Joanna Watters tarot readings
Joanna Watters tarot readings

Tarot Readings with Joanna Watters

The Tarot is an ancient and magical craft. You don’t have to “be psychic” but, you’ll learn how to “listen” as the cards speak to us. My own tarot cards are now 30 years old, they’re a bit tattered and battered, but I wouldn’t change them for the world as they’ve told hundreds of stories!

Studying the Tarot is a route to symbolic and psychic insights that apply directly to our personal lives. Divination is not a magic wand but a powerful guide, showing us that we are all on our own journeys and how some things are meant to be, and how others are not. When you learn more about Tarot cards, you will discover how to seek and follow your path of good fortune.

Personal Tarot Readings

I spend most of the year in Greece, but did you know that it’s possible to do distance tarot readings? If you would like to book a consultation via WhatsApp do get in touch. There are also a limited number of face-to-face slots available during my times in London – dates for UK trips are always announced with several weeks’ notice or you can request to be put on the waiting list.

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Astrology Readings

If you’d prefer a reading that mixes astrology and tarot or to have an astrology-only reading, click here to discover more.

Your essential Astrology Guide to the week ahead

Astrology Blog Joanna Watters

If you’d like to learn more about astrology, the weekly Astrology Blog is designed for you.

It comes out every Monday morning and includes lots of specific information for the astrology student. But is also written in such a way that anyone can follow it.

Each blog explores the main astrological events – such as New or Full Moons, aspects between planets and when each planet changes sign or direction. This gives you the flavor of the week, together with the kind of events and experiences you’re likely to encounter.

It also covers key people in the news and how astrological aspects may be impacting them.

This is a paid subscription at the very affordable rate of £6.45 a month – which works out at £1.46 a week OR you can choose an annual subscription for 20% less, which is £62.00 for the year.

In addition to the weekly blog, you’ll also receive my free newsletter. And you can unsubscribe at any time

“Why do I love your astrology blog? Because it’s so down to earth, not at all airy fairy or oblique. Excellent, and eerily accurate!”   Ruth

Joanna Watters Tarot for Today book

Discover more about Tarot

Tarot for Today was actually my first book and I absolutely loved writing it.This book includes all of my own findings and you’ll also find plenty of practical information. Click here to find out more.

It’s written with the avid student in mind!

You’ll find plenty of practical information with regards to conducting a reading, choosing spreads and making accurate interpretations.

There are also personal anecdotes and client case studies.

You’ll use the book as a guide and reference for years to come.