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Turning Points, Head versus Heart & Learning Curves

So, pay close attention to what is unfolding for you this week. In Venusian terms the key issues are love, sex, desire, pleasures and money. Retrogrades don’t automatically signal that everything will unravel, but there may be some threads that will. In relationships check your assumptions, whether you’ve been with someone a long time or getting to know someone new. Be open to different ways of doing things and, as Wayne Dyer says, try not to focus on what is missing in the other person. In other words, don’t fixate on what they don’t do or say as this sets up a downward spiral of doubt, negativity or dissatisfaction.

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Turbulence, Tantrums & Turning Points

Many of us don’t know where we are anymore, many people feel lost and adrift, out of life’s normal routine and struggling with anxiety or apathy. It’s affecting work, concentration, relationships and sleep patterns. Many of us didn’t realize that constantly making plans, constantly nurturing our hopes and dreams, is actually a vital part of our very identity. In the face of so much fear and uncertainty many people don’t know WHO they are anymore, never mind where. That’s a lot to deal with. So it’s extremely important to be kind to yourself and to love yourself through this “strange situation”.

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Mobile Friendly New Format – Protection, Long Distance Love & Assuaging Anxiety

As Venus moves more quickly than Mars then she would normally be on the point of making a trine to Mars, a harmonious aspect created when two planets are exactly four signs apart.

However, the interesting thing is that this aspect doesn’t happen. This is because Venus is already starting to slow down in readiness for turning retrograde in a month’s time. In other words Venus is starting to fall behind as Mars steams onwards.