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Be Your Own Astrologer takes you through the Sun signs in depth and then goes on to explore all the combinations of planets in signs. You’ll also find all the traditional bedrock information about elements, houses and aspects, a chapter devoted to the Ascendant (or Rising Sign) and detailed information about taking your first steps in predictive work.

An abridged version of the book, without the technical sections on aspects and transits, was published in 2018, and is designed to work as a quick “look see” almanac for Sun signs, planets in signs and the Ascendant.

Be Your Own Astrologer is designed to show you how astrology really works and is also a “cookbook”, offering a “take” on all the planets in each sign.

This means that you can read about your Moon sign, your Mercury sign, your Venus sign and so on, and assemble all the astrological parts in order to understand the whole.

You can then move on to study the horoscope in action, comparing your birth chart to the movement of the planets, in order to reveal the key events of your life in the past, present and future.

You won’t find these interpretations in any other astrological literature – all the examples are taken directly from my own client work and research, including stacks of celebrities known to us all from the worlds of film, literature, sport, politics and monarchy.

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Reviews of ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’

Cygnus Community Review

It’s unusual for a beginner’s astrology book to contain anything that might make a professional astrologer sit up and take notice – but Joanna’s elegant and clearly laid-out guide to being your own astrologer does just that.
Her observations about the lack of a particular element in a chart (earth, water, air, fire) are spot-on and demonstrate that this is not a run-of-the-mill ‘cast your own chart’ guide. Learning your own astrology is always more complicated than people imagine, but Joanna has presented the clearest possible pathway to astrological self-knowledge.
There’s the usual suspects of different signs and elements and a concise guide to the planets in each aspect of the chart. She includes Chiron, but none of the other ‘astrological gravel’ planets which ensures that she does not over-egg the pudding for the beginner.
Even with a downloaded chart from the internet and no serious intent, the reader will have hours of fun with this book and learn several important new insights into their life.’

Dell Horoscope magazine

Dell Horoscope September 2015

 Review of Be Your Own Astrologer in Dell Horoscope September 2015‘The narrative is top-notch; it’s easy to follow, well organized, and will quickly give the absolute beginner a quantum boost to the next level of astrological knowledge.’

‘The further the beginner gets into this book, the more engaging yet complex the material becomes. The later chapters mark entry points into further studies, but with Be Your Own Astrologer, you get the overall landscape of what astrology is all about.’

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