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Venus trine Uranus

21 September – Surprises, delays, duties and dilemmas – and how to survive them!

The Astrology Blog 14 September
Feedback from last week
Last Thursday at 07.57 BST we had a major clash between two giants, Jupiter opposite Neptune, a lineup that happens once every 13 years. To quote from last week’s blog –
Whenever Jupiter is in the picture you can start with the word “BIG”. Neptune is also associated with inflation, being god of the seas in all their depth and boundlessness. So this Jupiter – Neptune opposition signals feelings and scenarios that are overwhelming, over the top or which have the propensity to become blown out of all proportion. Big feelings, big dreams, big emotional conundrums – etc.
I should have added that these major astrological events can also and often do show out in the world in a literal way. As above, so below. A matter of hours before this opposition was exact – so when it was “applying” and therefore at its most powerful – Chile suffered an 8.3 quake, the strongest recorded in the world for 2015 so far. This triggered tsunamis with waves up to 4.7m/15 feet high, smaller waves reaching as far as Alaska and warnings sent as far as New Zealand. One million people had to leave their homes and at least 11 people died. The quake lasted for more than three minutes and there were dozens of aftershocks. That must have been absolutely terrifying. I’ve been in a 7.0 quake that lasted 45 seconds and even that felt as if it were never going to stop, and unless you’ve experienced liquefaction it’s hard to believe how the walls and floor of a supposedly solid building can suddenly turn into rippling jelly.

The other horrible drama that captured the Jupiter – Neptune conflict was the use of tear gas and water cannons in Hungary. Neptune rules gases of all kinds (From Be Your Own Astrologer – Neptune was discovered in 1846 coinciding with advancement in photography, film and pharmaceuticals, notably anesthetics. Gas was replacing oil for lighting, bringing street lights and a night life of brightly lit bars). UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was reported to be shocked at this barbaric means of forcing migrants back from the border.
There were also moving images of humanity and hope, such as a series of photos showing a Danish police officer clowning around with a young girl which were shared thousands of times. One Facebook user commented: “Why can’t the world always be like this. These moments are so rare that we require to share them around.”

A Local Hero – Steve Watson
You can’t fail to be impressed by this guy, a former soldier and father of three:
“I have got young children and it is not possible to see what we are seeing and not do something. We must remember it was only 70 years ago there was a mass exodus of people around Europe as a result of the Second World War and it has not done us any harm, in fact it has enriched us. We need to be less worried about outsiders and get off our backsides to help because we are a global village now.”
Steve left a few days ago on his mercy mission with a co-driver in a van loaded with donations of dried foods like cup-a-soup, coffee, skimmed milk and baby food, nappies, first aid kits, anti bacterial gel, mosquito repellent, plastic plates, cups and cutlery, toothpaste, toothbrushes and sanitary towels. Just before midnight last night he posted “mission accomplished – shattered”. He’s already said that there will be another trip and is still fundraising, for donations and for fuel costs. I’ve donated to his cause, and with his capacity for compassion and empathy I’d also put money on his having a strong Jupiter – Neptune theme in his own horoscope! If you’d like to help him along the way here’s the link:

What’s happening this week?
All times posted in BST
The first half of the week is by far the easiest. Venus still blazing away in fiery Leo takes the lead –
Wednesday Venus trine Uranus (05.01)
This aspect is “applying” and therefore at its strongest throughout the next couple of days. We always think of Venus firstly as Aphrodite, goddess of love, but she also rules money and all material needs and sensual pleasures. In harmonious aspect to Uranus – planet of the collective and humanitarian concerns – this is fantastic astrology for supporting any cause close to your heart.
At a more personal level Venus – Uranus aligning harmoniously and in the fire signs of Leo/Aries signals group events, fun, surprises, spontaneity, doing something different – and attractions of the unexpected and electrical kind! If you’ve got relationship issues, good bad or indifferent, to address then sooner rather than later is good. This message is underlined as this lively aspect is followed on the same day by the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun arrives at 0 degrees of Libra, sign of partnership, and in a positive aspect to get it together Saturn –
Wednesday Sun ingress Libra (09.22) and Sun sextile Saturn (19.37)

This is also important as this is Saturn’s first aspect since he changed sign last Friday, embarking upon a two year journey through the third fire sign of Sagittarius. Here’s my take on this combination from Be Your Own Astrologer
Saturn in Jupiter’s masculine sign presents the conflict of two opposing forces or beliefs. Saturn’s nature is to restrict, Jupiter’s is to learn and liberate, so here we find the serious philosopher, philanthropist or freedom campaigner. Che Guevara, Bruce Kent (CND) and Abraham Lincoln all represent the battle for the sanctity of human life in their own way. Those with this natal placing have to learn how to do battle with authority in life, and how to find the middle ground between claiming their own space vs their responsibility to others.
As this new Saturn cycle kicks off we can see all too clearly how the world needs to take humanitarian issues (Jupiter) more seriously (Saturn) even if they’re not on our own doorstep. At a more personal level I like this combination for all moves related to finding and pursuing your true vocation, for anything that’s a two year plan and for structuring your life in a way that is in keeping with your deepest beliefs and sense of purpose. For some the Sun – Saturn sextile will be about with whom you’ll go forwards, as well as how, and possible about who will have an especially significant role to play in your life over the next two years. Many matters will need the longer view.
All of this is unfolding against the backdrop of retrograde Mercury, who gets the second half of the week off to a difficult start –
Thursday Mercury square Pluto (23.31)
Friday Pluto turns direct at 13 degrees of Capricorn (07.56)
This is the second of three squares at 13 degrees of Libra/Capricorn – the first one was 9 September and the third will be 22 October – so if you have natal planets or angles at or close to this degree of these signs, or the other cardinal signs of Aries or Cancer, then this will be an especially sensitive time for you. Here’s the usual link to check the position of your natal planets in your own horoscope:
If this site is new to you note that when you enter your data – date, place and time of birth – you’ll then be able to pull up a visual of your horoscope. You don’t have to understand this in its entirety – just note if you have any planets at or close to any degree and sign that is currently significant. You can do this by hovering your mouse over each planet, and the information will show in the box at the top.
Back to Mercury square Pluto, this is a contradictory union to say the very least. Mercury has only just turned retrograde but Pluto is turning direct, so there is a real push-pull quality that is now reaching some kind of crunch point. Mercury is the communication planet and under his umbrella we find information, decisions, news, views and so on. Pluto is often referred to as the planet of transformation, which is something of a euphemism for his death/rebirth symbolism, and especially by a difficult aspect like the square signals endings or an unmistakable “no”. Look out for having to scrap a plan and start again and guard against trying to force any kind of round pegs into square holes. It won’t be worth the effort and could cost you dearly. Note also that the matters on my usual checklist for retrograde Mercury will be super sensitive –
• Try to operate by “re” words – review, revise, research, reappraise, rethink and so on
• Buy yourself time wherever needed
• Write things down – forgetfulness, being distracted, inattention etc can be a troublesome theme
• Back up all your computer work
• Getting back to ideas on the back burner
• Getting back in touch
• Rest and relaxation, give the brain some time off
• Keep options open
• Assume nothing, double check everything
• When in doubt, check it out – second hand opinions are a dead cert for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick – and don’t believe everything you hear
• Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc and don’t even think about buying new ones for the time being
• The same for cars – never buy any mode of transport under a retro Mercury
• Plan any journey with extra care and don’t trust to luck
• Kill your speed when driving – allow extra time for getting there slowly but safely
• Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
• No matter how certain a situation might seem there is a good chance that it will morph into something else over the next couple of weeks – the “x” factor is at work
Themes of delays and frustration are underlined yet again by another major astrological event at the end of the week. Mars, planet of action, changes sign but immediately squares up to Saturn –
Friday Mars ingress Virgo (03.19)
Saturday Mars square Saturn (02.13)
This is like a major roadblock or traffic lights stuck on red. Barriers, however, will be there for a reason, even if that is not apparent at the time. Be prepared to put personal desires on hold for a while if you find yourself in conflict with those around you, or cut a lot of slack for someone who’s unable to honor a promise or who lets you down in any other way. Expect to come up against matters that are beyond anyone’s immediate control or simply having to allow a lot more time than you’d expected for the things you want to do. Also don’t hesitate to pull out of any arrangement or decision that you now know was bad for you in some way or unrealistic. Mars in fastidious Virgo (one of Mercury’s signs) will be guiding us to look at the minutiae so – especially with a retrograde Mercury too – don’t gloss over the details that you suspect may come back to haunt you!
Finally and just for good measure we have a Lunar Eclipse building up over the weekend –
Monday (28th) Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Aries (03.52)
Eclipses hunt in pairs, so two weeks ago we had the Solar Eclipse –
Sunday 13th September New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo (07.42)
As I’ve commented before, some astrologers refer to eclipses as power points, others as omens of disempowerment. Either way, they tend to play a role in revealing new pictures. A shadow is thrown but lifts again and some changes may be linked to bringing things out of hiding. Triangular setups, such as affairs or being in competition in business, are sensitized as eclipses are about the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Someone is inevitably overshadowed while another emerges in a new light. Again, we have a flavor of death/rebirth symbolism.
So it’s a full on week, to put it mildly! Looking ahead though it might help to know that next week is extraordinarily quiet in the aftermath of the Eclipse, so no matter what you have to deal with now there should be the time and space to recover, to process things and to make the necessary changes.
For serious astrology students read of for an extra section on eclipses,
Until next week,
With love from Greece


• A Solar Eclipse – occurs when the Sun is obscured by the shadow of the Moon at the time of a New Moon.
• A Lunar Eclipse – occurs when the Moon is obscured by the shadow of the earth at the time of a Full Moon.
Looking at examples from the past is often a really good way to deepen our understanding of any kind of astrological event. Here’s my favourite teaching example from my first book, Astrology for Today (which came out in 2003 so these days you can get a copy for virtually nothing on Amazon!)

A Solar Eclipse
The abdication of Edward VIII in relation to the horoscope of his brother, George VI, who had kingship thrust upon him.
• Edward VIII officially abdicated on 10 December 1936
• A Solar Eclipse fell at 21.49 Sagittarius just three days later, on 13 December 1936
• His brother George VI was born on the 14th December, with his natal Sun at 21.55 Sagittarius, almost exactly conjunct the eclipse degree

The astrological symbolism of this eclipse is highly radical – that is, it paints a powerfully accurate picture of the event in question. Not only is George VI’s Sun conjunct the eclipse degree, his Sun in his natal chart is conjunct the third cusp – the house of siblings. Furthermore, his Sun in Sagittarius rules his Leo Midheaven (status) and is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Leo, which is conjunct his Midheaven – in itself a fitting symbolic picture for a man who is to be a monarch. The eclipse falling conjunct his Sun on the 3rd house cusp sensitizes the natal configuration. His brother is eclipsed, and in fact spent the rest of his life in the shadows of exile, the mutual reception between the Sun and Jupiter is made, and George is crowned in Edward’s place. Note also that, at the time of the abdication, Pluto was in the middle of a long transit over Edward’s Mercury – a final, uncompromising and irrevocable decision.

24 November 2014 – Neptune’s mists and the truth game, Venus and surprises

The Astrology Blog – w/b 24 November 2014

Anyone who enjoys astrology and would like to receive the guide for the week ahead can receive the blog straight to inbox on Monday mornings. You can sign up on this website or send name and email address to or message me on FB –


I’m in London 18 December for ten days. I have 2 appointment slots available – again you can contact me on the above email address if you’re interested.

All times stated are in GMT

The first half of the week is by far the most challenging. There is a very tetchy quinqunx aspect being formed that will be exact just as we go into Tuesday –

Tuesday Mars quinqunx Jupiter (00.57)

Regular readers will know that I talk of this aspect as the blind spot, symbolizing something that is obscured or confusing, by someone else’s design or on subjects on which we can never see eye to eye. Don’t try to force any situation that is already tense or full of doubts. Also please take life very carefully. This is a classic more haste less speed aspect and, without wishing to be at all alarmist, Mars under this aspect in particular is notorious for accidents. So slow down, physically and mentally, think ahead and don’t take risks.

Bear in mind that Mars’s colour is red. He symbolizes all the heated emotions – anger, passion and pain. At a physical level he rules burns, fevers, rashes, infections and inflammations. Illnesses, accidents or exhaustion brought about through overwork, rashness or anger are all Mars’ domain. His foods are anything hot or spicy, and his plants are prickly, sharp or stinging, such as nettles and thistles. So this is not a good time to grasp the nettle! Sit back and wait.
The “slow down and think” message is firmly underlined by Mercury’s aspect in the early hours of Wednesday. As I said last week we have been going through a Saturn season as the personal planets in Scorpio have been catching up with Saturn – who is just finishing his long trek through that sign. On 13 November we had Venus conjunct Saturn, on 18 November we had Sun conjunct Saturn and now it’s Mercury’s turn –

Wednesday Mercury conjunct Saturn (2.38)

This aspect forms at 26 degrees of Scorpio. If you have planets or angles at or close to this sign or degree then it will be especially significant for you. This also applies if you have planets or angles at or close to this degree in the other fixed signs of Taurus (opposition) or Leo and Aquarius (square).

At a universal level Mercury (communication) reaching Saturn (obstacles/denial) is a classic set up for serious conversations – or no conversation at all. Saturn knows how to block and create silences. This can also be bad news, tough decisions or a decision not to do something. It’s also a big reality check. In particular know your limitations in terms of your physical or mental resources – there is only so much time, money or emotional energy that you can expend on any specific matter and there comes a time when enough is enough. Be honest about what is not working for you and remember your right to say no. Be calm and clear in your dealings with other people – and don’t allow anyone to move the goalposts!

This might all sound rather negative but Saturn does tend to bring serious matters to the fore. In traditional astrology he is known as the Greater Malefic and he can be the fun police, the bringer of work and responsibility, or depressing matters that we would really rather not deal with but know we have to – and so on.

Note that Saturn is still in “mutual reception” with Pluto – that is, Saturn is travelling through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and Pluto in turn is travelling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. In other words, these two planets are, in some ways, working as a team and supporting each other’s causes. A minor aspect hard on the heels of the Mercury – Saturn conjunction is therefore important –

Wednesday Venus semi-sextile (1 sign apart) Pluto (08.27)

The love planet being pulled into the mix puts emotional, sex and relationship issues under a lot of scrutiny. Whatever your main concern bear in mind that answers are most unlikely to be obvious. You will have to dig deep. Pluto is god of the underworld, the realm of invisibility which includes our unconscious – the underworld of our psyche – and a great deal of self awareness rests on our willingness to unearth the buried experiences of our past. This does not, however, mean that we should all be disappearing into black holes and raking over painful concerns just for the sake of it. Anything related to Scorpio/Pluto is often referred to as “transformational” although this tends to make the work involved sound easy. More accurately, the Plutonic experience is transformative, being about processing, and is ultimately about death/rebirth – in other words, the goal is always healing.

So, whatever matter you need to bring to resolution, the first half of the week is the time to do it. Also look out for different ways of doing things. The “rebirth” symbolism can show as finding new solutions to old problems.

Venus continues to feature midweek –

Thursday Venus trine Uranus (00.23)

The trine is a harmonious aspect, made when two planets reach the same degree in signs of the same element. This is a fire trine, as Uranus is still on his long trek through Aries and Venus is now blazing her way through Sagittarius. This is fabulous for spontaneity, good news of the surprising kind, matters related to friendships and groups, and all the Sagittarian concerns of freedom, travel, learning, teaching, publishing, the law – and the truth.

Note that even by good aspect Uranus is still notorious for throwing a spanner in the works. There may still be an element of surprise at work, and possibly something that will make more sense at a later date. Uranus loves to upset the applecart and change the dance. He follows on from Saturn in the natural sequence so his job is revolutionary, to challenge the hierarchy and to keep us moving with the times. Uranus loves breakthroughs and brilliance.

This could be more helpful than we might think as any matter that created confusion or sadness last week – when Venus squared up to Neptune last Thursday – is still ongoing. In other words, the Mercury-Saturn conjunction is the end of the Saturn season but the Neptune one is taking its place in terms of dominance. As the Sun entered Sagittarius on Saturday we now have –

Thursday Sun square Neptune (04.21)

Neptune under a difficult aspect generally signals a misted lens. The nature of the Sun is to illuminate but cutting through Neptune’s sea mists and fogs is not easy. As a rough rule of thumb, if something doesn’t add up then it doesn’t add up for a reason. Discovering the reason, again, is unlikely to be immediate or simple. Emotionally charged issues in particular are highly sensitized under this aspect and probably a lot more complex than they might at first seem.

Friday Mercury ingress Sagittarius (2.27)

Traditional astrology recognizes this as one of Mercury’s sign of detriment – as he is in dignity in the opposite sign of Gemini – but even so this is likely to bring a breath of fresh air and a lightening of mood. All the Scorpio intensity can be very heavy going and Mercury exiting this sign is a wonderful omen for seeing the back of a depressing situation, ending a hard going project or chapter in your own life or in the life of someone close to you.

But there’s still a “but”…. Mercury also has to struggle through Neptune which will be apparent over the weekend.

Monday (1 December) Mercury square Neptune (04.28)

The good news is that we have some fabulous astrology next week that signals that life is getting a lot easier, notably in terms of resolving what these Saturn and Neptune aspects have thrown up for you. I always love to quote the wonderful Sagittarian Lena Hjeltman who says, “Something magical happens when you work with the truth” – and I think the challenge of this week is exactly that. At a more practical level the message is about getting organized and not wasting your energy on the things that you can never change. Take care – and stay focused.

25 August 2014 – Manic Monday, a clever New Moon, be careful what you wish for and staying cool

The Astrology Blog – w/b 25 August 2014

All times stated are in BST.

Last week’s blog was entitled “Mercury on the rampage” – on Wednesday night my email was deactivated and is still inexplicably defunct. So if anyone has sent me an email in the last five days please can you resend to my back up email address which is or message me on Facebook. Thanks!

IF YOU HAVE ENQUIRED ABOUT THE LAST FEW PLACES ON SEPTEMBER COURSES – my internet connection is also somewhat unreliable at the moment so to be on the safe side you can text me on 0030 6976 296085 and I will call you back.

Everything else that happened last week amply bore out Mercury as the troublemaker. I’m on the home stretch of writing (Mercury) the new book so this couldn’t have happened at a worst time re being in constant touch with my copy editor and publishers, constantly checking out details on celebs mentioned in the book, not to mention the hours and hours spent on trying to sort the problem out and getting seriously stressed! Last week I wrote:

The “getting there” may be extremely taxing and may throw up a lot more questions and issues in the process. Look out for the “x” factor that, until now, may either have been hidden or not recognized as being significant.

I finally sat myself down and reminded myself that if you can’t change the problem then you can change your response and in fact getting stressed is actually a choice. I only had to read the horrible headlines last week to remind myself also that an email problem is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

In some ways it is quite an education to be without email – makes me realise how totally dependent I am on that particular piece of technology – and Mercury’s rampage definitely manifested for me as a lesson in realizing how much we are in constant contact with others. For me it also showed as a language barrier (my Greek is okay for basic communication purposes but a long way from being fluent) and the frustration of either making myself understood, or trying to understand what was being said, or trying to understand a problem that was way beyond my level of expertise. Trying to find the right person to fix the problem is also proving to be a total headache – it is all very similar to having a retrograde Mercury on the loose.

We are also in the process of wedding plans for my sister’s big day at the end of September which is the other area of stress…. The Mercury (communication) – Venus (love) – Pluto (starting from scratch ) entanglement of last week manifested as trying to track down Mike’s divorce papers that should already be here and with the translator, having to cull the wedding invite list that had got totally out of control – and also discovering that the order for my own dress (Venus for adornment) had been cancelled (Pluto loves writing “the end”) as I hadn’t clocked the instructions on the order form (Mercury) wanting a copy of my passport in order to verify that the order had definitely come from me and not someone posing as me and using my card fraudulently (Mercury quinqunx – the blind spot – to Uranus). Is this security gone nuts? Back to the drawing board….

At a more general level let me just share this… Women are from Venus, men are from Mars…. Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen, my soon to be brother in law was eating breakfast, head bowed.
“Morning Mike.”
Nothing … most unusual, Mike is a ray of sunshine.
A minute later… “Morning Mike…”
“Oh morning Jo. I was in a world of my own.”
Sympathetically, “What were you thinking about?”
“This afternoon’s Grand Prix.”
What’s happening this week?

The week starts at full tilt with a rapid sequence of major aspects unfolding throughout Monday –

Mercury sextile Mars (9.47) – the end of the Mercury/Mars/Uranus sequence that unfolded over this last weekend, and the beginning of the Mercury/Mars/Saturn sequence unfolding now. As you read this my sister will be in the OTE offices (UK equivalent to BT) trying to find out why the email has been deactivated and as the sextile is a harmonious aspect I am cautiously optimistic that we will now get some answers… whatever has been unfolding for you over the last few days, look out for resolution in some form or another, even though there may still be work or arguments involved in sorting things out.

Venus 16 degrees of Leo trine Uranus at 16 Aries (10.39) – fiery, possibly dramatic or sudden events connected to love and life’s pleasures. Also signifies surprises or answers in unexpected guises.

Mercury sextile Saturn (13.31) – the middle of the Mercury/Mars/Saturn configuration. Generally these two planets in harmonious aspect signal firm agreements, reliable information and answers that generate definite results. However, be prepared for some answers that are not what you had hoped for although you can still work your way around them. Whatever answers you didn’t get on Monday you will probably find now.

New Moon at 2 degrees of Virgo (15.14) – New Moons, new brooms that sweep clean. Beginnings – such as a new job or meeting a new person – or fresh starts are signified, especially in relation to Virgo’s domain of work and health, or characteristics of analysis and brainwork. Maybe new solutions to old problems?

Mars conjunct Saturn at 17 degrees of Scorpio (20.31) – in traditional astrology Mars is the lesser malefic and Saturn is the greater malefic. This is a major meeting as they come together only once every two years (the last time was August 2012 at 25 degrees of Libra) and as the word malefic indicates, it’s not the easiest or most pleasant of encounters. Note that Mars is strong, being in his own sign of dignity, but Saturn also in the fixed water sign of Scorpio is no pushover. Mars wants to power forwards, Saturn rules obstacles, delays and time itself. Accept what is inevitable or impossible, work out what IS possible and stay realistic as you map out the way ahead. Stay in your own “authority” when dealing with those who have any kind of power over you.

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