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September 2014

29 September 2014 – Venus comes home and Mercury makes us think

The Astrology Blog – w/b 29 September 2014

All times stated are in BST

It’s a quiet start to the week with no major aspects until the weekend but we do have two planets changing sign, which indicates new cycles. Mercury newly arrived in Scorpio (ingress Saturday 27 September) and Venus entering Libra today (ingress 21.53).

The good news is that Venus is entering one of her own signs (she is dignified in Libra and also in Taurus). The sign of the Scales is associated in everyone’s mind with indecision – the constant balancing act of this or that, weighing up the pros and cons, the shall I/shan’t I, the resulting procrastination and so on. Herein lies the “lazy Libra” tag and it’s true that over thinking a matter can end up in total inertia.

However, Venus being dignified in Libra makes symbolic sense as the other side to this sign is that it correlates to the 7th house of the horoscope – the sector of the chart that rules “the significant other”. Here we find marriage and all important one to one partnerships. The Scales are then not just seen as an intricate balancing act but as the two sides to a relationship – and how every action of one side affects the other. The positive Libran characteristics are therefore cooperation, negotiation and diplomacy. The ultimate Libra lesson is about love that truly values equality, not about being passive and overly dependent on others.

Venus entering Libra was one of the decisive factors for choosing tomorrow for my sister’s wedding! This is called Elective Astrology, choosing a date for an occasion based on the astrology showing, and is generally not as easy as it looks. However this week Venus’ change of sign made the choice simple, moving from Virgo her sign of fall to Libra her sign of dignity. Also a planet is said to be especially powerful when at 0 degrees of its own sign.

The other good news for the first half of the week is that Mercury and Venus come together on Wednesday (05.21) by semi-sextile. This is a minor aspect, signaling that the two planets are exactly one sign apart, but I have nevertheless noticed in the past that this particular combination – at a universal level Mercury is news/connection and Venus is love/pleasure – tends to bring good news, a significant conversation or piece of information, the company of likeminded people, the enjoyment of girlfriends or help being given or received from friends.

The trickier part of the picture is that Venus’s only other aspect this week is a quinqunx to Neptune at the end of the week (Friday 03.37). This is that awkward “blind” aspect that happens when two planets are 5 signs apart and have absolutely nothing in common. Look out for disputes of “ne’er the twain shall meet” kind or for events that throw the spanner in the works with regard to plans. Note that Venus also rules money so be careful about cash flow and realistic about costs. Neptune in difficult aspect signals illusion or confusion and there is definitely a higher than average risk in the making of crossed wires or hurt feelings.

This awkward aspect is swiftly followed by two other difficult features on Saturday – the Sun square Pluto (09.04) and Mercury turning retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio (18.03) which is Pluto’s sign. So this is a double whammy of Pluto/Scorpio themes. Under such skies emotional issues are particularly intense or a tough decision may be called for. Factors beyond your control are also likely to bring changes and, especially if you have planets in the early degrees of Scorpio (0 to 5, something important will be up for a major rethink. However, do be careful not to burn any bridges in the heat of the moment and don’t issue ultimatums unless you really mean them and are capable of seeing them through. Pluto has a way of slamming doors behind him and Mercury starting his retreat through the deep, dark waters of Scorpio signals silences that will be hard to break.

The weekend finishes on a much livelier note with Mars trine (harmonious) Uranus in the fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries respectively in the early hours of Sunday (05.19), so this aspect will be “applying” for Saturday night. Uranus is always great for groups so say yes to a night out with friends, or to an invitation to do anything different. Also look out for sudden changes of plan of the exciting kind or for meeting someone you instantly connect with.

In terms of the bigger picture with regards to whatever is unfolding for you bear in mind that retrograde Mercury will be the backdrop for the next three weeks – he’ll be returning to Libra next week and will turn direct in this sign on 25 October. Until then tread carefully, delay important decisions and buy yourself time, and keep the following checklist in mind:

• Assume nothing, double check everything
• When in doubt, do nothing
• Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, cameras etc and don’t even think about buying new ones for the time being.
• Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
• Back up all your computer work
• Operate by “re” words – review, rethink, rework, revisit etc
• No matter how strongly you may feel about something – or someone – you may change your mind in three weeks time. Or someone else will.

I’ll be talking more about Mercury next week so until then take care and look out for some thought provoking people or experiences. Anything that starts to change the way you think is Mercury quietly at work.

15 Sept 2014 – Venus struggles on, Mars square Neptune, Oscar Pistorius – the fallen hero, Jupiter and the Justice question

The Astrology Blog – w/b 15 September 2014

All times stated are in BST.

Last week I managed to miss out the final aspect of the week – Venus trine Pluto, exact yesterday at 15.34. Although Venus is a benefic (good for us) she is nevertheless currently in Virgo which is her sign of fall, her most difficult sign. Venus is associated with so much more than love – she is fertility, abundance and produce – and even though Virgo is the harvest and the corn maiden (like The Empress in the Tarot) it is nevertheless known as a barren sign in traditional astrology. The difficult side to Venus in Virgo is therefore meagerness and limited resources. With Pluto in the picture, even by harmonious aspect, we’re still getting the message of endings.

For me this showed as finally having to accept that there were a couple of special people who wouldn’t be able to make it to Greece at the end of the month for my sister’s wedding, no matter how hard we tried to make that happen. Pluto tends to write finis to plans or aspirations that come under the heading of “bad timing” so whatever came to a natural end for you over the weekend, and no matter how reluctantly you may have to let it go, any kind of final decision or closure captures the right spirit.

This week Venus continues to be the main player as she is the active ingredient in the two aspects being formed –

Thursday 18th – Venus quinqunx Uranus (02.21)
Sunday 21st – Venus sextile Saturn (14.04)

The first is that notorious blind spot, being tripped up by the thing that you couldn’t possibly have anticipated, a message that is even stronger with the aspect being made to Uranus, planet of surprises and the unexpected. This spells upheaval and hassle but the aspect is still a minor one so, in theory, it should be of a relatively fleeting nature.

Note that Venus in Mercury’s sign of Virgo signals details – I am thinking, who have we forgotten to invite to the wedding, what piece of paperwork is going to be wrong/overlooked – and trying not to fret (Virgo worries for the world!) That’s all you can do if you have something important in hand, take another look, double and triple check the small print and then hope for the best.

Venus’ second aspect is more constructive, being a harmonious aspect to “get it together” Saturn in powerful Scorpio. This is great for

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8 September 2014 – Joan Rivers and Neptune, a sensitive Full Moon and Mars on the move

The Astrology Blog – w/b 8 September 2014

All times stated are in BST.

Last week I wrote This week’s first event is Mercury changing sign, moving into Libra on Tuesday (ingress exact at 6.39). Will this be the big moment? Mercury in Libra – sign of partnership – feels very promising for reconnecting with “the others” out there in email land. It’s also a great placing for asking for help with any matter that you can’t tackle alone.

This worked right on cue as friend aka saint Helen (who sorts out so much stuff as she knows the Greek systems inside out) stepped in, went the extra mile to get it all sorted and I am back on

If you have sent an email to that address in the last two weeks it is somewhere in cyberspace never to be seen again. The backup email address is still working fine as are messages on Facebook. Thanks!


My group for the Astrology & Tarot week are all safely here and it’s wonderful to greet returning students and meet two new ones.

The last course of this season is PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY in two weeks time, starting on 22 September. You don’t have to be an advanced student to do this course as we will revise the symbolism of signs/planets and the basic principles of chart interpretation as we go along. This is a very exciting part of astrological craft and if you want to find out more, for this year or next, just drop me a line on the above email address or text me a landline number on 0030 6976 296085 and I will call you back.

The world has said goodbye to Joan Rivers (b 8 June 1933), the definitive Gemini, multi talented Mercury ruled sign of communication. Her life story makes extraordinary reading and her autobiographies are entitled Enter Talking and Still Talking. As well as being the talkers of the zodiac Geminis are also the “puer eternus”, the eternal youth, and tend to look younger than their years, naturally or through artifice. Joan made fun of her own extensive plastic surgery. Their approach is light and playful, often irreverent, and they usually have a childlike enthusiasm for anything that sounds like it could be fun.

All parts of the body are ruled by a sign/planet. The throat and the neck are ruled by Venus/Taurus but everything connected to the voice and how we speak/what we say is ruled by Gemini/Mercury. Joan died as a result of complications during surgery on her vocal chords (Mercury).

She has an official birth time of 02.00am which gives her an Ascendant (or rising sign which is determined purely by the time of birth, the point that marks the beginning of any horoscope which is why time is so important to an astrologer) of just under 4 degrees of Aries. The fact that the birth time is given as an exact hour usually indicates that it’s an approximation. If she were born just 10 minutes earlier the Ascendant would still have been in the late degrees of Pisces. This would give Jupiter as traditional ruler of the chart and Neptune as co-ruler (ie the 2 planets that rule Pisces between them).

I personally think that this makes sense astrologically for various reasons but primarily because Joan was in the middle of a major Neptune event. With a cycle of 176 years none of us can ever experience a Neptune Return (a Return being when a planet comes full cycle and returns to its original position as found in the birth chart, eg the Sun’s cycle is a year and our birthday is our Solar Return, many happy returns of the day).

With Neptune the Half Return happens in our 80’s. Joan’s natal Neptune is 7.30 Virgo and her Neptune Half Return started when Neptune reached 7.30 of the opposite sign of Pisces at the end of May. Neptune was moving very slowly and turned retrograde in June at 7.35 Pisces. Her surgery was done under a Sun – Neptune opposition. In her natal chart Neptune in Virgo (Neptune’s sign of detriment) is in the 6th House (health) and rules anesthesia. It is reported that her autopsy was inconclusive but the astrology would suggest that tragically the complications during surgery that led to cardiac arrest would be linked to the anesthesia. Yesterday she had the big glamourous (Neptune) Hollywood send off that she had wanted.
What’s happening this week?

Monday – Sun quinqunx Uranus (09.48)
Look out for unexpected conflict between health/work/duty issues and the opinions/role/needs of an individual, yours or someone else’s. With this aspect sensitive matters spin around a “blind spot” so make a point of checking your facts and figures, and note that it’s always the thing that you didn’t expect that catches you out. So it may not be the start to the week that you had planned but roll with the changes.

Tuesday Full Moon at 16 Pisces (02.30), Wednesday Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (11.52)

With the Full Moon exact in the early hours of Tuesday morning then look out for the symbolism on Monday as it’s the “applying” 24 hours – as an aspect is coming to exactitude – that is generally the time it shows. Full Moons are always sensitive times but this one is extra so being in one of the water signs. Pisces is Neptune’s sign (Poseidon, god of the sea) and I will be out with my group on Monday night and am planning a special beach venue so we can watch the moonrise over the water in all her glory. Should be absolutely stunning and seems the best way to honor a Pisces Full Moon, to be by water, especially the sea. Am wondering what stories we’ll be exchanging around the dinner table as the wine and conversation flows!

The Pisces theme is underlined by the fact that Venus (love, women, pleasures, money) will oppose Neptune the day after the Full Moon. Venus is now in her sign of fall in Virgo.

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1 Sept 2014 – Messages from Mercury & Venus, what to expect as Jupiter and Pluto clash

The Astrology Blog – w/b 1 September 2014

All times stated are in BST.

My email problem continues so please note for now that you can contact me on

or message me on Facebook. Thanks!

IF YOU HAVE ENQUIRED ABOUT THE LAST FEW PLACES ON SEPTEMBER COURSES – alternatively you can text me on 0030 6976 296085 and I will call you back.

Well as the Mercury, Mars, Uranus sequence came to an end and Mercury then sextiled Saturn – last Monday along with the New Moon in Virgo, one of the Mercury signs – I did at least find out why my email has been deactivated. It turns out that if you move house – which I did in February – you have 6 months to let the Greek phone company know that your email is operating from a different phone number. If you don’t let them know then when the 6 months are up they deactivate your email. This is to help against fraudulent use of said email address … oh, so it’s okay for someone to pose as me for the first 6 months then, but no longer?? I obviously didn’t know about this rule and neither did anyone else, including all the Greek phone company staff I spoke to over and over again! Nobody asked me if I’d moved, nobody sent me um, an email, to warn me that I if I didn’t register my new landline number I would lose the email address that I’ve had for 15 years….

Had to smile looking back as I moved into this house under a retrograde Mercury in Aquarius (technology). The missing info has finally come to light.

This week’s first event is Mercury changing sign, moving into Libra on Tuesday (ingress exact at 6.39). Will this be the big moment? Mercury in Libra – sign of partnership – feels very promising for reconnecting with “the others” out there in email land. Tomorrow the magical mystery paper chase starts all over again…

However, back to Mercury entering Libra – this is not one of Mercury’s recognized signs of dignity but generally Mercury loves the air signs, element of the mind and communication which is what Mercury is all about. With Libra being the sign of the Scales this placing is of course famous for dithering, weighing things up, looking at all sides of things and having difficulty in making or sticking to decisions. If you have natal Mercury in Libra or if you are close to someone who does then you will know what this feels like. The positive side to this placing is a wonderful diplomacy and regard for everyone else’s opinion. It’s also a great placing for asking for help with any matter that you can’t tackle alone. Heart to hearts are in there too – Mercury in Libra is great for that one to one sharing.

Just look out for confusion at the end of the week as Mercury’s only aspect is the awkward quinqunx to Neptune (Saturday 08.02). This is a classic set up for crossed wires or for having the wool pulled over your eyes. If you feel that you’re not being told the truth then you’re probably not. However getting a straight answer to a straight question will be a very tall order and misunderstandings will take a while to fathom. It can also signal mixups with paperwork so be careful if you’re form filling, or travelling – such as making sure that your passport hasn’t expired or that you have vital documents in order. Phones of course are always the big one when Mercury is trouble making and these days most of us are heavily reliant on our mobiles, so keep a close eye on phones, cameras, laptops etc when you’re out and about. Oh, and don’t believe everything you hear – Mercury/Neptune bad aspects equals fibber – don’t open dodgy emails or shop on line other than on trusted sites.

There are three other astrological events taking place this week, starting with the Sun in Virgo trine (harmonious) Pluto in Capricorn (Wednesday 17.09). This alliance in earth signs feels great for wrapping up projects – Pluto is all about endings and with the aspect being a trine this signals ones of the positive variety. The trine happens at 11 degrees so if you have natal planets at 11 degrees, or a couple of degrees either side and especially in the feminine earth or water signs, then this aspect will be significant for you. If you don’t know if you have planets at this degree don’t forget that you can find out the position of all your planets on line in just a couple of minutes. I’ve posted links for this before but here’s a different one to try:
This aspect is relevant for me as my Midheaven (career) is 13 Virgo – will I finally finish the book? I’m on track so here’s hoping. It will be strange to find that something that’s dominated the last six months is finally completed but the Sun – Pluto trine feels good for enjoying the sense of achievement and moving on into that “what next” arena.

The trickiest part of the week is Jupiter quinqunx Pluto (Friday 11.11). When two major planets of totally different symbolic natures – Jupiter is the Greater Benefic, Pluto is a malefic – such as these are involved in this blind aspect it’s generally not good news, and often it shows as a world event as well as for individuals.

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