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Tarot for Today was actually my first book and I absolutely loved writing it. When I first moved to Greece, in 1985, I set up a desk on the seafront and did readings every evening for the tourists, often working until midnight! I honed my craft through this hands on experience and did literally hundreds of readings during the first few years of living in Nidri.

I’d only ever read one book on the tarot before – by Juliet Sharman-Burke. That gave me a great grounding on card meanings – but otherwise I am completely self taught.

‘Tarot for Today’ includes all of my own findings and recounts many of the stories that were shared with me through the magic of the tarot. You’ll also find plenty of practical information with regards to conducting a reading, choosing spreads and making accurate interpretations.

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Good read

‘Good, straight forward guide to tarot’

One of the best ones

‘I have some experience with Tarot. I found this book excellent, it is simple to follow, but very helpful. I have studied tarot for more than 20 years and read lots of tarot books. I recommend it’

Written by a Master Teacher

She has the gift of being able to make a difficult subject seem very graspable. With many years of hands-on experience Joanna cuts through the maze of confusing information about the cards and describes each one with clarity.

She gives real-life situations so that you can really understand each card and how it relates to modern every-day life.

This makes remembering the meanings a lot easier. Joanna also gives useful info on spreads and how to give readings for other people.

I have quite a few tarot books but this one is my favourite’.

A really real book on tarot

‘I have always been interested in tarot, but have never until now found a book that is so relevent ‘to today’ (as the title says). ‘Tarot for Today’ discards age old hocus pocus tactics, focusing on the realities surrounding a subject that is entwined in myth and superstition and generally regarded as a load of old rubbish.
Not only does this book clear up these issues in the first few pages, it proves a fascinating read, detailing every single card in a way I am sure has never been done before.
The book tries, and succeeds, in dispensing with the stigma attached to the craft of the tarot and gives the reader a confidence that many other books do not.
It is made clear from the beginning that ‘divination’ is not something to be relied on, and that the author is not in the business of ‘fortune telling’ so much as wearing the “therapists hat”. So, instead of being submerged in the deep end of mystical symbolism, we are presented with clear charts, a fresh outlook and fascinating insights.
Personally, I felt that the plain english, clear layout and fantastic artwork and photography throughout the book made it a joy to read.
The book is based on fact and on the author’s extensive experience. Almost every card is related back to a reading she has done, which makes it so much easier to understand the cards in practice and the way that meanings and symbolism associated with a particular card can subtly or explicitly change, depending on the person being read for, and the relationship of the card to others in the spread.
Although the traditional meaning of each card is given, as well as the astrological links, it is the author’s personal experiences and modern situations that the cards deal with that really bring the book to life.
Uniquely, there is an entire chapter entitled ‘Becoming a Consultant’ which I found so refreshing! How unselfish! How very insightful and confidence inspiring that this book offers to help you go that one step further and take on tarot as a real interest or even a career, rather than leaving us hanging, unable to put the book to the good use it was obviously intended for.
This book shows us in every way how tarot can become a useful tool to consult about our lives rather than the uncomprehendable and untrustworthy ‘magic’ that it is often made out to be.
The book makes it clear that tarot is quite simply a form of counselling and therapy with a difference; something that everyone needs from time to time! If you are looking for something a little different and refreshing, then definitely, pick this. Recommended! Thank-you’.