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Start connecting with astrology straightaway by reading the weekly astrology blog. This comes out every Monday morning and includes lots of specific information for the astrology student. But is also written in such a way that anyone can follow it.

Each blog explores the main astrological events – such as New or Full Moons, aspects between planets and when each planet changes sign or direction. Thus giving you the flavor of the week, together with the kind of events and experiences we’re likely to encounter.

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Personal Consultations – by Phone or Face to Face

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I live in Greece but private appointments, Astrology or Tarot, are available throughout the year via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, or to a landline.

Face to face readings are also available during the times I visit London.

If you’d like to find out more about personal readings or book an appointment, or if you’d like any further information about the upcoming schedule, then click here to be directed to a very simple request box – just fill in your name and email address, and a short message – and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


How to interpret horoscopes for your own clients and how to conduct your reading. Email Joanna to discuss in more detail.

Joanna Watters Astrology & Tarot Books – recommended further reading

books by Joanna Watters astrology and tarot author

My books are written with the avid student in mind! They are all based on traditional craft and will teach you the tools of the trade. They include personal anecdotes, client case studies and examples from the world of celebrities.

Be Your Own Astrologer takes you through the Sun signs in depth and then goes on to explore all the combinations of planets in signs. Click here to discover more.

Astrology for Today also covers the symbolism of the Sun signs and planets, but more than half of the book is devoted to the technical work involved in locating and interpreting transits and progressions. For more information click here.

Tarot for Today was actually my first book and I absolutely loved writing it.This book includes all of my own findings and you’ll also find plenty of practical information. Click here to find out more.

Latest Astrology Blogs

Tina Turner, Mercury out of Shadow, Venus – Neptune and Sagittarius Full Moon

Full Moons bring things full circle and illuminate so pay close attention to whatever comes to light for you at the weekend. Top concerns are anything connected to education, long distance travel for holiday, work or learning, the law and justice. Jupiter also rules freedom so a Sag Full Moon can be a time of liberation, of the shackles falling away to free us from the wrong job, the wrong relationship or anything in our life that needs to change for our own well being. Jupiter is the Greater Benefic, he’s good for us.

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Sun – Mars – Jupiter Trailblazing, the Venus – Uranus Kind of Love & the Idyll of Greek Island Astrology

Identify what is most important to you at the moment and then pour your energy into it. This is not a time for passivity or for being over cautious. This Sun – Mars – Jupiter triple act has an entrepreneurial flavour so, for example, if you want to get a business idea up and running then go for it. If you want to broaden your horizons in any sense, go for it.

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Mercury Back in the Office, Jupiter’s Changes & New Moon in Taurus

Pay close attention to what unfolds for you as Jupiter makes this transition, especially as less than 24 hours later there’s the monthly Moon – Jupiter conjunction, always stunning to behold in the sky if you can see it and equally wonderful in symbolism. It’s a little blessing and definitely to be wished upon. Remember that Jupiter’s sign of “exaltation” is Cancer, the sign naturally ruled by the Moon. They make excellent companions.

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