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Mercury’s Finale, The Spring Equinox & Saturn’s New Cycle

I was pretty sure that the decision was going to be taken out of my hands anyway but I was curious to see what divination would show. I turned the 9 of Pentacles, which instantly confirmed to me that I was staying put. This card is a picture of the woman who is somewhat isolated from others but safe and contented in her own garden. Spookily accurate. This is the kind of stuff we’ll be looking at in the Tarot “Questions, questions” workshop, now in August.

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The Astrological Picture of Coronavirus, a Neptunian Full Moon, Mercury’s Turning Point and Staying on Track

It’s incredibly quick and easy to get spooked at the moment. Neptunian energy is brilliant at escalating things, to the point where perspective disappears. So it’s worth putting in our own boundaries in this respect too. For example, 9 million people live in London. 26 of them have coronavirus. Or, as one article that I read last week put it, if you’re under 50 and not living in China then you are more likely to win the lottery than you are of getting infected.


Your Astrological Guide up to 23 Feb, including Retrograde Mercury and the Jupiter – Neptune Cycle

There is loveliness in this conjunction as Venus, planet of love, pleasure and money, is in her sign of exaltation and Neptune is at home, dignified in his own sign. Dreams can come true and healing can happen, especially when you identify and work with your true feelings, and/or someone else’s. Kindness and empathy will count for a lot too so make these your watchwords in all your relationships these next few weeks, not just with a partner but with anyone close to you and especially those who rely on you for understanding. Unconditional love can be very beautiful, to give as well as to receive. So put yourself out, go the extra mile, you’ll feel good and score yourself some spiritual brownie points.