Mercury in a Bad Mood, Jupiter’s Turning Point and New Moon in Leo (Horoscopes: Elon Musk, Liz Truss)

In traditional astrology Mars is known as “the lesser malefic” while Saturn is known as “the greater malefic”. Scary titles but we don’t have to associate them with the stuff of nightmares. Their job is either to screw things up or to show us where the work is needed. Here are the challenges and effort of life.

Jupiter Slowing Down, Sun and Mercury into Leo, J-Lo, Ben Affleck & Chiron (Horoscopes: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck)

At a universal or personal level look out for turning points that carry the hallmarks of Jupiter, such as rethinks or replanning anything in connection to travel, overseas or at a distance, moving, education or legal concerns.
Also don’t bite off more than you can chew, especially as “over the top” Jupiter is making the semi square to sensible Saturn.

Too Much Information, the Sun – Mercury Heart of the Matter & Full Moon in Capricorn (Horoscopes: Boris Johnson, Rafael Nadal, the Queen, Elon Musk)

Info overwhelm is to be avoided – instead look out for that Mercury moment, especially things that shine a light into your understanding, help you to make a decision, negotiate a deal or find the right words to get an important conversation started. Information that surfaces on the cazimi is often invaluable and can make a real difference,