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March 2013

This week’s Astrology – 25 March 2013

The week ahead is one of the most complicated that we’ve had for a while. You may already have read other columns that are making a Big Thing of the Full Moon on Wednesday morning as it falls at 7 degrees of Libra and within a few hours of the Mars – Pluto square at 11 degrees of Aries – Capricorn. This is creates what is called a T Square as the Sun/Mars in Aries oppose the Moon Libra, and both in turn make a square to Pluto. One of my regular readers even tells me that another column has already referred to this as a Monster Moon, which sounds very alarming. I’m not into scaremongering but I am into trying to describe astrological phenomena as accurately as possible. There is no point in glamourising, but then I’m a truth freak Sag so I would say that.

So, the truth of the matter is that Mars and Pluto are traditionally known as the malefics – the bad guys. Mars is the god of war, Pluto the god of the underworld. They are locked in combat and it doesn’t get much more militant or “hellish” than that. Early week events may be of the “tipping point” kind, gloves off and let’s get it all out in the open. However, the Full Moon in peaceable Libra floodlights the arena and will try to remain impartial and ensure that it’s a fair fight. Have you ever noticed that Librans believe passionately in fairness? Also look out for a turning point in any situation that has already been difficult, possibly for months, that will involve radical rethinks and changes of plan. A new understanding may be a difficult birth but it has to struggle into the world, possibly kicking and screaming and rather red in the face.

Sneaking up behind Mars are the Sun, Venus and Uranus all in Aries, all linking with each other from late Thursday afternoon through to the early hours of Friday. Anyone’s guess because Uranus is so double sided. Venus of course is love, and this combination could be anything from being swept off your feet by a passionate new admirer, to your partner running off with your best friend. Uranus loves surprises and shockwaves. If, however, the steam is building up between your ears and you’re at the point of striking a blow for your own ego be aware that you may get more than you bargained for. If you want a visual think of the recent images of Mount Etna spewing out scarlet flames (Aries’ colour is red). The lava has to settle and cool down before turning into harmless ash. This is like The Tower in the tarot. The dramatic financial shakeup in Cyprus also, inevitably, comes to mind.

What else? Like we need more! Mercury in Pisces is the gentle voice of reason, aligning with Saturn midweek for the third and final time. This signals closure of anything that started end of February and dissolved into a muddle in the first half of March. Jolly Jupiter is also back in the picture, in harmonious aspect to Mars at the beginning of the week, and to Venus at the end of it. This has the ring of “there’s no change without conflict but we’ll get there in the end”.

Exhausted? We probably will be, in one way or another. On a serious note there is an accident prone element at work here so please go carefully and avoid unnecessary risks.

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18 March 2013 – This week’s Astrology

Hallelujah the communication planet Mercury went direct last night. At a general level this signals that anything that’s been troublesome over the last three weeks can now get sorted, and in particular look out for:

  • Asking the right questions/getting the right information
  • The truth outs (including trickery, eg the breaking news for anyone with a Cypriot bank account…)
  • Setting the record straight
  • Making an important decision/other people’s decisions helping you out
  • Good news
  • Acts of kindness

Happily I’ve woken up today to find myself on the receiving end of the last two points and, oh yes, Mercury going direct in the water sign of Pisces, the end to plumbing problems! As of this weekend my bathroom is restored to being a bathroom.

Moving on … that is what this week is all about, especially as we have the Spring Equinox on Wednesday, when the Sun moves into Aries at 11.03 GMT. 0 degrees of Aries is the first degree of the zodiac so the equinox is the astrological New Year. So if you want to make new resolutions, go right ahead! Venus also moves into go-getting Aries in the early hours of Friday, and Mars & Uranus conjunct in this sign on Friday evening. Pay close attention to events at the end of the week then as Uranus is the loose cannon and will be playing a major role next week too. Life, having been slow, sad or uncertain, could suddenly – even dramatically – start moving at dizzying speed and along unexpected lines.

My top tip for this week then is not just to go ahead but to get ahead. Now’s the time to get list ticking with all those jobs/intentions you’ve been putting off.

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11 March 2013 – This week’s Astrology

Well, every time Mercury goes retrograde I say it can’t be as bad as the last one. I am going to stop saying that. Last week was horrible, which I attribute to the dominance of Saturn/Pluto too, and I was right about that midpoint possibly setting the tone of things to come in terms of major change… that’s another subject on which, in the spirit of retrograde Mercury, I am going to remain mysterious for now… especially as this time Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, the emotional water sign that rules the sea, in all its boundlessness and inky depths. This is the current backdrop to life.

What I will throw into the melting pot here is that Mercury’s retrograde periods this year are in the water signs – in Cancer end of June/to 20 July and in Scorpio 21 October/10 November. For now note lessons learned/to carry forwards. Mine are:

  • Most people are extraordinarily compassionate – you only have to reach out
  • You have to find your own coping strategies and sometimes this means giving the wrong impression
  • Learning what to share and what to keep to oneself is essentially about boundaries
  • You don’t have to answer every question that people ask you, even when it’s asked with the kindest of intentions
  • In a world of constant information/communication you don’t have to answer the phone every time it rings, you don’t have to answer every text the minute it lands
  • As I said last week you can, when needed, buy yourself time

All of this seems apposite as back to the present moment today brings the New Moon in Pisces. This is like The Star in the Tarot – hope, redemption, gentle new beginnings, reconnecting with what really matters and giving your emotional world a new lease of life. It’s not about understanding everything – in fact, I think it’s about accepting that not everything can be understood. That is the function of air – element of the mind. The New Moon in mystical Pisces is a “feeling” New Moon. Follow your instincts, trust that there is a bigger picture and let life’s tides carry you forwards in readiness for Mercury turning direct again on Sunday night.

In the meantime this doesn’t mean that this week is a non starter. Quite the opposite. Mars enters his own sign of Aries tomorrow morning (happens once every 2 years) and this is like a taster of the Spring Equinox – coming next Wednesday, when the Sun arrives at 0 degrees of Aries, the beginning of the astrological year. From tomorrow then you can start to set things in motion … not in a tearing hurry, but with a definite sense of point and purpose that will gradually gather momentum and meaning.

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March 2013 – Monthly horoscope

How time flies! March horoscopes now up on Network She site, here’s the link:

4 March 2013 – This week’s Astrology

I read once that retrograde Mercury periods (3 times a year, each of 3 weeks duration) are about being presented with the things we need to learn.  There may be some truth in that. Obviously, we learn all the time, but a retrograde Mercury seems to make the lessons more noticeable.

Mercury is currently retrograde in Pisces – the sign of mutable water that rules the sea, the feelings, mysticism and all altered states of consciousness and the means thereof – eg meditation on the healthy side, drugs/alcohol on the other side! So far in this retrograde period the most serious lesson came when my dog was attacked by another dog on the beach. She ended up bleeding and half drowned but she fortunately didn’t need stitches. My reason for telling you this story is that the other owner swore her dog had never done anything like this before but as she’s opening up a cafe on the beach it was as well that she found out now. I pointed out that it could’ve been a child. I like to think that some child, or another small dog, has now been saved. But it’s the ultimate retro Mercury cautionary tale – no assumptions. Just because something has never happened before doesn’t mean that it can’t happen now.

Otherwise – I’ve had food poisoning. Lesson to self is never to eat reheated rice. Have as a result totally cleared out the fridge – made me muse on the symbolism of what else in life might be past its sell by date or not worth reheating? My body is saying a loud NO to wine for now which reminds me that it is in fact poison. At least I’ve lost 4 kilos. Oh yes – plumbing story ongoing, nobody has turned up to look at it never mind fix it – and the hotel where I’m staying overnight next week in Athens has now ignored three requests for driving instructions. Next note to self is to do everything possible to ensure that we don’t end up driving around in small circles in the rain in a city I don’t know… stress recipe.

Mercury plays a big role this week –

  • Conjunct the Sun today
  • Conjunct Venus, trine Saturn and sextile Pluto early Wednesday (the latter two being repeat aspects from 12 February)
  • Square Jupiter early Sunday (repeat of aspect first made 9 February)

In brief – look out for re-runs or second chances. Remember your “re” words – revisit, reappraise, rethink and review. What do you really want? What would you have to change now to get what you want the most in the future?

These are important questions as slow moving Saturn retrograde in Scorpio also repeats an aspect, the sextile to slowest of them all Pluto, that was exact first on 27 December at the end of last year and will be exact again on 21 September this year. These contacts bracket a nine month period of intense change – especially if you have planets around 9 degrees of Scorpio or Capricorn (if you don’t know you can send me your birthday and I can tell you if this applies to your horoscope or not).

The important point is that the midpoint of this long transit is now, not April/May which would be halfway through the nine months, and whatever major event/issue dominates your horizons right now could set the tone for months to come. However, there is still a sense of a lot going on at a hidden subterranean level so please bear in mind the usual retro Mercury advice which is to buy yourself time wherever necessary.


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