The Queen, and the Mercury & Venus Journey

On 8 September transiting Saturn was at 20 Aquarius, coming back over the Queen’s Mars – Jupiter conjunction for the second time. So often it’s the middle of any three-legged transit that is the crucial one, especially when it’s underlined by a progression and a lunation/the progressed Moon). Traditional astrology teaches that the coming together of these three factors indicates the major and fated milestones in our individual journeys.

Mercury on the Move, Venus – Jupiter blessings and Mars’ New Journey (Horoscopes: Salman Rushdie, Anne Heche)

Jupiter is Venus’ first date on her new journey through Leo. The only thing to bear in mind is that Jupiter is currently retrograde so look out for the “re” factor – reworking, replanning, rethinking etc. This can show as changes of plan or going back to plan A or even an ex. This is classic astrology for second chances that are worth exploring.