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December 2015

28 December 2015 – Your New Year blog, and why it might be a false start!

The Astrology Blog 28 December 2015
All times stated in GMT

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. As planned and expected we had the quietest Christmas ever as my heroic and unbelievably good natured brother in law battles on with illness, but we were blessed by all being together at home and enjoying stunning weather, so we really did embody that Christmas Day Full Moon in “family and home” Cancer.

Health issues are inevitably the main topic in our house at the moment and I came across this article whilst searching for something else entirely different, but it grabbed me, especially in relation to how we handle stress. The following is by a Dr. Siegel, faculty editor of Positive Psychology, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

If you want to read the whole article, here’s the link:

These points won’t be new to most of you, we’ve read them in many forms, but he’s succinct and convincing in the way that he gets the message across:

• Challenge yourself to try new things, learn new ideas, and develop new skills. Realizing that most human abilities follow a “use it or lose it” pattern can motivate us to stay active in all realms of our lives.
• Bring your attention repeatedly to the present moment, through formal mindfulness meditation or informal mindfulness practice. It can help you to appreciate this moment, rather than becoming lost in regrets about the past or imagining future deterioration.
• Develop a sense of meaning in life. Focus on something larger than yourself, whether that’s connecting with people close to you or helping improve the lives of others. Or commit yourself to a hobby you love, such as gardening, attending the theater, dancing, or reading. When our focus is just on our own immediate pleasure or pain, we’re much more likely to have difficulty with the aging process

Regular readers and students will know that I’m a fan of “hands on” stuff rather than airy-fairy theory that may sound mystical and magical but is actually of very little real use. Dr Siegel makes it all sound like common sense, which of course it is. Reminded me of how Kim Bennett from Serenity Retreat described mindfulness and meditation to me, that it shows us when we’re “rehashing the past or rehearsing the future”, rather than staying in the “now”. This seems to me a helpful philosophy to carry into the New Year, especially with Mercury poised for his next retrograde period.

What’s happening this week?

The Sun is now in Capricorn as we celebrated the Solstice last week, and the first aspect is to Neptune –

Tuesday Sun sextile Neptune (13.19)

This harmonious aspect happens with the Sun at 7 Capricorn and Neptune at 7 degrees of his own sign of Pisces. As I’m late posting this week’s blog this aspect is just a couple of hours off being exact as I write and in my world has coincided with Mike going back into hospital this morning, but made all the less traumatic through the kindness of the medical team involved. One of the top qualities of Neptune in his own sign is compassion. This planet belongs to the 12th House – the house that rules places of confinement such as hospitals – and which is also traditionally known as “the vale of tears”. In other words, Neptune links us to suffering and shows us where empathy and kindness are needed. The positive face of Neptune is therefore healing.

Neptune is also often powerfully placed in the horoscopes of those with creative talent, especially actors and musicians. A soaring imagination and the ability to capture and express the human experience through drama, words and music are hallmarks of the Neptunian nature. The flipside to this is escapism of the self destructive kind too. Look at Drew Barrymore’s chart for a textbook Neptunian – she’s a Pisces, and with Gemini rising her ruling planet is Mercury, closely sextile Neptune, and she has her the two Pisces planets Jupiter and Neptune in a powerful mutual reception (ie Jupiter is in his feminine sign of Pisces, which is also Neptune’s sign, and Neptune is in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s masculine sign. These two planets are therefore working as a team even though they are not in aspect. Drew of course was the adorable Gertie in ET, filmed when she was only 6 years old, but her adolescence spiraled into drug and alcohol abuse, and two stints in rehab before making the successful transition to adult success. Her autobiography is called Little Girl Lost.)

Coupled now with the Sun, the life force and symbol of our essential identity, in sturdy and goal orientated Capricorn, this captures the message that Neptunian types/issues need grounding. It brings us back to the “hands on” message I mentioned earlier. If someone you care about is suffering don’t forget to ask what you can do to help or, vice versa, ask for the kind of help you need. If you have a creative idea think about how you can get it off the drawing board.

Plans and ideas are however not exactly clear cut at the moment. Today’s second aspect is –

Tuesday Mercury square Mars (14.54)

Squares to Mars, from any planet, spell pain or difficulty. With Mercury as the partner this combination signals wounding words, hurt feelings or tough decisions, or, in this case, the beginning of a complicated battle. This aspect is the start of a complex sequence as Mercury enters Aquarius this coming weekend but will turn retrograde next Tuesday, and is therefore slowing down and repeats the square to Mars, who is also changing sign, and will repeat it again after turning direct and catching up with Mars for the third time.

• Tuesday 29 Dec Mercury 27 Capricorn square Mars 27 Libra
• Saturday 2 January Mercury ingress Aquarius (02.21)
• Sunday 3 January Mars ingress Scorpio (14.34)
• Tuesday 5 January Mercury 1 Aquarius square Mars 1 Scorpio
• Tuesday 5 January Mercury turns retrograde an hour later at 1 Aquarius
• Monday 25 January Mercury turns direct at 15 Capricorn
• Saturday 5 March Mercury 29 Aquarius square Mars 29 Scorpio

If you have natal planets or angles at or close to any of the above signs and degrees then this sequence will be especially significant for you. Note that the last Mercury/Mars square falls at 29 degrees, at the very end of the signs. As above, so below – events unfolding during that first week of March will be the finale. Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

So, this is not the best of pictures for New Year resolutions – if you’re making them at all then keep them flexible and realistic. Anything over ambitious is likely to prove too difficult to adhere to, at least until Mercury turns direct again at the end of January, which will in effect be the real New Year. Until then note that Mercury is already slowing down and it’s not too early to think ahead for the three week period when Mercury will be retrograde from 5 to 25 January. Here’s my usual checklist –

• Guard against trying to force any kind of round pegs into square holes. It won’t be worth the effort and could cost you dearly.
• Try to operate by “re” words – review, revise, research, reappraise, rethink and so on
• Buy yourself time wherever needed
• Write things down – forgetfulness, being distracted, inattention etc can be a troublesome theme
• Back up all your computer work
• Don’t delete any documents – you may need them at a later date
• Getting back to ideas on the back burner
• Getting back in touch
• Rest and relaxation, give the brain some time off
• Keep options open
• Assume nothing, double check everything
• When in doubt, check it out – second hand opinions are a dead cert for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick – and don’t believe everything you hear
• Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc and don’t even think about buying new ones for the time being
• The same for cars – never buy any mode of transport under a retro Mercury
• Plan any journey with extra care and don’t trust to luck
• Kill your speed when driving – allow extra time for getting there slowly but safely
• Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
• No matter how certain a situation might seem there is a good chance that it will morph into something else over the next couple of weeks – the “x” factor is at work …

Until next week, wishing you a fun New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2016, even though it may be slow getting off the starting blocks!
With love from Greece

21 December 2015 – The Astrology Christmas Blog

The Astrology Blog 21 December 2015

All times stated in GMT
A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the weekly blog throughout the year, and wishing everyone Happy Solstice! The Sun entered Capricorn this morning –

Tuesday Sun ingress Capricorn (04.49)

In the northern hemisphere this marks the shortest day, and therefore the moment when the days start to get longer again. Symbolically, the solstices (when the Sun appears to stand still) and the equinoxes (when the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated) are powerful markers in terms of new cycles. These events are when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of Aries (spring equinox), Cancer (summer solstice), Libra (autumn equinox) and Capricorn (winter solstice). 0 degrees is where it all starts, just like The Fool, the first card of the Tarot, who is numbered zero rather than number one. If you have any planets or angles at 0 degrees in your own horoscope this symbolizes a point of huge potential and will manifest either through your work or through a key relationship.
Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

So, pay close attention to unfolding events today, especially with regard to the Capricorn concerns of career, purpose and plans for the future connected to your security and long term prosperity. Business matters are winding down for the festive break but nevertheless the seeds that are sown this week could easily show signs of growth and potential in the New Year.

Apologies for the brevity of this blog – regular readers know that normal activity has rather ground to a halt in our household, but we’re so thankful to have Mike home and we now have the chance to treat his cancer from the naturopath angle. All my feelings about hospital being the last place where you can get well (once the essentials of surgical intervention are done) were validated by this article on the BBC over the weekend. In the words of a doctor, this is what patients are exposed to:

“What do we do to them? We sleep-deprive them, we malnourish them, we stress them, we disturb their circadian [sleep] rhythms, we put them at bed rest and de-condition them, we confuse them with lots of different people and new routines – we don’t give them any control.”

An optimistic Sag will always find the upside in even the most arduous of circumstances. Sue and Mike are the sort of couple that make everyone else green with envy – in the nicest possible sense! – but she says his illness has brought them even closer. I see this with my own eyes on a daily basis. So this Christmas my thoughts are definitely along the lines of… finding the perfect opportunity to spoil and enjoy those you love, and enjoying all the things that good health allows you to share.

From the serious to the more frivolous, Saturn transiting my Sun is being a right misery … the truck that was on its way to Greece with everyone’s UK purchases got impounded by customs on Friday in the UK (right on cue for the Mercury – Pluto conjunction, they weren’t happy with the paperwork!). This is a regular consignment that delivers to Lefkada throughout the year but of course this time this one includes my champagne, gifts, Xmas pudding … so it’s just as well that am not doing any actual entertaining this year! Hopefully it will all be on its way soon as one of the best aspects of this month is coming up –

Thursday Venus sextile Jupiter (10.04)

Any Venus – Jupiter combo by harmonious aspect is good news, although this one is somewhat compromised by the fact that both are currently travelling through their signs of detriment, Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. Nevertheless these are the “benefics” of the heavens and between them they rule the all the goodies of life – love, pleasure, money, luck, opportunity, generosity and anything/anyone that makes your world a better and more enjoyable place. As this aspect is exact on Thursday morning it’s “applying” (moving towards exactitude) the day before so that picks out Wednesday evening as probably the most sociable of the week. As well as being known as jovial Jupiter (Santa is definitely a Jupiterian!) he also rules all things foreign and long distance travel so this bodes well for those of you are on the move for Christmas… and for that truck!!

We have some lovely astrology for Christmas Day too –

Friday Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer (11.13)

This is the Moon’s own sign, placing hearth, home and family in the spotlight. As ever though, look out for the domestics! Full Moons are notorious for sensitizing any personal issues that are already sore points. Better to take a leaf out of Cancer’s book and “crab walk” away from touchy subjects, and to allow others to do the same.
Helpful conversations however are another matter as the Mercury – Jupiter trine (harmonious) that is a sequence of three, as I mentioned last week, also starts on Christmas Day.

• Friday 25 December 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo
• Friday 15 January 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo (Mercury retrograde)
• Saturday 6 February 22 degrees Capricorn/22 degrees Virgo

In brief Mercury rules everything connected to communication and information, so this repeating aspect to Jupiter, planet of good fortune, signals that an issue/subject/idea etc will be up for a lot of discussion, not just for now but over the next weeks. Look out for anything that gets the ball rolling. If you’re meeting people for the first time you may well strike up a new friendship, or you may want to get back in touch with someone who’s been important to you in the past. Such scenarios are especially important if you have planets or angles at or close to 22/23 degrees of the earth signs – the ones mentioned above, Virgo and Capricorn, and also Taurus.

The final astrological event of the week is on Boxing Day –

Saturday Uranus turns direct at 16 degrees Aries (03.54)

As with all the outer planets Uranus spends many months in retrograde motion (unlike the personal planets, eg Mercury is only ever retrograde for three weeks at a time). Uranus turned retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries at the end of July, has backtracked only four degrees over the last five months, and will eventually get back to 20 Aries at the beginning of April. So this gives you an idea of the long and winding road taken by these meanderers, and they spend many months “stuck” on one degree, but their turning points are worth noting. As above, so below. Look out for turning points that reflect Uranus the rebel – planet of sudden, dramatic or unexpected change – getting back to business. This is especially applicable if you have planets or angles at 16 degrees of any of the fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sag – or in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

However you’re celebrating stay safe, have fun, and I hope to post a New Year blog next week,
Love from Greece until then

The Astrology Blog 14 December 2015 – the Astrological run up to Christmas, and Mercury not yet in goodwill mode!

The Astrology Blog 14 December 2015

Apologies for no blog last week and many thanks to everyone who wrote in to send messages of concern. I’m miles behind with all my emails so sorry again if I haven’t replied to you personally. We are all now back from Thessaloniki and it’s full on Mission Mike to build him up again. Hospital food is dire everywhere it seems… Sue raised this with the surgeon but his response was that if you’re in hospital then you have to be prepared to put up with hospital food. How can even the top experts be so blasé about nutrition? I feel a letter to Jamie Oliver coming on.

Goodbye to Vern Wells

As many of you know I started my astrological studies with The Company of Astrologers, and became a COA tutor in 1990. This was a great privilege as all tutors would meet with the COA founders – Geoffrey Cornelius and Maggie Hyde – about once a month for evenings entitled Divination and Consultation, fondly referred to as Div and Con. This enabled us to discuss Company work, plan courses etc but also gave us the chance to share our own astrology with one another. I learned a huge amount in the ensuing five years, before moving to Greece in May 95. I’d like to dedicate this blog to one of my colleagues Vern Wells, who passed away last week.

Fortunately I was able to visit Vern 5 weeks ago when in London and I’m going to share here one of the things he said which really stayed with me and which I think is important. He said he wished that he hadn’t been such a worrier all his life, and about things that he then realized were not important. He shook his head with his own disbelief.

I think we all fall into this trap, to one extent or another, as it’s part of the human condition to worry. This can be useful – our worries tell us what needs attention or who needs our care – but when it spirals out of control into a permanent state of crippling anxiety that is when the problems start. It’s clear to see how this can create depression, and it’s not such a huge leap to see how we can actually end up making ourselves ill. The mind – body connection is one that has spawned endless amounts of literature yet remains controversial. If you want to read some poignant material of the “not away with the fairies” variety then here are two recommendations, Dr David Hamilton, who writes from the scientific/biological point of view and whose research makes for compelling evidence – his books include It’s the Thought that Counts and How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body –

Also Anita Moorjani who had a spontaneous remission after a near death experience when literally hours away from death. Her book Dying to be Me makes for intriguing reading and the overriding message is the importance of learning to live life fearlessly –

What’s happening this week?
All times in GMT

The Sun is still in Sagittarius and in aspect to this sign’s ruling planet –

Monday Sun square Jupiter (15.04)

The square is an “over the top” aspect but this one is not as exuberant as we would normally expect as Mr Big of the heavens Jupiter is toned down in careful Virgo (one of Jupiter’s signs of detriment) and is also slowing down in readiness for starting his four month retrograde journey in the New Year. As above, so below – slow down and check impulsivity. This is not a time for throwing caution to the winds, and what you do in haste now could easily be repented at leisure. Otherwise this aspect is also textbook for feeling overwhelmed, the rabbit in the headlights feeling, so try not to fall into that Virgo trap of making work for yourself and getting over fussy. Aim for “good enough” rather than perfect, and reserve the right to say no to taking on anything else if you’re already on overload.

We’ve also got a lovely Mercury aspect today –

Monday Mercury sextile Neptune (19.41)

This is a “one off” unlike the other Mercury aspects building up at the end of the week which I’m coming to – perfect for chilling, sharing your feelings and a bottle of wine with a friend, talking through a problem and coming up with some creative ideas – you get the general picture. Do whatever makes you feel good.

As with the double whammy of Sun Sag/aspect to Jupiter there’s another major aspect later in the week that also carries extra weight by virtue of a link between the signs/planets involved –

Thursday Venus sextile Pluto (11.18)

Venus is currently travelling through Scorpio, one of her signs of detriment, but makes this positive aspect to Pluto, the planet that co-rules Scorpio (Mars being the traditional ruler). This signals that the two planets are working hand in hand as a powerful team. Here are the main themes –

Venus – love, money, girlfriends, life’s pleasures and sweetness
Pluto (by good aspect) – change, depth healing, endings of the positive or necessary kind. Think transformative.

Venus also rules food and produce, and for us this is about making more changes for Mike re diet. The juicer is going to be working overtime! Note that Pluto is often prominently placed in the horoscopes of those involved in healing work of any kind.

On the love front trying to make big changes ten days before Christmas is probably not ideal but, if your relationship is on the romantic ropes, then the second half of this week is likely to put the situation under intense scrutiny. (January isn’t the top month for divorce lawyers for nothing!) Venus – Pluto contacts of any kind are also notorious for love triangles and if you’re involved in an affair then the run up to Christmas isn’t going to be easy. Bide your time wherever possible, as the unfolding picture signals that the best results will come from sustained efforts and negotiation and/or that there will be a lot of flak to deal with. This doesn’t apply just to tangled love webs either but to all close relationships that, for whatever reason, are in demanding mode. Similarly, any decision making process is most unlikely to be cut and dried but in a continual state of flux as we deal with incoming information and developments that we’re not yet privy to.

This picture is now starting to intensify as the rest of this week’s activity is dominated by Mercury (communicator and mischief maker both), currently travelling through Capricorn. Jumping ahead, Mercury will enter the next sign of Aquarius in the early hours of 2 January but only gets to 1 degree of this sign before turning retrograde three days later. This means that all the aspects being formed between now and Christmas will all be the first of a series of three. This week’s aspects are therefore not the usual fleeting picture of Mercury at full speed but the beginning of a much weightier pattern that will play out between now and the beginning of February, with themes of stops and starts.

Here’s the sequence –

Mercury conjunct Pluto
• Friday 18 December 14 degrees Capricorn
• Friday 22 January 15 degrees Capricorn (Mercury retrograde)
• Saturday 30 January 16 degrees Capricorn

Mercury square Uranus
• Monday 21 December 16 degrees Capricorn/16 degrees Aries
• Wednesday 20 January 16 degrees Capricorn/16 degrees Aries (Mercury retrograde)
• Monday 1 February 17 degrees Capricorn/17 degrees Aries

Mercury trine Jupiter (harmonious)
• Friday 25 December 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo
• Friday 15 January 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo (Mercury retrograde)
• Saturday 6 February 22 degrees Capricorn/22 degrees Virgo

These sequences will be especially applicable to you if these signs and degrees feature in your own horoscope, and here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

Note that the latter two sequences above are further sensitized by the fact that Uranus is switching from retrograde to direct (making the exact turn on Boxing Day) and Jupiter will be switching from direct to retrograde early January as mentioned earlier. This means that they’re currently very slow moving so any planets locking into them now are like freeze frame moments. As Mercury is the mind planet, and the winged messenger, pay special attention to information or insights that come into focus on or within 24 hours of the above dates – so starting with this coming weekend.

Until next week, keep your wits about you!
With love from Greece

The Astrology Blog – 30 November 2015

The Astrology Blog 30 November 2015

Apologies again that the blog is much briefer than usual, life still on overload here, but am working on the basis of something is better than nothing!

We start the week by shaking off the difficult Solar aspects to Neptune and Saturn, a tough combination that I wrote about in last week’s blog. This pattern was created as the Sun and Saturn reached 7 degrees of Sagittarius, squaring Neptune who is currently “stuck” on 7 degrees of Pisces. This is the stuff of the sad, misguided or baffling (Neptune by difficult aspect) meeting with the restraints of time, barriers and reality checks (Saturn by difficult aspect). These aspects are now separating (have now happened) but only just, the Sun – Saturn conjunction being exact at 00.17 this morning. If you have been dealing with any situation that smacks of this “in a nutshell” description then this past few days are likely to have brought up some crunch points for you.

This is especially applicable if you have planets or angles at or close to 7 degrees of Sag or Pisces – or the other mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo. With my and Sue’s Sun at 9 Sag the situation here has inevitably been tough to deal with, Mike still in hospital 6 hours drive away from home, Sue with him, and me holding the fort at home and trying not to drive myself demented with anxiety… desperate to get up there but am tied to the house at the moment because of looking after their two dogs as well as my own dog, and any fellow dog owner out there will know how big a commitment they are! Unfortunately there are no kennels on the island…

Back to the astrology, here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

Back to the Sun/Saturn/Neptune – even if you haven’t got planets positioned around these critical degrees you may well have been witness to those struggling, felt saddened by world events or been caught up in events that you feel powerless to change. However, as I wrote last week, “once the Sun struggles through the Saturn – Neptune square, everything will start to look a lot brighter and clearer”, and the Mercury aspects this week support the theme of moving on, solution finding and thinking ahead –

• Tuesday Mercury trine Uranus (14.01)
• Friday Mercury square Jupiter (12.54)

These are Mercury’s last aspects before he changes sign (moving from Sag into Capricorn next Thursday 10th December). The first aspect is Mercury at 16 Sag in good aspect to Uranus at 16 Aries, the second is Mercury at 21 Sag square Jupiter at 21 Virgo. In particular look out for the arrival of the unexpected or for flashes of inspiration (Uranus by good aspect) and also befriend the internet as Uranus is closely linked to technology. From information to Christmas shopping, whatever you can do with the touch of a button will make life easier.
These Mercury aspects also signal busyness – I personally feel as if I ‘m spinning a lot of plates at the moment – and in particular squares to Jupiter signal an “over the top” quality, too much to do, too much to cover, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with things that require too much time or money … clock when your shoulders are hunched up around your ears! Mercury square Jupiter is classic for issues getting out of control or for being blown up out of all proportion, so also remember to check your facts, bite your tongue rather than getting into “not worth it” arguments and say no to unreasonable requests.

The end of the week brings another undeniably testing picture starting with Venus changing sign –

Saturday Venus ingress Scorpio (04.16)

This is one of Venus’ signs of detriment but that doesn’t mean that all Venusian issues are necessarily in trouble. Here’s a take on this combination when Venus is in Scorpio in the natal chart, from Be Your Own Astrologer –
Venus in Mars’s feminine sign is intense and deeply emotional, although you would be forgiven for not thinking so on first impressions. These Venus people do not wear their hearts on their sleeves, to put it mildly. Co-ruled by Pluto there is a secretive streak and a need to stay in control of their feelings. This belies a passionate nature and they may even come across as cold or indifferent. Often there is some disturbing experience in their childhood or adolescent life that taught them to give nothing away. Abuse stories are tragically common. Having suffered from powerlessness they instinctively or consciously protect their vulnerability and nobody gets through the security gates without careful screening.

These Venus individuals usually ooze sex appeal, mystery and look drop dead gorgeous in black. They admire strength and bravery, and need a partner who is bold and gutsy. Passivity bores them. They know all about the power of sex but are prone to jealousy or possessiveness. However, when secure or truly put to the test, they make awesome partners. Their all or nothing nature means that they can do for better or worse, in sickness or in health, till death us do part better than anyone. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton survived the sexual scandals of her husband and went on to excel in her own political career. She is especially known for encouraging the empowerment (Pluto) of women (Venus) on a global scale.

So, heavy stuff in some ways, but powerful in others. The underlying message is it’s ok and probably necessary to get intense and emotional about the things that matter dearly to you, to recognize that you have deep resources within you that can be called upon in moments of need, but to stop short of acting in any way that is overly controlling. Try to base your actions and decisions on what loved ones need, ie real love is when you make it about them and not about you.

This coming weekend also brings a tangled mix of Sun, Mars and Pluto – here’s the sequence –

• Sun sextile Mars (10.15)
• Sun semi-sextile Pluto (16.11)
• Mars square Pluto (20.48)

None of these planets are in Scorpio, but both Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s ruling planets, so the same themes are in this mix. The picture is contradictory as the first two aspects are harmonious, but the Mars – Pluto square is extremely challenging. Pluto is the rebirth planet and is so often about endings, bringing a matter to a close in readiness for the opening of a new chapter, but it may be very difficult to spot any kind of silver lining at this time. Or what may be great for one person may not be that brilliant for another. With Mars still also in one of his signs of detriment – Libra, the sign of the Scales, ruling partnership, compromise and cooperation – finding solutions that work for both sides may prove impossible. The good side to Mars in Libra is the desire to keep the peace, but the flip side is that doing so for the wrong reasons can come with a heavy price tag. We can only trust that whatever comes to a finale is doing so for a reason, so don’t try to force any square pegs into round holes, and try to be aware of that extremely delicate line between genuine and loving self sacrifice /avoidance through fear of the unknown or victim role. Pluto actually works better for us when we don’t try to dress things up in glamorous clothing.

Next week we’ll be travelling towards a New Moon in optimistic Sagittarius and I’ll be talking more about the opening of this new cycle next week.

With love from Greece until then

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