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June 2013

24 June 2013 – This week’s Astrology

It’s a landmark week, with all the key activity crammed into the middle of it.

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Jupiter travels through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for approximately 12 months, rather neat as he is planet of fairness and justice, so he changes sign once a year. In the early hours of Wednesday he moves from Gemini to Cancer. This is an important ingress in the eyes of traditional astrology as it means that Jupiter moves out of his sign of detriment (weaker placing) and into his sign of exaltation (strongest placing). In brief Jupiter’s principle is expansion – anything that makes your world a bigger and better place – but his nature is protective as well as entrepreneurial. Hence he is exalted in the water (emotions) sign of Cancer, which rules home and family, and is introspective and nurturing by nature. This new cycle does, however, get off to a slow or uncertain start.

Mercury entered Cancer on 31 May but turns retrograde on Wednesday (at 14.09 BST), and will be backtracking through this sign for three weeks. For those of us who like straight talking and everything to be above board and obvious this is like erecting a great big sign that says Communication Minefield starts here. Mercury being expressed through the sign of the Crab is indirect and sideways (crabwalking) at the best of times, but doing it in reverse feels completely unfathomable. Proceed with caution in any dealings with those you do not know well or whose agenda is a closed book.

Venus moves into the Sun’s sign of Leo on Thursday. This is bold and bright in comparison to the rest of the current astrological picture that is hidden and tentative. This placing signals that love and life’s pleasures prosper with confidence, loyalty and adoration.

Thanks to Janine Cording who sent me a couple of quotes last week that I’d like to share with you. It may seem odd for an astrologer to like a quote that doesn’t focus on what lies ahead but, while Mercury is retrograde, I believe that it pays to live more in the moment:

“Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time, my greatest regret is that I believed in the future.” (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer)

This second quote called When There’s Still Time is also perfect for Mercury being retrograde – for re-thinking and reframing – in Cancer, sign of kin and those you care about.

Stop fighting with your family members, spouse, or friends. Start appreciating. Enjoy each other. Stop looking at the other’s faults. Start to appreciate each other’s qualities. Life is short. Even if you live one hundred years, how long will you live with all your faculties intact? The period we have to appreciate each other is quite limited.


– Gehlek Rimpoche, “An Interview with Gehlek Rimpoche”



17 June 2013 – This week’s Astrology

So, what is happening this week?

The first thing to say is that this is a week to make the most of, and for two reasons. The first is that the dreaded retrograde Mercury will be upon us again as of next Wednesday so it pays to get super organized now and to get ahead wherever possible. As regular readers will know retro Mercury just loves to throw spanners in the works and nearly always in the shape of something you can’t plan for.  

The second and more cheerful reason for making the most of this week is that we have the annual Sun – Jupiter conjunction (exact Wednesday 17.12 BST), this one falling at 28 degrees Gemini. Textbook astrology would describe this as the ultimate golden opportunity – or two – and a portent of big change decidedly for the better. Whatever comes in a Jupiter wrapping – that is, Jupiter’s dominion of education, progress, liberation, truth, legal concerns or anything joyous – warrants immediate attention. This message is even more important as Jupiter changes sign next week (again, an annual event, as Jupiter spends a year travelling through each sign) so this conjunction also has the feel of an opportunity that is of the “last chance” kind.

This week of course is also the all important Summer Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer 06.05 BST on Friday. “Solstice” translates into the moment when the Sun appears to stand still as we mark the transition from the days getting longer, back to the days getting shorter. This year’s Solstice is flanked by the Mercury – Venus conjunction at 22 degrees Cancer a couple of hours earlier, and the Full Moon in Capricorn three hours later. So if you have planets at around 22 or in the early degrees of Cancer/Capricorn this picture will be especially significant for you. In general, however, look out for important or reaffirming conversations, sweet talk of the nicest kind, or a career milestone.



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10 June 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week?

Again, apologies for last week’s mix-up with dates. Here is the blog for this week – some of it was posted last week, some of it is updated.

This has the feel of a landmark week. Saturn (takes about two and a half years to travel through one sign) and Neptune (takes about 14 years) catch up with each other by trine (harmonious aspect). This aspect forms in the water signs, Saturn being at 5 degrees of Scorpio and Neptune being at 5 degrees in his own sign of Pisces, and will be exact at 00.19 BST on Wednesday. This is the second contact of three – the first was on 11 October 2012, the third will be on 19 July 2013. If you have planets at 5 degrees of any sign in your own horoscope this event will be especially significant for you. I would add that if a long running issue “peaks” for you this will probably take another month to resolve fully.

As above, so below. The headlines this morning include the news of devastating floods (Neptune/Poseidon) in Central Europe and the attempts to contain them (Saturn, planet of boundaries and blockades). Rather late in the day for Magdeburg in eastern Germany, where a dam has already broken and thousands have had to leave their home. What utter misery. It’s all too easy to believe that the recovery operation will take a full month or much longer.

It has to be said that these outer planets carry tough messages, even when in harmonious aspect. Also this second contact is flanked by two difficult aspects – Venus opposite Pluto late on Tuesday night and Venus square Uranus. So Venus is re-invoking the ongoing Uranus – Pluto square that is taking a very long time to play out… only two more years to go on that one!

For now, if you had conflict in your life around 20 May look out for the next episode and, ideally, a chance to resolve it. Also check back to see what has roots stretching back into last October. Neptune’s big message is redemption and much can be achieved when we step out of “ego” and connect with compassion/understanding.

Thinking symbolically, the stories in the news can often reflect back to us more personal issues. (NB macrocosm/microcosm an “ancient Greek Neo-Platonic of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale all the way down to the smallest scale… the recognition that the same traits appear in entities of many different sizes, from one man to the entire human population.” WIKIPEDIA)

The dam may need to burst in order to rescue emotional and highly charged situations.

Up your game to protect what is of value to you. Venus is not just about love between couples, she is also girlfriends, pets, money, a comfortable life style, treasured possessions and all the sweet things of life. As she runs the gauntlet of Pluto (loss, endings, surgery, power and control issues) and then Uranus (the unexpected, the loose cannon, disputes) sensitive issues are likely to peak.

On a personal note, in response to the animal lovers who have kindly enquired, my cat Jasper has healed perfectly after having his tail amputated a week ago but has developed cat flu and has had to be quarantined! This also captures the symbolism of containing (Saturn) a highly infectious virus (Neptune). My other cats are vaccinated, but the visiting strays are not, and Jasper being a newly acquired rescue cat had slipped the net.

If anyone would like to share their own story or comment on the current picture I look forward to connecting with you on my Facebook group, The World of Astrology – find the link below:


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