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December 2014

15 December 2014 – Your Christmas and New Yr Astrological Survival Kit!

The Astrology Blog – from 15 December 2014 to 4 January 2015

All times stated are in GMT

I’m off to London on Thursday so I won’t be blogging properly again until the New Year. In the meantime here’s a quick look-see at the astrology unfolding over the next three weeks – your Christmas and New Year survival kit!

Regular readers may remember that last week’s blog finished with some info about a major aspect that is exact early this morning, and therefore has been in operation over the weekend –

Monday 15 December Uranus square Pluto (06.15)

Last week I wrote –

Usually these major aspects between the outer planets happen three times but this one happens an unprecedented seven times. The first was summer 2012, this one is the 6th in the series – the 7th will be exact on 17 March 2015.
Uranus (rebellion, revolution, the unexpected) and Pluto (total change, evolution, hidden powers) between them don’t exactly make for an easy life. They signal political unrest, nature at her most fearsome and many matters of change that are beyond our personal control or even understanding.

This 6th square happens at 12 degrees of Capricorn so if you have planets at or very close to this point this upheaval may show in your own life. You will already know the context! Just expect the next chain in the link of breaking with the past or the starting bell for the closing rounds of battle with an individual or situation that has already taken a long time to work through.

I should add that this square also warns loudly against any kind of reckless behavior as the risk of accidents is very high when these two planets clash. There have been two incidents here in the last few days that bear this out! This is important to remember as Venus, Mercury and then the Sun are all going to play into this square throughout the festive period – dates and times to follow – so, sorry if I sound like the fun police, but please err on the side of caution at all times and especially where the festive booze is flowing.

The first planet to get caught up in the tussle is Venus, who is already travelling through Capricorn having entered this sign last Wednesday –

Saturday 20 December

Venus square Uranus (17.09)
Venus conjunct Pluto (21.08)

Venus is love, women, money, pleasures – so all of these things are sensitized. This is not about being alarmist, just forewarned! Keep your sensible head on, don’t go mad with money, look out for a girlfriend in crisis, double check your social arrangements, reserve tables in advance rather than trusting to luck – and so on. Mercury enters Capricorn this week (ingress exact 03.54 on Wednesday 17th) and repeats the pattern on Christmas Day –

Thursday 25 December

Mercury square Uranus (01.32)
Mercury conjunct Pluto (06.53)

Note that the latter two are exact in the early hours which means that they will be “applying” – getting stronger – throughout the previous 24 hours, ie Christmas Eve. Disruption is a major theme and Mercury is very much linked to being on the move as he rules all modes of transport. If you’re traveling on that day allow yourself as much time as possible and plan your journey carefully. Leaving anything to the last minute is a dead cert for chaos or stress! Things out of our control are also likely to play a role, such as bad weather or people going down with the flu, but we can at least anticipate where to build in some slack, or to be prepared for Christmas plans not going entirely according to plan.

Mercury is communication too, in all its guises, and although he’s not retrograde he might as well be. Getting thumped by two outer planets within a matter of hours adds up to the same thing and the same guidelines apply, especially double checking everything and being vigilant with your belongings when out and about – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc. Also stay cool and don’t get locked into arguments. Christmas may be the season of goodwill in theory but it’s also a notorious time for family disputes. January is the top month for workload for divorce lawyers….
What else this week? We have Mars in sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus just after the Venus aspects –

Sunday 21 December
Mars sextile Uranus (03.48)
Uranus turns direct (22.46)

This is helpful and powerful as Mars in travelling through Aquarius (Uranus’ sign) and Uranus himself is “stationary direct” – ie changing direction, switching to forwards motion after being retrograde since the middle of July. As above, so below – look out for turning points of the dramatic or unexpected kind, or themes of “good coming out of bad”. Sometimes it’s a drama that opens our eyes and in spite of all the hoo-ha going on there’s an underlying thread of decisiveness and awareness.

The weekend also brings the Sun’s change of sign into Capricorn and, with the Moon entering the same sign just a couple of hours later, we instantly have a very powerful New Moon –

Sunday 21 December
Sun ingress Capricorn (23.04)

Monday 22 December
Moon ingress Capricorn (01.26)
New Moon at 0 degrees of Capricorn (01.37)

New Moons are new beginnings, the opening of new cycles, new brooms that sweep clean and the seed moments of plans or relationships. When the New Moon falls at 0 degrees (of any sign) it is said to be especially potent, ie it doesn’t get more new than that! Capricorn is associated with purpose and ambition so for some this New Moon will relate to brand new work matters and professional concerns, but any goal or decision that takes shape over this weekend bears the hallmark of serious intention.

We have another change of sign at the beginning of the following week which is also very important as Saturn, who changes sign only once every two and a half years, moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius –

Tuesday 23 December
Saturn ingress Sagittarius (16.34)

Saturn will turn retrograde in March 2015 and slide back into Scorpio for the summer months but for now this change of sign feels very welcome. I’ve noticed over and over during this last couple of years that many people’s problems relate back to Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio in October 2012 – Saturn is a heavy planet and Scorpio is an intense water sign, and can be uncompromising. As the sign of “fixed” water Scorpio’s images are those of ice, or still waters running deep. Either way it’s a tough or unfathomable combination, but it’s also very much linked to the deep healing of endings and mendings.

Events unfolding on the 23rd will give us clues as to what Saturn’s new messages are all about and, as ever, if you have personal planets that tie in with this activity the event will be especially important for you. In this case, if you have planets or angles at or close to 0 degrees of Sagittarius then Saturn’s change of sign will be the start of a significant new cycle – look out for Saturnian themes, such as work, effort, commitment, recognizing your limitations or handling obstacles, and building work – literally or metaphorically.

If you don’t know the sign and position of your natal planets you can find them here in a matter of seconds – just tap in your date, place and time of birth –

Otherwise Christmas week bring the Mercury tussles as already outlined above, but we have a lovely aspect at the end of that week –

Saturday 27 December
Sun sextile (harmonious) Neptune (03.12)

Again, note that this aspect is exact in the early hours so it will be applying and at its strongest throughout the previous 24 hours, ie Boxing Day. It’s a great aspect for chill time, bonding with family or someone special, and social gatherings of the very easy and enjoyable kind. If you’re worn out by this stage note also that Neptune rules sleep – this is a fantastic aspect for catching up on shuteye so get to bed nice and early on Boxing Day night and you’ll feel massively restored the next morning.

The New Year
We definitely need our energy to usher in 2015. New Year’s Day brings an aspect that is linked to full on activity or overdoing things –

Thursday 1 January
Mars opposite Jupiter (19.50)

For some this might be “I’m all partied out” while for others it’s an invitation to carry on! Mars is action, and jolly Jupiter is big on revelry and letting your hair down. Just note that the opposition is a challenging aspect so this is potentially a lot of fun but with the price tag of “burnout” stuff or going over the top in some way – but you’ll probably think that the hangover is worth it! On a more serious note and in terms of your survival kit it must be said that Mars rules cuts and burns – slow down, watch what you’re doing, and think about safety in the home as well as on the roads.

At a more psychological level this New Year astrology invites you to think about who or what opposes you – not necessarily an enemy or someone who seems against you, but if there are obstacles in your path or if you’re in conflict with another person these isues are likely to feature strongly in your New Year outlook. Mars/Jupiter contacts are textbook for being in a tearing hurry but where’s the fire?

Events will unfold in their own way, and the first few days of the New Year will close the cycle that started with Venus on the 20th as it’s the Sun’s turn to play into the Uranus – Pluto square –

Saturday 3 January
Sun square Uranus (08.41)
Sun conjunct Pluto (23.33)

So for now this is the third and final turn of this revolutionary/evolutionary wheel that is the major backdrop to the festive season. The bigger picture message is probably something along the lines of nothing stays the same forever but that if you really do want to ring changes then you’ll need to be up for a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Whilst the safe and quiet life has a lot going for it in terms of self protection there are also times when we need to go out on a limb. History is packed with examples of heroes and achievers who have done just that.

So, wishing you a memorable Christmas and New Year – see you in 2015!

The Astrology Blog 8 December 2015 – Jupiter’s reasons to be cheerful part 2, Venus on the move


As I’ve posted for the last couple of weeks I’ll be in London 18 December for ten days. The consultation slots at the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead are now fully booked but I’ll be back again at some point next year. Let me know if you’re interested in future appointments or workshops in London. Also The Greek Island Summer School is now taking bookings for the following courses –

11 May – The Crystal Zodiac – with guest tutor Judy Hall
8 June – Be a Better Tarot Reader
7 September – Synastry: the Astrology of Relationships

You can read more info about these courses at the end of this blog or on the website or email me if you have any questions, no matter how small. I am here to help.

The Astrology Blog – w/b 8 December 2014

All times stated are in GMT

As I started off last week by saying, we’re in the middle of some lovely astrology that is unfolding throughout the first half of December. To flag up some advance warning now btw the astrology for the run up to Christmas is not so brilliant – the stuff of interruptions, hassles and changes – so don’t let time slip through your fingers this week with regard to whatever is important to you. This week the sign of Sagittarius and this sign’s ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, are still stealing the show, starting with –

Monday Sun conjunct Mercury (9.52)

This conjunction takes place at 16 degrees of Sagittarius, so if you have planets at or close to this point then this aspect will be especially significant for you. Don’t forget that if you don’t know the position of your natal planets you can find them in a matter of minutes by entering your date, place and time of birth into a chart calculator, such as this one:

What does a Sun – Mercury aspect signify? The Sun illuminates, Mercury communicates. Expect news, invitations, conversations, decisions and deeper understanding. Sagittarius is the sign of “the higher mind” so your values and principles may be part of the picture, or discussions may revolve and evolve around your own personal philosophy on life. This is definitely a learning aspect, in one guise or another, so you may also find yourself around those who have something to teach you. It’s also fun. Sag is an extrovert fire sign and the Sun – Mercury get together signals lively exchanges, those who brighten up the party, travel plans or news from afar.

Just to remind you, major aspects are usually at their most potent as they’re applying – ie the run up to becoming exact, especially the 24 hours beforehand – so you may already have clocked these themes over the weekend. However, also look out for Monday morning getting off to a flying start and act fast on new info. Throughout the rest of Monday this aspect will be separating, ie moving away from its moment of exactitude, although it doesn’t move totally out of its sell by date for roughly the following 24 hours.

Back to jolly Jupiter, Sag’s planet, who continues to be dominant for several reasons. Firstly, Monday brings this planet’s turning point, which happens only once every 13 months, lasting for four months at a time –

Monday Jupiter turns retrograde (20.42)

So, Jupiter now starts his retrograde journey (appearing to be moving backwards in the heavens) and will be backtracking through Leo until next April. So look out for turning points in your own life, maybe even things that stop you in your tracks and make you look in a different direction. Jupiter is very much linked to vision and plans for how you see your future. For some this will be linked to the arrival of a new face, someone who has a major and fortunate role to play, either personally or professionally. Those we meet under Jupiter skies are good for us and make us feel hopeful. The downside of Jupiter turning retrograde, however, can signal the need for a reality check or a greater risk of delays of some kind but these are likely to be temporary. Some matters may have to be picked up again in the New Year, but they’ll be there for the picking.

Regular readers may also remember from last week –

The Sun is now in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign of Leo. This “mutual reception” will therefore last until the Sun moves on into Capricorn on 21 December. This is fabulous astrology as the Sun is the life force and the illuminator, and Jupiter is the Greater Benefic – the Good Guy of the heavens who governs luck, opportunity and all reasons to be cheerful – so to have these two planets working as a team is extremely helpful to say the least.

This message should materialize even more strongly this week as the Sun and Jupiter move towards an exact trine (a harmonious aspect of exactly 120 degrees apart) – ie the moment when that teamwork crystallizes and reaches its full potential. The way to this stunning aspect is also paved by the Mercury – Jupiter trine a couple of days beforehand –

Friday Mercury trine Jupiter (11.25)
Sunday Sun trine Jupiter (15.57)

This adds up to a great end to the week and an even better weekend! Take very close notice of the things that are coming together in your life at this time, anything from new relationships to job offers, health remedies or any kind of new opportunity. They carry the feel good factor and reasons to be cheerful!

All affairs of the heart are very much on the agenda as the other thread running through this week’s tapestry is Venus, who will be changing sign –

Wednesday Venus ingress Capricorn (16.43)

This opens a new cycle with regard to Venusian concerns of love, and also money and life’s pleasures. Note that Capricorn is Saturn’s sign, so this combination is all about taking love seriously and respectfully. Venus in Capricorn smiles on emotional maturity and taking things at a steady pace. Note that this fits very neatly with the same theme as optimistic Jupiter turning retrograde. Slow down, think ahead, look at where your relationship is going and set goals together. All the things you discuss now will matter in terms of getting the best out of life and creating the kind of security in which feelings can flourish. If you’re single it won’t do any harm to follow your head rather than your heart for a while.

This is not to say that romance is lacking. Venus’ first aspect is a harmonious and soft focus one, which is exact just one hour after the stunning Sun trine Jupiter –

Sunday Venus sextile Neptune (16.56)

Neptune in his own sign of Pisces and in favourable aspect to Venus is about as romantic as it gets, but with the sign of Capricorn in the mix there’s a steadying hand at work. Apart from love issues note that Neptune rules dreams and schemes of all kinds, but all dreams now needs a definite game plan if they are ever going to move out of the wistful thinking stage. This aspect is also wonderful for connecting with those you’ve been away from or if there’s been a rift. Neptune is the urge to merge, to forgive and forget, to heal and redeem.

The more challenging themes of next week may kick in over the weekend as the big Uranus square Pluto will be exact early Monday –

Monday 15 December Uranus square Pluto (06.15)

Astrologers do tend to get a bit alarmist about this aspect, especially as it’s been around for a long time. Both planets are very slow moving and – because of repeated and prolonged periods of forwards and retrograde motion – they have actually been moving in and out of this square formation since the summer of 2012. Usually these major aspects between the outer planets happen three times but this one happens an unprecedented seven times. This one is the 6th in the series – the 7th will be exact on 17 March 2015.

Note that these outer planets are very much the backdrop to life and when their major aspects are formed this often signals global concerns are about to loom large. Uranus (rebellion, revolution, the unexpected) and Pluto (total change, evolution, hidden powers) between them don’t exactly make for an easy life. They signal political unrest, nature at her most fearsome and many matters of change that are beyond our personal control or even understanding.

This 6th square happens at 12 degrees of Capricorn so if you have planets at or very close to this point this upheaval may show in your own life. You will already know the context! Just expect the next chain in the link of breaking with the past or the starting bell for the closing rounds of battle with an individual or situation that has already taken a long time to work through.

But don’t let anyone rain on your parade. This is a week to be enjoyed and I wish you Jupiter and Venus type fruitfulness!

1 December 2014 – Jupiter takes over, fresh air and famine to feast


I’ll be in London 18 December for ten days. I’ll be doing readings at the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead and I’ve now booked in an extra afternoon. Therefore there are now another 2 appointment slots available, one on Saturday 20th and one on Monday 22nd – you can reply to this email or create a new one if you’d like to find out more.

The Astrology Blog – w/b 1 December 2014

All times stated are in GMT

There’s some great astrology unfolding for the first half of December, much of which revolves around the fact that we are now in the Sagittarius time of year. This sign is ruled by Jupiter – who is currently travelling through Leo – so we have a “mutual reception”. Regular readers may remember that I talked about this phenomenon last week –

Note that Saturn is still in “mutual reception” with Pluto – that is, Saturn is travelling through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and Pluto in turn is travelling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. In other words, these two planets are, in some ways, working as a team and supporting each other’s causes.
The same thing is now happening with the Sun and Jupiter – the Sun is now in Jupiter’s sign of Sag and Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign of Leo. This mutual reception will therefore last until the Sun moves on into Capricorn on 21 December. This is fabulous astrology as the Sun is the life force and the illuminator, and Jupiter is the Greater Benefic – the Good Guy of the heavens who governs luck, opportunity and all reasons to be cheerful – so to have these two planets working as a team is extremely helpful to say the least.

How might this show? Remember the as above, so below principle – and look out for the person with whom you can work as a team (personally or professionally), at what you are receiving from each other, at moves you can make to bring a matter to a positive conclusion, how you can look at a matter through someone else’s eyes and walk a mile in their shoes. Look at how your input can benefit someone else and vice versa. Look at

As well as the wonderful potential wrapped up in this mutual reception Jupiter is now also the key player in the backdrop of life. We’ve just been through the Saturn season – as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all recently in Scorpio had to struggle past this planet on his long trek through this sign – and we’re now closing the Neptune season as, again, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all made a square to Neptune in Pisces as they in turn all recently entered Sagittarius. This has all been very heavy going but the last link in the chain was in the early hours of this morning –

Monday Mercury square Neptune (04.28)

It’s followed later in the day by –

Monday Mars sextile (harmonious) Saturn (19.01)

I’ve talked enough in recent weeks about the heaviness of Saturn and the disorientation of Neptune, but this last aspect is worth noting as it’s Mars’ last one before he changes sign later this week. It’s also another mutual reception – Mars is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio. Also note that Mars in Capricorn is in his sign of “exaltation” – his strongest sign – and that the sextile is considered to be one of, if not the most, harmonious aspect. This ticks a lot of boxes then in terms of wrapping up a project, bringing a matter to a definite end or arriving at the point of acceptance with any concern that has been hard work. There is no more to be done. This fits perfectly for me in a positive way as tomorrow is the day that I officially sign off my new book, the final proof readings are all done and it’s all off to the printers, at long last. So if there are any mistakes gone unspotted, it will be too late! If there is any matter in your life in which “there is no more to be done” this really is a good time for letting it go.

Let’s now look forwards and welcome in the Jupiter season as the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sag (fire sign) will all make a trine (harmonious aspect) to Jupiter in Leo (fire sign) over the next couple of weeks. One little word of warning is to note that Jupiter is “stationary retrograde”. He has been slowing down for weeks and is now stationing – appearing to come to a complete stop – at 22 degrees of Leo. He will turn retrograde (appear to be moving backwards in the heavens) next Monday and will start backtracking through Leo until next April.

This doesn’t mean that all Jupiterian things will come to a screaming halt or start to unravel but it does suggest not trusting to luck alone. The work you put in between now and next spring will count for a huge amount, especially if it’s in connection to Jupiter’s subjects of education, travel, all things foreign, publishing or legal matters. If you have planets at or close to 22 degrees of Leo this will be an especially important time for you. Any planet turning retrograde – and then turning direct again at a later date – symbolises turning points and the opening of a new cycle. This may not be obvious at the time – especially with Jupiter who loves sowing seeds – but you may look back at this time and realise that actually it was pivotal.

The Jupiter sequence starts with –

Thursday Venus trine Jupiter (19.12)

As I’m always saying I love Venus – Jupiter contacts. Who doesn’t! But as I’m a textbook Sag, happy Jupiter aspects always bring along goodies in some shape or guise. And with my birthday tomorrow this aspect will be the most important aspect in my Solar Return chart.

(What’s a Solar Return chart? This is the chart that captures the moment when the Sun returns to its exact natal position – to the degree, minute and second. This will be on your birthday, or the day before or the day after. In the “olden days” we used to have to calculate these charts with the use of logarithms as they have to be worked out with great precision. Happily these days we have software that will produce your Solar Return chart at the touch of a button. The chart is not a substitute for your natal horoscope but is a flavor or the year ahead. You can also calculate your Lunar Return charts (13 of these a year) to capture the flavor of the month ahead. These charts are a lot of fun and are often surprisingly accurate.)

Back to the Venus – Jupiter trine, what can you expect? Listen out for good news, social invites, money opportunities through work you love doing, loving generosity from or to those you care about or meeting someone who will be good for you. Single? Sit up and take notice of anyone you meet this week, the chances are they’re special and right, or expect happy developments if you’re already getting a new romance up and running.

Also as Jupiter is about to turn retrograde you can add the extra theme of going BACK to something, or picking up an opportunity that you missed first time around. Seeds that were sown in recent months, and which you thought hadn’t flowered, may now also spring to life. Going BACK to someone is also in there – this is the stuff of reconciliations.

Jupiter is also the planet of liberation – underlining the theme of letting things go for your own wellbeing – and there are other astrological events this week that signal things moving on in a positive way. These may also happen suddenly or unexpectedly, with the aspects that immediately follow the Venus – Jupiter trine –

Sun trine Uranus (22.31)
Mars ingress Aquarius (23.58)

Uranus loves to break the mould, shake us all up and bring those light bulb moments. Mars entering Aquarius – Uranus’ sign – underlines the opening of new cycles and movement – things have been very slow going with all the Saturn and Neptune dominance in recent weeks but we’ll now be reminded that nothing stays stuck forever. Mars in Aquarius is a breath of fresh air and shows you how to work clever rather than just working hard.

Again these themes are underlined over the weekend –

Mercury trine Uranus (03.45)
Full Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini (12.28)

There’s definitely a feel of change, and in ways that you would never have anticipated. But Mercury/Uranus is inspirational, the Full Moon in another air sign floods light into our understanding and reveals options – sign of the Twins indicating choices – and life could look very different by the end of the week than it did compared to the beginning. Look for things happening in doubles or multiples too. For example, if you’re job hunting, you might suddenly get offered two things at the same time.

The bottom line for this week is that famine always turns to feast eventually – may your garden grow!

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