Desmond Tutu, Jupiter’s New Cycle, Finding Answers & New Moon in Capricorn

Definitely don’t drag the past into the New Year with you like a ball and chain. Capricorn the Mountain Goat loves a project and goals, no matter how steep the climb. The theme of fresh starts and looking forwards is supported by Mercury’s first activity after changing sign, a minor but positive aspect to Greater Benefic Jupiter, both at 0 degrees of their new signs, holding hands as they start out on their new journeys … some details will change again but the important thing is to get started.

Omicron, Neptune’s Turning Tides, Redefining Relationships & the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

It’s another big week astrologically as we travel towards the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the weekend, although right now “travel” is not the best choice of words. Obviously the most important news of the day is the new variant Omicron and all we can hear across the world right now is the sound of airports slamming their doors shut. Even the toughest events can be more bearable if they can be located and understood in the unfolding astrology, so here goes …