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astrology workshops and seminars by Joanna Watters

Astrology Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Readings with Joanna Watters

Traditional astrology is an ancient craft, and an infinite resource of knowledge and wisdom. Beyond the first layer of the symbolism of the all-important zodiacal signs you’ll learn about the elements, modes, houses, aspects and aspect patterns.

These components reveal the “natal promise” of each horoscope, the nature of the individual and the nature of the life to be lived. Predictive work is all about learning timing measures – called transits and progressions – which, through a lifetime, indicate when key life events will unfold.

The Greek Island Summer School offers courses for all levels, from complete beginners to intermediate and more advanced levels.

I also run one-day workshops and evening seminars in London three times a year. Click on the details below for the current schedule.

Astrology Readings by Phone or In-person

Personal appointments are available by WhatsApp throughout the year, or you can book a face to face reading during my UK visits.

Working with individual horoscopes involves two to three hours preparation and then a consultation time of an hour and a quarter, unraveling your natal picture but focusing mainly on what is happening for you now and in the coming two years.

You will need your data to hand at the time of booking – your date and place of birth, and your time of birth as accurately as possible.

What students say about Joanna Watters Astrology and Tarot courses, workshops and readings:

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The Greek Island Summer School is now in its 16th season and is all about combining the fascinating subject of astrology with a week’s holiday on this beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada. Click here to visit The Greek Island Summer School club on Facebook.