The Mars – Saturn Midpoint, the Mercury – Venus Next Chapter, Neptune turns Direct & Ukraine (Horoscopes: Ukraine, Zelensky)

The Mercury (communication) Venus (love) partnership is generally good news. It’s sweet talk, it’s poetic, and is a common feature in the horoscopes of those with beautiful or distinctive speaking or singing voices, or those who have a way with the written or spoken word, or those who have a sensitive understanding of the human mind.

Sagittarius New Moon, Thinking Big & Jupiter’s Signposts to your Path of Good Fortune (Horoscopes Elizabeth Holmes, Adele)

Jupiter springing back to life brings the things or the people into our lives that are helpful and good for us, including teachers, benefactors or the right partner. Main principles are expansion, anything or anyone that makes our life bigger and better, or liberation, anything or anyone that releases us from old ties or brings us the freedom to live life to the full.