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What’s this Mercury/Venus Double Act? Preview of Tomorrow’s Astrology & Last Call for Signing Up before New Rates

Mercury and Venus, before changing sign, both have to struggle past Neptune first, who is “stuck” on the last degree of Pisces for weeks, a “critical degree” and the position of the sad Fixed Star of Scheat. If you’ve spent the weekend feeling heavy, sad, tired, noticeably anxious or battling with something that just won’t make sense then you’re far from alone!

Mercury News, Countdown to Summer School & Preview of next week’s Astrology

Mercury arrives in Gemini 3 June, just two days before Summer School starts, and he’ll be at top speed, whizzing through the whole of Gemini in just two weeks, from 3 to 17 June, which is the last day of the June courses … it should in theory be a breath of fresh air and the green light for getting on with our lives rather than feeling stuck or demotivated.