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Traditional astrology is an ancient craft, and an infinite resource of knowledge and wisdom. Beyond the first layer of the symbolism of the all-important zodiacal signs you’ll learn about the elements, modes, houses, aspects and aspect patterns.

These components reveal the “natal promise” of each horoscope, the nature of the individual and the nature of the life to be lived. Predictive work is all about learning timing measures – called transits and progressions – which, through a lifetime, indicate when key life events will unfold.

Personal Readings

I often combine tarot with astrology in these personal readings. If you’d prefer a tarot-only personal reading click here to discover more.

Personal appointments are available by What’s App throughout the year, or you can book a face to face reading during my UK visits – not confirmed yet for 2023 / 2024.


How to interpret horoscopes for your own clients and how to conduct your readings.

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Your essential Astrology Guide to the Week Ahead

You can expand your astrology knowledge by subscribing to my weekly astrology blog.

This is a paid subscription at the very affordable rate of £5.95 a month – which works out at £1.37 a week OR you can choose an annual subscription for 20% less, which is £57.00 for the year.

My weekly Astrology Blog comes out every Monday morning and includes lots of specific information for the astrology student. But is also written in such a way that anyone can follow it.

Every week, the blog explores the main astrological events – such as New or Full Moons, aspects between planets, and when each planet changes sign or direction.

This gives you the flavour of the week, together with the kind of events and experiences you’re likely to encounter.

It also covers key people in the news and how astrological aspects may be impacting them.

In addition to the weekly blog, you’ll also receive my free newsletter. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

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“When I read your blog I always get more of an understanding of the week past and/or an upcoming guidance of what to expect in the week ahead. You connect us with the deeper understanding of why and how life presents itself as it does. Gives me calm and a nod… as if ahhh, I get it now! Thank you Jo”   Andy

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Dive deeper

For self study, revision or starting out, you can use my books for reference and learning.

They’re all written with the avid student in mind!

Each one is rooted in traditional craft and will teach you the tools of the trade. You’ll discover personal anecdotes, client case studies and examples from the world of celebrities.

Be Your Own Astrologer takes you through the Sun signs in depth and then goes on to explore all the combinations of planets in signs. Click here to discover more.

Astrology for Today also covers the symbolism of the Sun signs and planets, but more than half of the book is devoted to the technical work involved in locating and interpreting transits and progressions. For more information click here.