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July 2015

27 July 2015 – the backdrop of retrograde Venus – mighty Aphrodite at 29 Leo – and an action packed weekend ahead

The Astrology Blog – 27 July 2015
All times posted in BST

It’s a quiet week in terms of major planetary activity as everything is packed into the coming weekend. However, we have a backdrop of Venus having just turned retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on Saturday – to recap from last week:

Regular readers will be familiar with the phenomenon of retrograde Mercury as this happens three times a year, for three weeks at a time, during which periods all Mercury stuff seems to operate in reverse and ties us all in knots. Venus turns retrograde less frequently, approximately every 19 months (October 2010, May 2012 and December 2013 were the most recent retrograde dates) for approximately 6 weeks at a time. Venus also repeats her retrograde patterns every 8 years – so in July 2007 Venus turned retrograde in early Virgo, returned to Leo and spent most of the retrograde period in this sign.

Interestingly, China’s stock market crash fits this pattern – Shares in Mainland China saw a steep slide towards the end of the trading day on Monday – marking its biggest one day fall in more than eight years.

This reminds us of Venus’ link to money and values, as well as her primary role as one of the love planets. From my book, Be Your Own Astrologer –

Venus is Aphrodite, goddess of love. Your Venus sign tells you about your relating skills, what you are looking for and how you approach relationships. She is feminine and rules women, all pleasure seeking, lovemaking, beauty, art, music and the fashion industry. She also rules sustenance, everything from food to the money we make in order to live.

Just as Mercury’s concerns (communication, transport etc) become complex and confusing when he is retrograde, Venus’ world is the one that’s now in a state of flux and under scrutiny.

One of the saddest showings for Venus turning retrograde in Virgo (sign of health) was the death of Bobbi Kristina yesterday.

Bobbi was born on the Uranus – Neptune conjunction that is a characteristic of those born in the early 1990’s. For her this conjunction sits on the cusp of the 8th house (death) of 20 degrees of Capricorn, with Neptune at 20.30 Capricorn and Uranus at 21.03 Capricorn. This is tragic symbolism for the loss of her mother Whitney Houston in a scenario that was repeated for her own death – Neptune ruling both drugs, sleep and altered states of consciousness, and all misadventures related to water, Uranus ruling shocks, recklessness and all dissociative states (ie splitting off, escapism related to early unresolved trauma). In terms of current astrological activity remember that Uranus also turned retrograde over the weekend, at 20.30 of Aries – making a “partile” (exact to the minute) square to Bobbi’s Neptune. She never woke from the induced coma. To die at the age of 22 with so much potential ahead of her is beyond sad, and made me think about how I signed off last week’s blog – enjoy the things that money can’t buy – as no amount of money in the world could save this poor kid and the worst problems in the world are usually ones that you can’t resolve by throwing money at them.

More about retrograde Venus – and how to survive it!
Keep a watchful eye on the things you love! Our new dog Dora has, just this morning, eaten my favourite flip flops after I left them on the balcony last night, having got home late and taken them off to enjoy the coolness of the tiles on hot feet….this may not sound momentous but here in Greece the women tend to have smallish feet, and the shoe shops rarely stock more than a couple of pairs in anything in my size 7, so the chances of replacing them are probably zero. And my car broke down last week which meant getting a hire car for a few days, and I put my favourite CD into the player, only to find that it wouldn’t play and now won’t come out again….


For the bigger picture of retrograde it can be helpful to think “re” words – specifically applied to love and money matters – such as review, reappraise, revive etc – but whatever smacks of being a backwards step comes with a warning tag. A story from my work this week showed this perfectly, with a woman tempted to go back to a lover for whom she has deep feelings but who can never offer her more than mistress role. The message now surfacing for her is not that they love each other any the less, but that she is blocking the possibility of finding someone who can truly be there for her as long as her lover continues to fill the partner shaped space in her life. Saying no to what is on offer now is to say yes to what will be on the offer in the future, and it’s a decision that is intrinsically tied up with her self-worth and sense of being “fed”. We all deserve our own feast rather than the crumbs from someone else’s table.

At the end of the week Venus will slide back into Leo and will spend the rest of her retrograde period in this sign, eventually turning direct at 14 degrees of Leo on 6 September.
Friday retrograde Venus ingress Leo (16.28)
For the immediate future the most important thing to note is that Venus will travel backwards through 29 degrees of Leo until 3 August. This is the degree of the royal fixed star of Regulus, also known as the Heart of the Lion. Regulus denotes ambition, honour, success, status and leadership. Examples from the world of celebrities include –

Actress Mira Sorvino shot to fame after winning the Academy Award for best supporting actress for her role in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, stunning symbolism for her natal Venus at 29 degrees of Leo.

Pippa Middleton has the Moon conjunct Regulus, perfect symbolism for having a sister marrying into royalty and destined to be Queen, and subsequently for her own elevated status. She also has Venus in Leo conjunct her Ascendant, the angle that rules the physical body. In THAT dress, the figure hugging Alexander McQueen creation, and with perfect poise and straight backed posture – Leo rules the spine – she all but outshone the bride at the royal wedding.
She probably has one of the most famous bottoms in history!
Anyone with natal planets or angles at 29 degrees of Leo is up for an interesting time! Here’s the usual link for checking the position of your natal planets:


What else is in store this week?
Venus sliding back into Leo coincides with the Full Moon –
Friday Full Moon at 8 degrees of Aquarius (11.44)
Full Moons illuminate, clarify or bring a matter full circle. Often they signal a milestone in a journey already unfolding. In particular look out for themes ruled by the air sign of Aquarius – mostly friendship, groups, causes and everything related to social awareness and the role of the collective. If you have planets at or close to 8 degrees of this sign (or the other fixed signs of Taurus, Leo or Scorpio) then this Full Moon will be especially significant for you.
Possibly the best news of the week is that Saturn is finally turning direct –
Sunday Saturn turns direct at 28 degrees of Scorpio (06.54)
Saturn is therefore now getting ready to finish the last leg of his journey through Scorpio (between now and the middle of September), a journey that has been ongoing since October 2012 and which has been very heavy going for a lot of people. It will take a while for him to pick up speed again, and for now he’s stuck at 28 degrees of Scorpio and heading for a square with Jupiter at 28 degrees of Leo, exact early next Monday and therefore an aspect that will be forming over the coming weekend –
Monday (3 August) Jupiter square Saturn (11.38)
This is clash of the giants – a square between two major planets and in fixed signs – that smacks of intransigence and situations that can’t be resolved, easily or at all. Look out for a clash of values/beliefs or for a major milestone in any situation that has been very slow moving and drawn out. Saturn tends to plonk roadblocks in front of us and for reasons that are not immediately apparent. Patience is paramount, as is acceptance.
In the middle of all this rather ponderous picture is a very lively and sparky message from Mercury, who is now at full speed and whizzing through Leo –
Sunday Mercury at 20 degrees of Leo trine Uranus at 20 degrees of Aries
If you have planets or angles at or close to 20 degrees of these signs, or the other fire sign of Sagittarius, then this aspect will be especially important for you. Universally, Mercury in good aspect to Uranus signals surprising turns of events, exciting news, spontaneous decisions and sudden changes of all kinds. So gird your loins for an action packed coming weekend!
Until next week, with love from Greece,

20 July 2015 – Imposing order on chaos, getting your mojo back and how to prepare for retrograde Venus

The Astrology Blog – 13 July 2015
All times posted in BST
Forgive the lateness again of this blog, which is also shorter than usual, but we’re having a heat wave. When the temperatures start hitting 40 degrees it doesn’t do much for energy levels, physical or mental. When even your toothpaste is hot and the wind is “blowing like a hot hairdryer” (as the Greeks say) you know you’re in the height of the summer…
Last week’s astrology was extremely challenging as we reached “the heart of darkness” – Mars and then Mercury both opposing Pluto midweek, then conjuncting each other. This is the stuff of no “wiggle space” or being forced to confront fears/difficult issues. This manifested, politically and in the personal stories I was privy to, in “no choice” scenarios – eg making agreements because you had to rather than because you believed in them/being landed in situations not of your own making/having to problem solve in areas beyond your own expertise/dealing with unpleasantness that had up until this point been hidden or disguised, consciously or unconsciously.
This week is a follow on in many ways and starts with the theme of putting things in order as the Sun and Mercury are the key players, both making harmonious aspects to Saturn before changing sign –

Tuesday Sun trine Saturn (12.09)
Wednesday Mercury trine Saturn (18.52)

However, note that Saturn is currently “stuck” at 28 degrees of Scorpio, getting ready to turn direct at the beginning of next month, and will stay on this degree until the beginning of September. So although good aspects to Saturn generally signify “getting it together” this is most certainly not the stuff of swift progress. Saturn is Lord of Time – and major issues now unfolding will have a “wait and see” factor as you take the first step, or will be on a timetable that can’t be changed or rushed. If you have planets or angles at 28 degrees of Scorpio – or in the other fixed signs of Taurus, Leo or Aquarius – then Saturn issues will be paramount in your life during this time. These include waiting games, dealing with authority, long term business or personal projects or bringing a matter to a definite conclusion. Health issues are in there too, especially those connected to dental work or osteopathy/physiotherapy.

Here’s the usual link for checking the position of your natal planets:

The cheerier news is that a new fire cycle opens as Mercury and the Sun both change sign and then conjunct each other on the same day –

Sun ingress Leo (04.32)
Mercury ingress Leo (13.15)
Sun conjunct Mercury at 0 degrees of Leo (20.25)

This is the Sun’s sign of dignity and a bold placing for the communication planet Mercury, signaling the end of secrecy or circle games and heralding the start of more openness and outspokenness. Listen out for big news or announcements on this day. The sign of Leo tends to signal a love of fanfares rather than just casually dropping something into the conversation. Anything at 0 degrees is also symbolically powerful as it reflects brand new starts and enormous potential, and 0 degrees of Leo is real ray of sunshine, signaling hope, creativity and joie de vivre. A positive shift of attitude will work wonders with any matter that has been getting you down, or the right “can do” person will step in and help you, or even take over completely.

Arguably the biggest event of the week is Venus turning retrograde –
Saturday Venus stationary retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo (10.30)

Regular readers will be familiar with the phenomenon of retrograde Mercury as this happens three times a year, for three weeks at a time, during which periods all Mercury stuff seems to operate in reverse and ties us all in knots. Venus turns retrograde less frequently, approximately every 19 months (October 2010, May 2012 and December 2013 were the most recent retrograde dates) for approximately 6 weeks at a time. Venus also repeats her retrograde patterns every 8 years – so in July 2007 Venus turned retrograde in early Virgo, returned to Leo and spent most of the retrograde period in this sign.

This current retrograde period will end on 6 September – lovely astrology for the arrival of my group here for the Synastry astrology week exactly on that day! Until then, however, what can we expect? Firstly Venus is Aphrodite, planet of love, so romantic concerns are likely to be even trickier than usual! Relationships already in trouble will be facing a testing time. For some it will be make or break. Other possibilities to look out for in your love life – meeting someone who is unavailable or who will be absent for the next six weeks, getting back with an ex and trying to make it work, delaying tactics from one partner if you’re talking of getting married or moving in together, reasons beyond your control that will delay such matters, pining for someone you can’t have, a feeling that you’re constantly having to learn the same love lessons twice – or more. Attached, separating or single, the issues that come to the surface over the next six weeks will be the important and formative ones.



Venus also rules money. Do not be foolish with finances! If money is already tight or if you want to save for something special now’s the time to tie up the purse strings, to rein in your spending and to stick to a strict budget. Resist buying on credit or committing to anything that you suspect is going to prove too expensive. It fits the bill of a retrograde Venus in Virgo – her sign of “fall” that is associated with frugality and minimalism – to impose your own austerity measures and to make your hard earned cash go a lot further. Venus will slide back into Leo towards the end of next week, and will be retrograde in that sign for the whole of August and the first week of September, so putting Leo lavishness on hold fits the bill too.

Venus’ turning point is particularly momentous this time around as it coincides with Mars and Uranus falling out just 13 minutes later, with Uranus also turning retrograde –
Saturday Mars in Cancer (sign of fall) square Uranus (10.43)
Sunday Uranus stationary retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries (11.39)

This is the last we’ll see of Mars for a while – only one more major aspect to come 6 August just before he moves on into Leo – but towards the end of the week and over the weekend he’ll be making his presence felt in a dramatic way. This is the stuff of drama, shocks, the unexpected – and, as I’ve said before re Uranus, the totally unpredictable. Take absolutely nothing for granted and avoid risk taking of all kinds. If you have planets or angles at 0 degrees of Virgo – or the opposite sign of Pisces – or at 20 degrees of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – then this line up signals an especially volatile picture.

So it’s a real mixed bag of a week – take care, sort your priorities and make a point of taking pleasure in all the little things that money can’t buy,
Until next week, love from a sweltering Greece,

14 July 2015 – Greece struggles on, choosing your dreams as well as your battles, and your astrological survival kit

Soul and Spirit Magazine Annual Awards
Thanks to everyone who’s voted for me so far – I really do appreciate your taking the time to tick that box!
The way that these awards are designed has created some confusion still so just to clarify –
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What can you win?
When you vote you’ll be entered automatically into the prize draw to win one of 8 giveaways, worth more than £2,600, which are all prizes well worth winning –
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I’d be thrilled if one of my voters were to win one of these prizes, so good luck!

The Astrology Blog – 13 July 2015
All times posted in BST
I’ve had a lot of very positive feedback from last week’s blog which focused on the Greek situation – here’s a taste of what readers have to say:
Thought your update on Monday was marvellous – for the first time I was able to get a handle on the situation. Sam
Yours is about the only ‘take’ – astrological or otherwise – on the situation that I have even remotely come close to understanding, and it was well done indeed! Steph
Thanks for your latest blog in which you discuss the Greek situation vis a vis astrology. Loved it. Absolutely fascinating. Chris
Brilliant piece. Am awaiting the follow-up with baited breath. Janice
Thanks to everyone who has written in. Your feedback is important as it tells me what everyone wants to read about, and also reminds us of the power of astrology in terms of understanding the bigger picture of the world around us.
As you read on you’ll see that this week’s astrology is tough, and continues to reflect the nature of difficult negotiations, power struggles and deadlocks. On Sunday Tsipras said, “We can reach an agreement tonight … IF all parties want it.”
They did all want it, but it took 17 hours to hammer out the next part of the deal. It’s easy to think that the referendum was a pointless exercise if the Greek government were only to agree to the things that, just a week ago, were unacceptable, but was it?
The BBC quotes Dimitris Tsoukalas, general secretary at the interior ministry:
“We, the government, thought we could convince them that a country in this mess could take a completely different path. But it wasn’t possible… We couldn’t overcome the bankers and northern European elite who have absolute power in this continent.”
The bottom line is that everyone, fundamentally, does not want a Grexit, including Alexis Tsipras, as along with his pledge to reverse budget cuts was also a pledge to keep Greece in the eurozone. This he has done, at the expense of a climb down. It’s reported that he came very close to walking out of the all night talks, saying that if he agreed to one more condition the Greek people would label him a “sell-out”. Nevertheless he won some concessions on the debt restructuring, securing a “growth package” for Greece of €35bn (£25bn). He had said prior to the talks that it was his responsibility to keep his nation alive.
He also fought for the Greek pride – we all hate to be humiliated or humbled but find me a Leo who wouldn’t deem that to be the worst form of attack – so it wasn’t just about the money! But it’s not over and it could still all fall apart. Tsipras has returned only with the proposal. The Greek government will now have to pass the reforms demanded by the eurozone by tomorrow (Wednesday), in order to meet the terms for the third bailout – just as Mars and then Mercury line up opposite the power planet Pluto.
There is likely to be a huge division, the opposition literally symbolizing those who oppose us, and Pluto symbolizing absence, loss or obliteration in addition to power battles. If Tsipras is ever going to resign – whether it’s to jump or be pushed – he will come dangerously close to it now.
From the Political to the Personal
What situation in your own life would you treat differently if you could take the money factor out of the equation? Interesting question? The sensible solution isn’t always the best or the right one. Many years ago in my former life I went along to the London School of Meditation. I was hopeless – never have learned how to switch off my mind in that way – but I had a wonderful teacher. Her name I’m afraid escapes me, but she was in her 70’s, and I was telling her about wanting to go to Italy to see a friend for Xmas but couldn’t afford it. She said – find the money – when you’re my age you’ll know that the only thing you regret is missed opportunities… I’ve never forgotten her face or her words, and they’ve served me well. I went to Italy and had a wonderful time.
The week starts with the Sun now separating from the square to Uranus – drama abating, ruffled feathers settling etc – and arguably the best aspect of the week was last night –
Monday Mercury trine Neptune (20.15)
The mind and communication planet Mercury in harmony with Neptune is ideal for agreements, meeting with/connecting with likeminded people, talking about your dreams and exploring ways to make these happen. As noted last week Neptune, even by good aspect, still tends to flag up reality tests, so it’s a good time to sort out the dreams that can be worked on and the ones which are based on total fantasy. Spot the difference between those who genuinely support you and those who simply tell you what you want to hear.

There are some big challenges ahead and an uncompromising picture in the making even before we get to midweek. Venus is a key player this week but, again, in a tough way. The planet of love and life’s pleasures – also ruling money – is hitching up with Saturn for a long, awkward dance. These two will be treading on each other’s toes for the next three months, as this aspect will repeat on 5 August and 11 October.
Tuesday Venus square Saturn (07.49)
Anything in square to Saturn, planet of denial, delays and obstacles, marks the tempo slow. In this case, the tempo may even be “grinding to a halt”, as Venus is now very slow moving as she’s getting ready to turn retrograde on the 25th of this month. Matters will be especially sensitive at the end of this week when Venus changes sign –
Saturday Venus ingress Virgo (23.39)
Note that she’ll be stuck on 0 degrees of Virgo for two weeks (the degree and sign of Tsipras’ Mars) before reversing back into Leo, and I’ll be talking more about this in the coming weeks. For now this first square happens with Venus in the end degrees of Leo, and Saturn in the end of degrees of Scorpio – and retrograde. If you have planets at or close to 28 degrees of these signs – or the other fixed signs of Taurus or Aquarius – then this sequence will be of especial significance for you. (Tsipras’ Moon – the people – is at 26 degrees of Scorpio).
Here’s the usual link for checking the position of your natal planets:

Venus square Saturn puts the work/effort/staying power factor into love or money issues, or throws the rule book in your face if you’re dealing with any kind of authority. Whatever you’re taking on at this time be prepared for a lengthy battle and check your principles. If a fight is worth taking on then it’s definitely time to set out your stall and focus on what you want the outcome to be. Saturn rules time itself and Rome wasn’t built in a day, but whatever or whoever you value (Venus), whatever your goals or ambitions may be (Saturn), the starting point is to recognize your desire and state your intention. I might add, be careful what you wish for… If you’re nursing a broken heart be kind to yourself and be patient. Just because someone was unloving doesn’t mean that you’re unlovable. Lick your wounds, don’t go rushing into a new romance until you can look in the mirror and honestly say I LOVE YOU, and relish the benefits of the single life. There are many who would swap places with you right now – pleasing yourself, doing what you want when you want – and having total control over the remote controls.
Midweek brings the Pluto face offs, at 14 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn respectively – (conjunct Tsipras’ natal Mercury and Merkel’s natal South Node both at 15 degrees of Cancer).
Wednesday Mars opposite Pluto (15.09)
Thursday Mercury opposite Pluto (00.39)
One of the things I teach, and my students will vouch for this, is not to fall into the trap of glamorizing the outer planets, and Pluto is usually at the top of this list. In the tarot he correlates with the Death card – and there isn’t a tarot reader breathing whose heart doesn’t sink when this card appears. Pluto/Death card – the “glamorized” version is “rebirth” and “transformation”. It’s so easy to seize on these interpretations but it’s so much more effective if we think of these symbols as “transformative”. Pluto transits for example usually last around 9 months – the period of gestation – and birth is the ultimate outcome but even then can be long and painful. Yes – sweeping away the old makes way for the new – but it’s a process rather than an overnight sensation.
The important thing to remember when Pluto is throwing his weight around is not to hand over your power to others – as far as possible. As I’m always saying, when it comes to bringing astrology into your life, always work on the “as above, so below” principle. The Greece situation is reflecting the current astrology in a big way – astrology doesn’t MAKE us do things, it’s the celestial mirror which reflects back to us the state of affairs – and just because someone or something is all powerful doesn’t mean that you can’t fight your corner or stand up for yourself. If you’re in any situation that smacks of emotional or psychological terrorism then unfolding events this week will dictate the shape of things to come. Ultimately, if you need to walk away, do it. You’ll be ok. If you need to take on a battle, do it. It’s better than waving a white flag from your window and sinking into depression (oppression).
What else does this week of challenges have in store?! As I mentioned last week this week’s New Moon falls exactly conjunct Angela Merkel’s Uranus – and it’s swiftly followed by a Mercury – Mars union –
New Moon at 23 degrees of Cancer (02.25)
Mercury conjunct Mars at 14 degrees of Cancer (05.15)
In terms of psychological astrology, as I mentioned last week, this smacks of the passive – aggressive approach. As I wrote in my recent book (Be Your Own Astrologer) –
Note that any Mars – Moon combination is tricky as signaled by their conflicting signs of dignity/exaltation (strength) and detriment/fall (weakness):
• The Moon is dignified in Cancer, Mars’s sign of fall, and is in detriment in Capricorn, Mars’ sign of exaltation.
• Mars is dignified in Scorpio, the Moon’s sign of fall, and is in detriment in Taurus, the Moon’s sign of exaltation.
Mars prefers to move in straight lines but Cancer is depicted by the sideways moving crab. Mars is direct and pointed, Cancer is cautious, inward looking and prone to avoidant behavior.
I should add that the sign of Cancer is also about tenacity. When those crab’s claws get hooked into something it’s virtually impossible to prise them off again. The Sun and Mercury are travelling through Cancer until the 23rd, and Mars until the second week of August, so there’s a lot more of this particular modus operandi to come. The New Moon is a glimmer of light amongst Pluto’s darkness but new cycles – and especially those linked to home/property/family – are unlikely to start on the easiest of footings.
The week finishes on a volatile note – the Sun has already played into the Uranus-Pluto square, as we’ve had Sun opposite Pluto and then square Uranus. Midweek we have the Mercury opposite Pluto and here’s the square to Uranus (Mars will make the square in a couple of weeks time, in fact at the same time as both Venus and Uranus turn retrograde on the weekend of the 25th/26th)
Sunday Mercury square Uranus (02.08)
This square happens with Mercury at 20.29 degrees of Cancer and Uranus at 20.29 degrees of Aries – who is currently stuck on that degree in readiness to turn retrograde. It’s a brave astrologer who predicts anything with certainty when Uranus is in the picture in this way – he is your ultimate loose cannon, being the planet of unpredictability, unforeseen changes, shocks, rebellion and revolution.
For now the best advice is to treat this week as if Mercury were retrograde – and here’s the usual checklist for a coping strategy –
• Keep options open
• Assume nothing, double check everything
• When in doubt, check it out – second hand opinions are a dead cert for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick – and don’t believe everything you hear
• Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc and don’t even think about buying new ones for the time being
• Plan any journey with extra care and don’t trust to luck
• Kill your speed when driving – allow extra time for getting there slowly but safely
• Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
• No matter how certain a situation might seem there is a good chance that it will morph into something else over the next couple of weeks – the “x” factor is at work

I don’t normally mention the minor aspects but to end this blog on an upbeat note –
Friday Sun semi-sextile Jupiter (18.04)
This minor aspect happens when two planets reach the same degree but one sign apart. This one happens with the Sun at 24 Cancer and Jupiter at 24 Leo, picking out Friday as the best day of the week for socialising – say yes to invites – or for things going right through a little luck or as the result of someone else’s kindness or generosity. Pay special attention to anyone playing a minor yet benefic role in your life, and look out for travel bargains if you want to get away without breaking the bank. There are plenty of fantastic deals for Greece – but please bring your Euros with you!
Last word goes to Sally Kirkman – I didn’t get around to looking at all the Wimbledon astrology but Sally does sports stuff a thousand times better than I do anyway, and if you’re interested in her brilliant write up on the horoscopes of the contenders for the men’s singles, here’s the link –
Until next week, with love from Greece

7 July 2015 – the Greek situation, the power of “no” and making agreements

Welcome to Joanna’s Astrology Blog

Joanna Watters Soul and Spirit AwardsExciting News!

I’ve been been nominated in the BEST LOVED ASTROLOGER category of the Soul & Spirit Awards 2015. This is an amazing honour as this means that I’m now in the final five, along with Yasmin Boland, Russell Grant, Michele Knight and Jonathan Cainer. THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to nominate me. The next step is to vote for me if you wish to do so – and when you vote for your winners, you’ll be entered into the prize draw to win one of 8 amazing giveaways worth more than £2,600, including a 7 night trip to Bali, Bach Original Flower Essences kits, a place on a Cosmic Ordering Workshop and an AromaWorks Beauty Bundle! HOW CAN YOU WIN? Fill in THIS VOTING FORM before 20th September 2015 and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw. The award winners will be announced in the November 2015 issue of Soul & Spirit, on sale 21st October 2015. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The Astrology Blog – 7 July 2015

All times posted in BST

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who has voted for me so far for the Soul & Spirit magazine awards. Without wishing to be self deprecating the reality is that the other four astrologers in this category of Best Loved Astrologer are big names and much better known than I am, including Russell Grant who is the actual astrologer for S & S magazine itself! That’s not to say that I can’t win but it’s all the more reason why I need your votes.
Just to be clear – when you voted last time it was to nominate me. This time it’s to vote for me to win the category in which I’ve been nominated, and you can vote any time between now and mid September.
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What can you win?
When you vote you’ll be entered automatically into the prize draw to win one of 8 giveaways, worth more than £2,600, which are all prizes well worth winning –
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I’d be thrilled if one of my voters were to win one of these prizes, so good luck!


What’s happening this week?

On the subject of voting the big news is, of course, the referendum in Greece. I’m not a political expert by any stretch of the imagination but as I live here I feel compelled to comment and to attempt to place the crisis in some astrological content. If politics bore you then you can skip this next section or if you’re confused about the situation then, trust me, you’re not alone!

The simplest parallel is credit card debt – it’s like asking Barclaycard to raise your credit limit over and over again so that you can carry on making repayments to them. This works if you know that you’ve got a well paid job lined up or money coming in from somewhere else that will sort things out at a later date, but if you haven’t of course the situation just spirals on downwards. Eventually the lender is forced to address the fact that the debt is actually getting bigger, not smaller, and the only thing that’s coming back to them is their own money… and then even that dries up too.
Millions of Greeks voted on Sunday in a crucial referendum on whether or not to accept the terms of an international bailout – terms which included further austerity measures, such as pension cuts and rises in VAT. The European Commission – one of the “troika” of creditors along with the IMF and the ECB (European Central Bank) – wanted Athens to raise taxes and slash welfare spending to meet its debt obligations.

The feeling on the street is that the austerity measures imposed so far have been bad enough – but, most importantly, are not working. How much more tax can the average worker be expected to pay when they are already being taxed on every single Euro? And in a country with a population of about 11 million (cf Germany – population of nearly 83 million) how many workers can the country actually hit for a debt of 323 billion Euros? Looking at the maths alone is enough, for me, to see why the No vote was the only one that made any sense.
Also the Greek people are EXTREMELY family conscious and treat their elderly with enormous respect. The threat of reduction in pensions alone was enough to bring out the warrior even in those who hadn’t considered themselves to be political animals. The media talks about wages disappearing as if this is something new. It isn’t. I know people in the medical profession for example who haven’t been paid for months. Our local pharmacist struggles on to procure drugs from certain companies who won’t send to Greece and haven’t been doing for months. The reality is that the banks have already been closed for over a week – the cash machines here in Nidri where I live are empty and have been since last Tuesday. Just yesterday I was told that there was now cash in the ATM at the one and only bank, so I went along, only to see the guy in front of me get his card eaten…. So I decided not to risk it!
People already have a big taste of what it’s like to live in a collapsing economy and the wage labourers are, as in any capitalist system, the ones who get thumped the hardest. (Wage labour refers to the class-structure of capitalism, whereby workers receive either a wage or a salary, and owners receive the profits – Wikipedia)
The Astrology
On Sunday the “applying” aspect – the main astrological picture in the making – reflected the political situation and the win for the NO voters –
Monday Sun opposite Pluto at 14 degrees Cancer/Capricorn (16.37)
Sun in Cancer (planet of identity and the life force in the sign of home, family, roots, preservation) versus Pluto in Capricorn (the “all or nothing” power/control planet in the sign of ambition, hierarchy and tradition) symbolises perfectly the “back against the wall” scenario, and calling the bluff of one’s creditors/captors/dictators etc.
The Prime Minister Tsipras is a clever guy, and a proud Leo – he was voted in on a wave of anti austerity pledges, so there is no way that he could have agreed to the terms of the bailout on behalf of the Greek people, even if he’d wanted to, without losing all credibility. At one point there was even talk of his resignation, rather than suffer that ultimate humiliation, but instead he threw the ball back into the court of the people with a referendum – knowing that either they’d back him on his NO policy, and stand up to the creditors or, in the event of a YES majority, it would be the decision of the collective and not the result of giving in to political “terrorism” – as declared by the finance minister Yanis Varoufakis – who has now resigned, and so far I haven’t read anything that explains that in a way that makes sense other than he was too much of a loose cannon.
What next? As with any individual and credit cards, either debt gets written off or a new debt plan has to be agreed. At the moment it’s the possibility of the latter that is crucial, but the issue is that it has to be realistic and sustainable. Again there’s a division –
“With pressure growing on the Greek banking system, the eurozone summit will have to give a pretty clear signal that it thinks progress can be made. But the two most important leaders in the eurozone, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, appear to be struggling to find a common position on Greece in the wake of Sunday’s “No” vote.
Broadly speaking, some countries – led by France – are pushing for a deal that will give Greece some breathing space to stay in the eurozone. Others – led by Germany – are under greater political pressure at home, and wonder whether such a deal is possible.”
It all leaves Greece in the most precarious position it has experienced in five years of wrenching economic crisis. The best that can be said is that it could go either way.”
In other words, there’s a more sympathetic response from France, and growing skepticism from Germany, and it all depends on who wins whom over.
As with all leading figures their personal horoscopes reflect their public role, and transits to their personal planets reflect the unfolding of the bigger picture and story in which they are key players. The sign of Cancer is paramount.
The Greek Prime Minister has Venus, Saturn and Mercury all in a row – 8, 11 and 15 degrees of Cancer – in the 2nd House of financial affairs. This is perfect symbolism for the challenge of dealing with austerity issues (Venus rules money, Saturn rules restrictions) and settling terms (Mercury, also his chart ruler – it’s his job to call referendums and do the deal)
The Part of Fortune, Mercury, Jupiter, South Node, Uranus and the Sun at 7, 9, 12, 15, 23, 24 degrees of Cancer. Her horoscope is notably Uranian – the Sun tightly conjunct Uranus, and her Moon (in the 2nd House) in Aquarius, the sign co-ruled by Uranus.
Jupiter at 17 and Uranus at 25 (in the 2nd House)
This is a fascinating branch of astrology that compares horoscopes in order to reveal and illuminate the dynamics between individuals –
• Tsipras’ Mercury at 15 Cancer exactly conjunct Merkel’s South Node at 15 Cancer
• Tsipras’ Saturn (no) at 11 Cancer being conjunct Merkel’s Jupiter (yes) at 12 Cancer
• Tsipras’ Mercury at 15 Cancer closer to fellow Leo Hollande’s Jupiter at 17 Cancer

This paints a picture of all being caught up in the Eurozone crisis point, and the unfolding astrology signals that there’s a great deal more to come.
This week’s Astrology and you

It’s easy to see how this week’s astrology speaks of the Greek crisis. As ever, work on the as above, so below principle and think in terms of macrocosm and microcosm. In what ways does this astrology reflect the issues or battles unfolding in your own life? Is there someone you need to stand up to? Is there a situation that has to be stripped back to basics and rebuilt?
Firstly the Sun opposite Pluto is playing into the separating Uranus – Pluto square that has been the backdrop for the last three years. The Sun will make the square to Uranus in the early hours of next Monday.
In terms of the finer details the activity in the sign of Cancer is building up. Mars is already there – which in and of itself is not the easiest of pictures as action lover Mars is the god of war and is said to be in his sign of “fall” in this sign. In other words Mars cannot express his positive qualities in this cautious and introspective sign. The words of Joni Mitchell’s song, “round and round and round in the circle game” come to mind! In psychological astrology Mars in Cancer tends to signal the avoidant or passive-aggressive nature.
Mars will transit all of these degrees in Cancer throughout the rest of the month, reaching 25 degrees of Cancer on 1 August. There’s a lot on the agenda!
Mercury is now poised to enter Cancer too –
Wednesday Mercury ingress Cancer (19.53)
Mercury, planet of communication and all dis/agreements, is now at full speed and will whizz through all 30 degrees of Cancer between this date and 23 July – and will then move into Leo along with the Sun on this date. Real breakthroughs may not happen until then, or announcements at this time may sound like heralding trumpets.
For now the picture looks good for some kind of immediate rapprochement as the Mercury ingress is swiftly followed by Mars in harmonious aspect to Neptune, strong in his own sign of Pisces –
Wednesday Mars trine Neptune (23.44)
Neptune always flags up the reality issues but, on the other hand, he also addresses the humanness of it all, the compassion factor and “the urge to merge”. Will this extend to the negotiations with Greece – although as the BBC correspondent wrote it could all go either way, the resounding bottom line is that the consequences and repercussions of a Grexit would be momentous and the Eurozone leaders will want to prevent this, not at all costs, but inevitably at some cost. With next week’s New Moon at 23 Cancer exactly conjunct Merkel’s powerful Uranus some breakthrough is surely close at hand.
With love from this beautiful country of Greece,
Until next week, Joanna

1 July 2015 – The Venus – Jupiter conjunction, a constructive Full Moon and Mercury back up to full power

The Astrology Blog – 1 July 2015
All times posted in BST
Firstly thanks to all the lovely students who took part in the London workshops over the Solstice weekend, and my gratitude to visiting tutors Grant Davis, Sally Kirkman and Ingrid Hoffman for their invaluable contributions – it was great to have you all on board.
Apologies for the late posting of this week’s blog, and that it’s much shorter than usual. I returned from London on Sunday, but complete with a mega UK cold… not feeling great to put it mildly, but how can an astrologer let a Venus – Jupiter conjunction pass by without comment! This powerful union has been beautiful to behold in the heavens and is exact this morning –
Wednesday Venus conjunct Jupiter at 21 degrees of Leo (08.52)
In brief, in traditional astrology –
• Venus is the Lesser Benefic – she rules love, women, pleasures, money, happiness
• Jupiter is the Greater Benefic – he rules luck, generosity, travel, education and anything that makes your world and your mind a bigger and better place
• Leo – sign of fixed fire, associated with the life force, pride, dignity, warmth, confidence, big heartedness and lavishness, correlating to the 5th house of creativity, children and those whom we enjoy
If any of the above themes are important for you right now then take special note of developments or decisions that are unfolding, or of people coming into your life at this time. In some way they will be good for you, bringing you either pleasure or good fortune.
Note that this stunning conjunction is normally a one-off each year but this time Venus is due to go retrograde towards the end of July, so she’ll travel “backwards” and repeat this aspect another two times – on 4 August at 28 degrees of Leo and on 25 October at 15 degrees of Virgo. If any of the mentioned degrees are relevant to your own horoscope then this sequence will be especially significant in your life. Here’s the usual link for checking the position of your natal planets:

Also today –
Wednesday Sun trine Neptune (22.11)
This harmonious aspect takes place in the water signs – the Sun now in Cancer and Neptune of course still in his own sign of Pisces. Ideal conditions for blossoming love stories, socializing, peace-making and compassion.
With regard to more practical issues look out for things coming to light, or coming full circle, a little later in the week with the Full Moon in an earth sign, followed by Mercury in good aspect to Uranus –
Full Moon at 10 degrees of Capricorn (03.21)
Mercury sextile Uranus (19.51)
There’s a conflict here between the old and the new – Capricorn being associated with tradition but Uranus being the new age planet of innovation, trend setting and rebellion. Things may work out in a surprising way and wherever you find that you’re able to think outside of the box is likely to pay off.
Also note that there’s a phenomenon in Horary Astrology (the ancient craft of divination in which you cast a chart not for a person but for the specific moment of asking a question) called Translation of Light. This is when a positive aspect between two planets is separating (past its sell by date) but a third and faster moving planet then moves in and makes harmonious aspects to the two planets in question. We have these conditions over the coming weekend, as Venus by then is separating from Jupiter (they’re moving apart again for a while) but Mercury catches up and makes aspects to them both –
Saturday Mercury sextile Jupiter (01.55)
Sunday Mercury sextile Venus (09.20)
Mercury is therefore translating the light of Jupiter back to Venus, and re-invoking the potency of the conjunction. In other words, there’s more to come with any story that started at the beginning of the week or themes of rescuing situations with the help of a third party. There should be a sense of things racing towards a conclusion – which we can only hope will include some answers for Greece!
Finally note that Mercury turned retrograde at 13 degrees of Gemini on 19 May and returned to that same degree last Saturday, which marked the end of his “shadow period”. These Mercury aspects are therefore even more positive and linked to fresh starts of the real kind.
May the Venus – Jupiter blessings come your way, and as it’s the first of the month – Kalo Mina – have a great month ahead,
Until next week,

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