noticed:

• Breaking news, expected or unexpected, that affects us or someone close to us
• Light bulb flashes of insight
• We stop talking/thinking about something and realize that we need to make decisions
• People get back to us or make decisions
• We feel more courageous or determined to make something happen
• We stop pretending
• We stop avoiding

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8 June 2015 – an action packed week, Mercury turns direct

The Astrology Blog – 8 June 2015

I take it all back about retrograde Mercury probably having done his worst as last week kicked off. That was definitely wishful thinking! Here it was one hassle and worry after another, which I won’t itemize, but the main things were linked to the classic characteristic of incorrect information. I’ll also be more aware in the future that Full Moons coinciding with a retrograde Mercury do indeed still bring things to light, but in the shape of disappointments, things that we’ve been trying to ignore, or things that we simply haven’t wanted to believe.

Also one of the main things on my watch list of “problems with transport or communication” is, as you know, anything related to phones. I went to make a phone call on Friday morning – to find that we’d been cut off. Yes, dear reader, we’d forgotten to pay the bill! The upshot of that was then having to drop everything else to dash into town – at least here in Greece they reconnect you instantly, you don’t have to wait days – but as you can imagine I wasn’t impressed with myself. Talk about should have known better!

I’m off to the UK again middle of next week and on Saturday I was on the phone to my lovely, helpful travel agent in the UK booking the return flight back to Greece. It was only after he’d taken all my card details, booked the flight – and then read the details back to me – that we realized that we’d misunderstood each other and that he’d booked the flight the wrong way around, from Greece to London! And guess what, a ticket for the right way around wasn’t available, please try nearer the time ….

Mercury is now “stationing” – getting ready to switch from retrograde to direct motion late on Thursday – so we’re reaching the end of the tunnel, but just to be on the safe side here’s the checklist to bear in mind –

• Try to operate by “re” words – review, revise, research, reappraise, rethink and so on
• Back up all your computer work
• Write things down – forgetfulness, being distracted, inattention etc can be a troublesome theme
• Getting back to ideas on the back burner
• Getting back in touch
• Rest and relaxation, give the brain some time off
• Keep options open
• Assume nothing, double check everything

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1 June 2015 – The searchlight of the Full Moon in Sag, Venus opens a major love cycle

What’s happening in June?

(Sunday flights in and out on 7th and 14th June)

It’s our 14th season of sun, fun and horoscopes! The first half of June is a beautiful time to be in Greece – fabulous sunny weather, warm evenings, eating out at the seafront or beach tavernas – all at amazingly good value for money. If you’re a last-minuter the bargains are up for grabs. See this link to Charter Flights – destination airport PREVEZA – only 45 minutes transfer time to Nidri, on Lefkada:

Return flights, incl 20k baggage allowance – now £169.00
Spacious rooms or small apartments on seafront – from £20.00 a night

Don’t hesitate to come alone! Most students do, to learn and enjoy the company of likeminded people. There’s plenty of free time to enjoy your holiday – all of Wednesday and Saturday. Group meals are organized for the evenings and you can still enjoy a two course meal with wine for less than 15 Euros a head.

If you want a package deal the top picks are from Cosmos –
Avra Beach hotel – £233 per person, including flights, transfers to and from the hotel, accommodation and breakfast. These prices are based on two sharing a room but single person supplement is usually quite manageable – call them to get the best quote! Cosmos Holidays 0843 227 1464


Saturday 20 June
Level 1 Be Your Own Astrologer (13 of 20 places available)
Level 1 is suitable for all levels from beginner to intermediate.
This is a fun workshop, based on the material covered in my new book of the same name (Cico Books, March 2015). We pack a lot in, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to work on your own horoscope.
We will be covering the basics of Sun signs and planetary symbolism and houses – all very interactive and focused on working on your own charts. We’ll be studying transits and prediction in the afternoon session and I’ll be breaking everyone up into groups to learn more about your own horoscope.

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