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An Electric Summer Solstice – and Other Wake-up Calls – 19 June 2018

Uranus is in the news this week as it’s Summer Solstice time – when the Sun (Sol) appears to stand still – but there’s little time for letting the grass grow under your feet as the first aspect is to this Lord of surprises:
Thursday 21 June – Spring Equinox Sun ingress Cancer 11.06 BST
Saturday 23 June – Sun 2 Cancer sextile Uranus 2 Taurus 06.59 BST
This indicates that new cycles and especially those related to Cancerian issues (home, property, family, children and care) could hit the floor running. The sextile aspect is a harmonious one so changes should be for the better…

New Moon in Gemini, New Cycles – with a Twist! – 11 June 2018

We’re moving on – or are we? In the background we have the action planet Mars slowing right down in the early degrees of Aquarius, getting ready to turn retrograde in two weeks time, so whatever your plans do take things steadily. It’s not the time for “full steam ahead” and something is about to switch direction, or not go in the way that you had anticipated…

Spring Fever and Big Dreams – 21 May 2018

The arrival of the Sun in Gemini is very spring like! This is the sign of mutable air – so it’s all about being in circulation, thinking on your feet and not taking life too seriously. Keywords for this sign are lively, sociable, playful, multitasking, animated, talkative, inventive, resourceful and mischievous. Also look out for themes of duality. The sign of The Twins often brings doubles and multiples into the spotlight, such as affairs or choices, or buying things in twos, or looking at how you divide yourself amongst the people and demands of your life…