Further reading on Astrology and Tarot by Joanna Watters

There are three books available to date, with more books in the pipeline.

Three books written by Joanna Watters

Be Your Own Astrologer

Joanna Watters Be Your Own Astrologer

This book shows you how astrology really works and covers all the planets in each sign. Compare your birth chart to the movement of the planets, in order to reveal the key events of your life in the past, present and future.

This book contains examples taken directly from Joanna’s own client work and research, including reasearch on stacks of celebrities from the worlds of film, literature, sport, politics and monarchy.


Astrology for Today

Joanna Watters Astrology for Today

Using client case studies, Joanna Watters shows you how to use astrology and your birthchart to understand and appreciate your motivations and drives.

It covers how to make more successful decisions about your relationships and career.

And helps you discover talents and abilities that can help you become happier, healthier and perhaps, even wealthier.


Tarot for Today

Joanna Watters Tarot for Today book

By using this book, you will master the meanings of all the different cards, so you find the answers to specific questions.

Tarot is a craft that anyone can learn and this book provides practical exercises so you can gain and share insights about the cards.

It is suitable for people wanting to learn the Tarot from scratch. And also contains plenty of information and working examples for the more advanced student.