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The Time is Right – Desire, Determination & Decisions

“Maxim for life: You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.”

There is no better time for changing the way you think, or the way you teach or relate, than when Mercury the mind planet is turning direct. And as this turnaround is happening in Scorpio – sign of mystery, magic, psychic abilities or moments, the unconscious, our own underworld, our deepest and earliest imprinting, therapy, sex and, yes, power and control issues of all kinds – there’s an unmistakable link between a deeper understanding and empowerment, of the self and/or of another.

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Upside Down Mercury, Rewriting your Script and the Power of Acceptance

In traditional astrology Scorpio is one of the “mute” signs and as Derek Appleby wrote in his wonderful book Horary Astrology (the astrology specifically for questions) “Mercury retrograde can indicate that there is more information to come; but also when mute signs are prominent it can show that not all has been revealed. The more (planets) that occupy the mute signs the more likelihood there is of secrecy.”