Paradoxes, Patience & Lifelines

Jupiter’s change of sign is not really the true beginning of a new cycle but the revisiting of an old one. Look out for those themes of going back – to something that was left on the back burner, to a plan or project that was ditched but now comes back in a different guise, to a relationship or attraction that you thought had run its course … and so on. The theme is Take 2.

Venusian Gifts & Generosity, Mercury’s Mixed Messages and Full Moon Take One in Aquarius

Virgo’s skill for analysis and precision reach their full potential through Mercury, planet of the mind, but these same qualities of perfectionism can be passion killers for Venus. After all, what lover, partner, friend, child wants to feel as if they are constantly being scrutinized, dissected under a microscope and given marks out of ten? Ever tried to “reason” with yourself or anyone else who’s in love or in a state of obsession? Oil and water come to mind.