A Get Real Saturnian New Moon, Princess Beatrice & More on Predictive & Relationship Astrology

New Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon (known as the Lights or the Luminaries) come together, marking the beginning of the Moon’s next 28 day cycle. The Lights symbolize life itself. Fresh starts and seed moments are also key symbolism but on this occasion the New Moon falls exactly opposite Saturn who is traditionally known as “the enemy of the Lights”.

Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew, How to Make Predictions – and Decisions

Mercury (communication) Mars (anger/strife) is always a combative or painful combination. Tread carefully with sensitive issues. This is not a time for going on the attack but it may bring events of the “last chance” kind re getting something resolved, or events that reveal the true heart of the matter. The things that are difficult to say or hear could point us in the direction of the truth, especially with things that have already been swept under the rug.