The Mars – Jupiter Mixed Messages, and How to Decipher them – 2 July 2018

The week starts quietly, with no major aspects until Thursday, one of which involves Mars who turned retrograde last week at 9 degrees of Aquarius. This means that Mars is apparently moving backwards through the heavens, and it also means that he’s on a go slow. In the whole of July Mars will travel only 6 degrees, moving from 9 to 3 degrees of Aquarius, and this is a big part of the backdrop to the rest of the summer…

An Electric Summer Solstice – and Other Wake-up Calls – 19 June 2018

Uranus is in the news this week as it’s Summer Solstice time – when the Sun (Sol) appears to stand still – but there’s little time for letting the grass grow under your feet as the first aspect is to this Lord of surprises:
Thursday 21 June – Spring Equinox Sun ingress Cancer 11.06 BST
Saturday 23 June – Sun 2 Cancer sextile Uranus 2 Taurus 06.59 BST
This indicates that new cycles and especially those related to Cancerian issues (home, property, family, children and care) could hit the floor running. The sextile aspect is a harmonious one so changes should be for the better…