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July 2014

28 July 2014 – All the planets jostling for position, clearing the air and finding your path of good fortune

This blog is dedicated to my beloved friend Paul “Chippy” Johnson. Last week I wrote Mercury is aspecting three slow moving planets that are all considered to be malefic in nature so no matter how I might try to dress this up it adds up to bad news – and Paul’s passing was the worst news imaginable. Paul was Mr Mercury, the text book Gemini, an open mind for all things, a wonderful friend and an avid reader of this blog, supporting me in my work with enthusiasm at all times. Paul, even for a writer, it is impossible to put into words how deeply you will be missed.

The Astrology Blog – w/b 28 July 2014

All times stated are in BST.

As above so below – every single planet from the Sun through to Pluto is involved in this week’s picture, so expect to be dealing with every aspect of your life to one extent or another. We start the week with the Venus – Pluto opposition now separating, being exact at 07.38 this morning. Venus is love, Pluto is loss, and I don’t need to say anymore in terms of how this is showing in my own life. One of my very first astrology teachers, the late Derek Appleby, used to say, “Pluto slams the door behind him and there is no going back”. All people and all things have their time.

The Sun is also making tough aspects this week, that quinqunx again – awkward name, awkward aspect that is formed when two planets are exactly 5 signs apart from each other. To repeat from last week, this aspect is known as a blind spot, notoriously linked to accident and illness, or contentious issues in which it’s impossible to understand someone else’s point of view or vice versa. The Sun is now in Leo, his sign of dignity, but in quinqunx to Neptune on Wednesday (05.46) and then to Pluto at the very end of the week, exact next Monday (00.58). The outer planets are never easy at the best of times but these aspects are likely to bring out their most difficult sides, Neptune’s being grief/confusion/illusion/deception and Pluto’s being loss/finality/jealousy or any of the difficult emotions connected to love gone wrong. “This too shall pass” is probably a good mantra to work with.

Mercury is also in the picture again but in a much more positive way.

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21 July 2014 – Everything’s Changing, and how!

The Astrology Blog – 21 July 2014

All times stated are in BST


This is a busy and complex week. Rather than discuss the aspects and themes as they’re unfolding as I usually do I think it may make more sense to isolate the different strands at work. You’ll see that a lot of days and times overlap, which suggests that the good, bad and the ugly are all intermingled. As above so below, this signals that the pleasures and difficulties of life will be doing the same.

The week doesn’t get off to the easiest of starts as Uranus turns retrograde at 16 Aries on Tuesday (03.54). This in itself is not especially momentous, as it would be with one of the personal planets of Mercury, Venus or Mars. These planets spend only a matter of weeks in retrograde motion whereas the outer planets spend months. However, it’s important if you have natal planets at 16 degrees of anything as Uranus will then be making some kind of aspect – good, bad, major or minor – that will be particular to you – and marking a turning point or crossroads.

Also as I posted last week, Saturn has just turned direct at 16 Scorpio, so the aspect between Uranus and Saturn is an awkward quinqunx – exactly 5 signs apart from each other. This aspect is known as a blind spot, notoriously linked to accident and illness, and is operational until the end of August so we still have several weeks to go. Out in the world you don’t have to be an experienced symbolist to see that Uranus (shocks, explosions) in quinqunx to Saturn (boundaries and endings, ultimately death) in Scorpio (power/death) is the astrological picture for the horrific tragedy of the Malaysian flight. Note also that Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Mars, god of war.

The egotism of the warmonger can work in the microcosm as well as the macrocosm so it is currently vital not to place your faith in anyone who does not have your best interests at heart. For some the push-pull nature of the Uranus – Saturn activity will be about a relationship that looks fine to the outside world but which is a different matter behind closed doors. Any relationship that has hidden agendas or which has a blind spot, where the unacceptable has been accepted for too long, will now be highly sensitized and will need careful handling.


Mercury is currently travelling through Cancer and comes into play a few hours after Uranus turns retrograde:

Tuesday – Mercury opposite Pluto (07.48)
Friday – Mercury square Uranus (01.08) and then trine Saturn (03.12)

This means that Mercury is aspecting three slow moving planets that are all considered to be malefic in nature so no matter how I might try to dress this up it adds up to bad news, things that are troublesome to sort out or issues that are highly contentious.

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14 July 2014 – Jupiter turns up the heat, the value of self belief and how to dance to Neptune’s tune

The Astrology Blog – w/b 14 July 2014

All times stated are in BST.

If you would like your family and friends to receive their own copy of the blog direct from me every Monday morning, I can add them to the main list. Just reply to this mailing with name and email address to be added, which of course is used for no other purpose.

Last week we had the Sun lighting up the troublesome aspect between Saturn and Uranus. I posted –

Matters are not helped by the fact that together they are currently forming a quinqunx – an awkward name and an awkward aspect, meaning that they are exactly five signs apart. This aspect is known as a blind spot so the most important message is not to charge into anything that smacks of recklessness.
This turned out to be more testing than I’d expected. The symbolism of “the blind spot” worked right on cue for my sister whose business email got hacked into, one client didn’t follow the normal security rules and actually ended up paying out money to the hacker who was posing as my sister! She then had to spend three days – of her holiday – sorting out the mess. Also I didn’t add, but will here, that the quinqunx aspect is notorious for illness and accidents and one of my lovely students lost her beloved cat to a road accident.
She asked me if she could have “done anything” to keep this from happening but sadly astrology doesn’t work like that. This blind spot aspect is “in orb”, ie operational, until the end of August so please continue to exercise caution wherever possible and up your security settings if you do business on line. This will be especially important at the end of this week as the push-pull feel of this aspect is increased by the fact that Saturn is turning direct (helpful) – this coming Sunday, turning at 16 degrees of Scorpio at 21.37 – whereas Uranus is turning retrograde (unhelpful) at 16 degrees of Aries, at 03.54 next Tuesday.
Mmm.This feels really stressful and time management could easily go out of the window due to factors that nobody could possibly forsee! Personally I have already cleared the decks and am going to devote this week to a major writing blitz. Yes the new astrology book is taking shape really well but the deadline (Saturn) of the end of next month is now hurtling towards me. I am anticipating some disruption this coming weekend as my own Uranus is 16 degrees of Leo – so Saturn is squaring it and Uranus is trining it – so it’s eyes down while the going is good!
What else is happening this week? Roll of drums, mighty Jupiter is changing sign, moving from Cancer into the fire sign of Leo on Wednesday. The ingress is exact at 11.31. This is big news because Jupiter changes sign only once every 12 months and therefore spends 12 years travelling around the zodiac. The last time he entered Leo was 1 August 2002. Even though Jupiter is said to be “exalted” in Cancer where he’s been for the last year – and he is generally good news in that respect for family and property concerns – he is a big, bold planet and generally thrives in the vibrant fire signs.
In traditional astrology Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic. His main principle is expansion and he is therefore the bringer of joy, good fortune, opportunity, higher education, freedom and travel.

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7 July 2014 – New cycles, a constructive Full Moon and the Love Planets in harmony

The Astrology Blog – 7 July 2014

Can I start this week by saying thanks to everyone for supporting the Astrology Blog. The readership figures grow steadily each week and thank you too for the feedback I’m receiving. Many of you regularly forward the blog, so if you would like your family and friends to receive their own personalized mailing every Monday morning, I can add them to the main list. Just reply to this mailing with name and email address to be added, which of course is used for no other purpose.

I was struck by how many people used this link to chart calculation so here’s the link again:
Enter your data – your date, place and time of birth – and you will immediately get your horoscope on the screen. Hover the mouse over the glyphs for the planets and signs and you will get the information in English in the bar across the top!
For example is Mercury, and the figures and glyph for the sign will tell you the degree and minute at which Mercury is positioned in your natal chart.

Skip this next bit if you’re not a tennis fan! Wimbledon is over, fabulous final yesterday between Djokovic and Federer, a real nail biter down to the last minute. An epic battle was indicated by the fact that the chart was “stamped” by Mars (one to one combat) and Jupiter (epic, victory) being exactly conjunct angles. This is an astrological feature that is always important regardless of what or who the chart is for. On this occasion we had an Ascendant of 20 Libra – and Mars at 20 Libra – and a Midheaven (top of the chart, public showing) of 27 Cancer and Jupiter at 27 Cancer.

The rules of contest astrology worked up to up a point. The Wimbledon chart was ruled by a retrograde Mercury and featured a Mars – Uranus opposition, which indicated that the favourites wouldn’t win and that the tournament would be full of surprises. This was the case in the women’s, but not the men’s as Djokovic was number one seed and did win. Mine and Sally’s interpretations about his injury risk played out in the amount of bad tumbles he took, calling the trainer out twice during the final, but happily he came through unscathed. Congratulations to Sally who picked out Djokovic at the start of the tournament as her winner!

Other feedback from last week – remember the checklist that I always post for when Mercury turns direct? It includes, “Rumours are squashed when the truth outs”. Our rent is due on the 1st of each month which was the day that Mercury turned direct in the sign of the Twins. When the landlord called in he told us that he had heard that we hadn’t been paying the electricity bills. He wouldn’t name names so we don’t know who started the rumour, but happily I was able to produce receipts on the spot for the last two (Gemini) bills to show him that all was up to date. Hopefully he went and gave the rumour monger a mouthful (Gemini in a bad mood….)
When Mercury turned retrograde I posted:
“Many stories illustrate that retrograde Mercury issues are often those that are not of our own making. The usual caution applies until he turns direct again, such as buying yourself time for major decisions or being vigilant about your security and possessions, but there’s a limit to how much we can actually predict or anticipate his havoc loving antics.”
My top story sent in by a reader to illustrate the point …
“A friend of mine was with her child and a gust of wind blew her buggy into the lake at the local park complete with her new Iphone.”
Fortunately the child was not in the buggy!
So what’s happening this week? Firstly we have the Sun aspecting two major planets.
Sun square (inharmonious) Uranus – exact on Tuesday at 17.24
Sun trine (harmonious) Saturn – exact on Wednesday at 01.30
Uranus and Saturn both tend to be troublesome or demanding, even under good aspects. Matters are not helped by the fact that together they are currently forming a quinqunx – an awkward name and an awkward aspect, meaning that they are exactly five signs apart. This aspect is known as a blind spot so the most important message is not to charge into anything that smacks of recklessness. In other words, if you’re thinking of taking a risk then don’t, at least for now.
There is also something of “ne’er the twain shall meet” with this aspect, so look out for conflicting views and opinions that can engender resentment or disputes but which, ultimately, have no easy or obvious answers. Decide which battles are worth fighting and which are not.
These aspects also signal a disruptive start to the week in terms of being able to stick to what you had planned to do. Factor in extra time as much as possible. Wednesday morning is ideal for starting afresh so wherever you need to wipe the slate clean, practically or emotionally, you’ll have the chance to do so.
The weekend brings the Full Moon in Capricorn (exact on Saturday at 12.26). Traditionally Capricorn is the sign of career and ambition so generally this is the ideal time for setting goals. If you have an important project on the go, need to make work decisions or seal a new deal now is the time to pull out all the stops. Don’t forget to look out for the notorious Full Moon domestics too!
New cycles are opening up in other ways too. Mercury moves into Cancer on Sunday at 05.46 for the second time. The first time was 29 May but he then turned retrograde on 7 June and reversed back into Gemini. This time he is now back up to speed so any issues that got put on hold at the beginning of last month can now be revisited and sorted. Tend especially to home, family and property concerns as this is also the last week of Jupiter’s year long journey through Cancer. Next week he will move into Leo and I’ll be talking more about that next time
Finally the weekend finishes on a high note with a lovely Venus trine Mars on Sunday exact at 09.23. The love planets in good aspect to each other – on this occasion in the air signs of Gemini and Libra – is good news for your love life. Whether you want quality time together, or have important things to discuss and agree, or whether you want to make progress with someone you’re attracted to or you’re in the market for meeting someone new, this coming weekend is packed with opportunity. Enjoy!

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