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For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by astrology

I started learning it properly back in the 1980’s and never looked back. I’ve now been doing readings, writing columns and books, teaching one to one and groups for over 30 years. And, I’ve been writing The Astrology Blog for over 15 years.

This started off as a teaching blog, to meet the needs of those who were already serious students. I also wanted to introduce and demystify astrology for those who were totally new to the subject.

A huge number of my readers say they’re addicted to the blog and, fortunately, so am I! It’s definitely a passion. It’s evolved to the point of devoting two days a week to it and I mail it out every Monday without fail.

What’s in the weekly astrology blog?

As well as investigating the astrological activity for the week ahead The Astrology Blog also follows individuals who are currently in the news, such as celebrities or politicians. Doing this demonstrates the astrology at work for a particular life event. Or sometimes you’ll have a full horoscope analysis, such as for Tina Turner in the blog for the last week of May 2023.

The best way to learn the art of horoscopy is by following the astrology of those who are of interest to you, either public figures or people known to you personally. In fact, I would say it’s unparalleled.

The very word ASTROLOGY is derived from the wisdom and knowledge (logos) of the stars (astra). Thus the purpose of this blog is to connect us with exactly that, to illustrate the “as above, so below” principle, that our life here on planet Earth is in some magical way reflected back to us by the vast celestial mirror above.

Joanna Watters at home in Nidri

“I’m a professional astrologer, and I find great value in reading Joanna’s blog every week. Amongst many other things her blog covers the major aspects and features of the week, along with ways they can play out in our lives. Reading her blog is a great investment and a MUST for astrology enthusiasts!”   Amreen Choudhury

So, think of the Astrology Blog as your tour guide

One of my readers calls it “my sanity map for the week”. As you travel this fascinating road the blog will provide you with the astrological data for the milestones ahead. You’ll also have my interpretations and predictions in relation to:

  • The astrological activity for the week ahead, with the exact positions and times of the key astrological features
  • These include aspects (2 or more planets aligning with each other), planets turning retrograde or direct, and lunations (New & Full Moons, including Eclipses)
  • I give the exact positions of the planets each week. This means that you can check all of the features against your own horoscope. For example, the last time that Mercury turned retrograde was 21 April at 15 Taurus, turning direct again 15 May at 5 Taurus
  • If you have natal planets or Angles (Ascendant / Descendant, MC / IC – the super sensitive axis of the horoscope that’s determined purely by time of birth) at or very close to any currently important degree of a particular sign, then it will be especially significant for you
  • Interpretation and how this works, as a “take” on the infinite combination of planets in signs that fits a current picture, and how this links to prediction – the kind of things to expect when particular planets or patterns are at work, both in our individual lives and for the collective
  • A “how to” cope when times are tough, including coping strategies, with “do’s and don’ts” advice for avoiding mistakes and pitfalls
  • The psychotherapeutic benefits of seeing how astrology provides us with a frame of reference, for understanding both our own psyche and our relationships

“I can’t wait for your astrology blog to arrive at the beginning of every week. I read it avidly, from beginning to end. Brilliant!”   Sue

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“I’ve been following Jo for many years and still look forward every week to the blog. It’s so informative and written in such a way that anyone can start to understand this wonderful subject with its many facets. Jo’s knowledge of her subject is incredible and the amount of work that goes into the weekly blog is obvious. She is simply the best!”  Jenny


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“Making the links between events in the news and the astrology of the moment must be one of the best ways to learn and develop as an astrologer and Jo’s blog is one of the best. Always topical and supremely accessible, this is a must-read whether you’re new to astrology or a seasoned pro.”   Jill