Personal Year Ahead Report for 2019 with Joanna Watters

Mobile Friendly New Format – Protection, Long Distance Love & Assuaging Anxiety

As Venus moves more quickly than Mars then she would normally be on the point of making a trine to Mars, a harmonious aspect created when two planets are exactly four signs apart.

However, the interesting thing is that this aspect doesn’t happen. This is because Venus is already starting to slow down in readiness for turning retrograde in a month’s time. In other words Venus is starting to fall behind as Mars steams onwards.

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Saturn Lord of Time, Love in a Corona Climate & the Jupiter – Pluto Peak Week

This week’s astrology suggests that this is going to be a peak week, almost certainly in the number of new cases and deaths being reported from around the world, but even more so in the measures being taken to enforce the varying forms of lockdowns currently in place. The other phrase constantly in the news is “Draconian measures”. Astrology’s phrase for the same thing would be “Plutonic measures”.

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New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, How to be “Self”ish, Venus and the Immune System

The next Solar aspects won’t happen until 14/15 April when the Sun will square first Pluto and then Jupiter, reawakening the message of that major conjunction. My own feeling is that many countries will be on total lockdown like Greece until at least this date. For now, the New Moon in Aries, sign of the individual, and conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer, carries an unmistakable message. Your best chance of protecting your own health is to isolate, not to fear being alone but to see it as self care and the best possible thing you can do to protect all the other people you love too.

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Mercury’s Finale, The Spring Equinox & Saturn’s New Cycle

I was pretty sure that the decision was going to be taken out of my hands anyway but I was curious to see what divination would show. I turned the 9 of Pentacles, which instantly confirmed to me that I was staying put. This card is a picture of the woman who is somewhat isolated from others but safe and contented in her own garden. Spookily accurate. This is the kind of stuff we’ll be looking at in the Tarot “Questions, questions” workshop, now in August.