Mercury Back in the Office, Jupiter’s Changes & New Moon in Taurus

Pay close attention to what unfolds for you as Jupiter makes this transition, especially as less than 24 hours later there’s the monthly Moon – Jupiter conjunction, always stunning to behold in the sky if you can see it and equally wonderful in symbolism. It’s a little blessing and definitely to be wished upon. Remember that Jupiter’s sign of “exaltation” is Cancer, the sign naturally ruled by the Moon. They make excellent companions.

The Sun – Uranus Conjunction, Messages from a Stationing Mercury & Last Chance for Astrology Retreats Next Week

For brilliance look no further than Wayne Dyer who would have had a birthday this week. He was born on a Sun – Uranus conjunction in Taurus and broke a lot of moulds. Nearly every sentence in his books is a quote in itself, well worth adding any of his titles to your bookshelves if you don’t already have one. The quotes above are taken from Your Erroneous Zones which is all about escaping negative thinking.

The Sun – Mercury Conjunction, Venus – Jupiter – Neptune Teamwork & the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Isn’t there also a lovely side to Neptune? The Venus – Jupiter – Neptune combo is great for partying and letting your hair down. And at a loftier level the top positive principle of Neptune is redemption – that which saves us, restores our faith, the reminders that we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than the other way around!

The Solar Eclipse square Pluto, Mercury’s Second Link to Mars & Turning Retrograde in Taurus (Incl – Eclipses in abdications, Synastry, Fast & Slow Rising signs)

Eclipses get mixed press but basically they’re points of significant change that often involve power issues and/or the crux points of triangular situations, ie as symbolized by the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Who is going to overshadow whom?