Relationships, Trustful or Toxic, Questions & Answers

In sharp contrast to Mars’ stops and starts, both Mercury and Venus are at full speed and there’s definitely some teamwork going on as they’ll align by positive aspect at the end of next week before both changing sign within 12 hours of each other. Whatever else may be slowing you down in terms of the how, when, if questions – an ongoing theme in a world being controlled by a pandemic – these Mercury aspects are promising for meaningful and helpful connections.

A Whacky and Wakeup Full Moon, Confidence & the Power of Passion

Mercury finally emerging from the mute sign of Cancer, the sideways moving Crab, now has the chance to speak directly instead of indirectly, to make thoughts and feelings known, to start creative projects and to get organized. Leo has brilliant management skills. To those who don’t know what to do with their lives I always say, identify your passion. We all have something we feel passionate about and if you can turn it into your living then you’ve cracked it. Whatever, we’re in the Leo time of year with the Sun in his own sign and Mercury can now also get fired and draw attention rather than hiding out.

Greek Island water scene Joanna Watters astrology teacher

Courage in the Corona Climate, Overcoming Fears & the Risk of Intimacy

Throughout this year I’ve been talking a lot about the massive Jupiter – Pluto conjunction that is the main symbolism for the year of the pandemic. This aspect happens three times, the third and final one yet to come in November. But Jupiter is also picking up an aspect to another major planet, which also happens three times this year and this is the middle one, exact today with Venus in on the act as well.