The Importance of Being You, Venus/Jupiter/Chiron & Teddy Bears, the Mercury/Saturn/Pluto Alignment – Horoscopes – Charles III, will he be King? Alex Murdaugh

When someone buys a teddy for a troubled child this counts. When everyone buys a teddy for troubled children, that’s awesome. I’d love to meet the person who was the brainchild behind this. And maybe the bottom line of this Venus – Jupiter – Chiron trio is to claim the gift of giving.

The Annual Sun – Saturn, Valentine’s Venus & New Moon in Pisces

The first big conjunction of the week is the Venus – Neptune in the water (emotions) sign of Pisces. They pretty much have equal strength as this is Venus’ sign of “exaltation” and Neptune’s sign of “dignity”. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic combination. ores this in This conjunction is “applying” (in the process of becoming exact) throughout 14 February.

Mercury Out of Shadow & Back to Full Speed, a Powerful Venus – Uranus

The astronomical definition for Mercury coming “out of shadow” is that moment when he returns to the exact position at which he originally turned retrograde. In this case, 24.16 Capricorn on 29 December. As the term suggests, and especially as Mercury is the news and communication planet, we can expect shadows to lift, things that we didn’t previously know about coming to light, the truth outs.