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Venus in Trouble, Inevitability, Healing & Lifelines

This is a really big week. The themes are transition, choices, healing and toughening up, especially in terms of personal boundaries and maturity. So much is written about nurturing the child in us, recognizing the little boy or girl inside all of us, but this week it’s about releasing old hurts, valuing the lessons learned and honouring the adult you’ve become.

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Jupiter’s New Cycle, Mercury Power & the Love Planets in Synch

This is a very sturdy Venus – Mars combination. There’s plenty of earthy passion in the mix but yet again there’s the Capricorn message of true satisfaction lying in effort, the willingness to take on the serious job of loving and partnership. Don’t be afraid to work at your relationship. If you have grievances or if you want a better sex life now’s the time to make your wishes and feelings known, not in a demanding “you must satisfy me” way, but in a way that is respectful, authentic and acknowledging of the fact that every relationship is always work in progress.