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“Meghxit”, Fresh Starts and Jump Leads – & Workshops London Feb

It seems that Harry and Meghan will both have an uphill climb in terms of regaining their popularity and this is an extremely common component of Eclipse symbolism – who rises and who falls, winners and losers, who is empowered and who is disempowered. Triangular situations are at the top of the list – ie we have the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth battling it out – so affairs are super sensitized at these times. Who will end up with whom?

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Don’t Mess with Mars, Venus in a Spin & a “Rebirth” Winter Solstice

Symbolically this is the stuff of the darkest hour is the one before dawn, that the relationship between light and dark is dyadic (two parts making a whole), that we can’t have one without the other. We know daylight only because there is darkness, and vice versa. We know and value life because we know there is death. In our lifetimes we all go through probably hundreds of “deaths”, those moments when things come to an end but which are not the end of our life experiences.