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Full Moon

22 February 2016 – Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury at full speed and the dreamy realms of Neptune

The Astrology Blog 22 February 2016

You can scroll down past the blog for info updates on all courses here in Greece and the forthcoming London astrology and tarot workshops.

What’s happening this week?
All times in GMT

As usual start by noting that if you have natal planets or angles at or close to any of the signs and degrees featuring this week then unfolding events will be especially significant for you. Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

Firstly just a reminder that Venus is now on her way through Aquarius, sign of groups, friendships and technology. Last week I wrote –

If you’ve ever wanted to try internet dating the conditions are perfect (but please practice the usual safety measures, such as arranging first dates somewhere safe and letting friends or family know where you’ll be). Otherwise Venus’ change of sign is ideal for meeting new people through groups and clubs, or for letting a friendship blossom first. Make having things in common a top priority.

As above, so below, this article jumped out at me this weekend, how we find love in this digital age, and the stats are extraordinary. Not only is internet dating no longer stigmatized, it is by a mile now the most common way that people find partners, especially for same sex relationships:

Venus will be a key player next week so we’ll be returning to her then. For now this week kicks off with the Full Moon –

Monday Full Moon at 3 degrees of Virgo (18.21)

Full Moons have several jobs – to illuminate, to bring a matter full circle and to sensitize, and these themes will be especially applicable to you if you have planets/angles at or close to 3 degrees of Virgo. If you have an unfolding drama going on then focus on self preservation and pay close attention to anything that comes to light throughout the course of today and tomorrow. “Lunacy” corresponds with this monthly event and, as I’m always saying, police stations and A&E departments know to expect extra work on Full Moon nights. This is not stated in any alarmist way, but as a reminder to be vigilant and not to take risks.

Otherwise at a universal level this Full Moon is like a highlighter pen for all Virgo issues, primarily health, work and routine. Anything that needs care, effort, attention to detail or an analytical approach will be a top concern. If you’re looking for work now’s the time to roll up your shirt sleeves and get motoring, or if you have health issues now’s the time to make that appointment or find a specialist.

Jupiter is currently on his long retrograde journey through Virgo, so the monthly Moon – Jupiter conjunction will be extra stunning this week. If you’re lucky enough to have clear skies you’ll see Jupiter blazing away next to the Full Moon tonight, and even closer tomorrow night as the conjunction nears its moment of exactitude –

Wednesday Moon conjunct Jupiter at 20 degrees of Virgo (02.45)

Jupiter isn’t at full power in astrological terms – Virgo being one of his signs of detriment, and also being in reverse – but nevertheless he is still the Greater Benefic of the heavens and is associated with good fortune, and all things that make our world more joyful. Anything or anyone playing a role that coincides with this conjunction (ie in this case especially Tuesday evening as it’s applying) will be beneficial in some way.

This includes your own moves and decisions as Virgo is one of Mercury’s signs, and this planet is the key player for the second half of the week –

• Thursday Mercury sextile Saturn (08.07)
• Friday Mercury sextile Uranus (23.03)

The sextile is a harmonious aspect that happens when planets are exactly two signs apart. The Mercury – Saturn happens at 15 Aquarius/15 Sagittarius and the Mercury – Uranus happens at 18 Aquarius/18 Aries. Note how fast Mercury is moving now and therefore note the things happening quickly in your own life. Decisive actions get a huge tick, especially where you’ve been procrastinating up until now, but also look out for a natural turn of events that will sort out a situation simply because its time has come. Saturn is good for closure or for putting things in order, Uranus by good aspect is associated with brilliance or the unexpected that works in your favour.

Note that slow moving Saturn and Uranus themselves are both in fire signs but they don’t actually make an exact alliance until the end of the year – Christmas Day in fact, when they both reach 20 degrees of their respective signs. The reason that this will take so long to happen is that Saturn will turn retrograde at the end of next month and won’t turn direct again (at 9 degrees of Sag, my and Sue’s Sun!) until 13th August, so there’ll be a long period of backtracking followed by another of catch up. This is therefore acting as a backdrop for this year, with a major turning point in the summer. Themes of reorganizing life and working on longer term projects, and matters that will take time, certainly fit for Sue and me.

The week finishes with the annual Sun – Neptune union –

Sunday Sun conjunct Neptune at 9 degrees of Pisces (15.49)

Neptune is incredibly slow moving (his orbit around the zodiac takes 176 years) so the Sun catches up with him only once a year. This aspect will therefore be especially significant for you if you have planets or angles at or very close to 9 degrees of Pisces or the opposite sign of Virgo, or in the other mutable signs of Sag and Gemini, therefore receiving this aspect by square.

Neptune is Poseidon, god of the sea, and rules the boundless watery realms of our emotional and spiritual worlds. It’s a great aspect if you’re falling in love – fusion and the urge to merge – or if you’re embarking upon any creative project. Also listen very closely to your inner voice and value your instincts. This is a chance to make a dream come true and it’s a good time to remember that many wondrous things start with the power of the imagination.

As with all the outer planets, however, there’s always a flip side! Look out for plumbing or water related problems, and be extra careful with any kind of medication. Neptune rules drugs, and also alcohol. Neptune can signal times when we feel swamped by our emotions – the whole gamut from love to grief – so look out for anyone who’s drowning their sorrows or be mindful if you’re drowning your own, such as making sure that you’re in a safe place and with those who’ll look after you.

Neptune is also associated with sleep I’ve found, and the older I get – and the older those around me get – the more important this seems to become! I always remember reading an interview with Johnny Depp as he was approaching the age of 50, who commented that sleep was becoming the major topic of conversation with family and friends (as opposed to sex, partying, adventures etc!), everyone comparing how many hours they got last night and how wonderful it was to wake up after that precious deep and healing sleep! Regardless of your age it’s surely true for everyone that a great night’s sleep sets you up to deal with anything, and especially the things that seem overwhelming or impossible when you’re tired. Out of interest I had a quick look at his chart –

Depp has an exact Moon – Neptune sextile with his Moon at 13 Capricorn in the 6th (health, work, crafts) and Neptune at 13 Scorpio in the 4th. If you’re interested in researching celeb charts you’ll find that Neptune often figures strongly in the charts of actors – that creative talent, the power of the imagination and the ability to morph into someone else. Neptune is also compassion. Following the recovery of his beloved daughter from a life threatening kidney infection in 2007 in Great Ormond St Hospital Depp donated £1 million to the hospital but, even better, he visited the hospital personally, dressed in his Jack Sparrow outfit, and spent four hours reading stories to the children.
Wishing you sweet dreams,
With love from Greece until next week,


23 May 2016 – Tarot & Astrology
(8 of 20 places available)

Suitable for all levels – How to combine the two crafts and develop your psychic skills

We start 2016 with a visiting tutor, tarot expert and psychic medium Avril Price. I will be teaching how to use astrology as an extra string to your interpretative and divinatory bow, adding fine tuning timing to your reading without the need to draw up the whole horoscope in advance.

This week’s top deal is from Thomas Cook – Borsalino Studios
Offering £189 discount per person

This is a small hotel set in its own gardens, across the road from the beach, and a few minutes walk to the main harbor where you’ll find all the tavernas and shops. As with all Greek hotels the rooms are not huge, but they all have ensuite shower rooms and private balconies. The price is for single person occupancy (it’s less if you’re going to share) for the week, including flights, transfers and baggage allowance. No hidden extras!

6 June 2016 – Discovering Astrology
(8 of 10 places available)

Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover the fascinating world of horoscopy. Suitable for beginners and refreshers.

There are no discounted package deals on offer as yet for this week, although they will happen as this is the week after half term. For now the cheapest way to do this week is to opt for flight only. The destination airport is PREVEZA (PVK). The airport is on the mainland but we are joined by a causeway so the transfer time is 45 minutes, with no ferry links involved.

The best deal at the moment is with British Airways from Heathrow, special offer of return flight for £248, incl 20k of luggage allowance, with Charter Flights, and friendly flight times. NOTE THAT these are still charter flights, not scheduled, so you won’t find them on BA website.

Sun 5 June, Heathrow to Preveza
09:40, land15:15

Sun 12 June, Preveza to Heathrow
16:15, land 17:45
Or speak to Barry or Joanna on 0208 714 0010

I can arrange transfers from and back to the airport for around €20 per person each way, and accommodation for between €30-40 a night (£20-£30 a night).

9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships
(4 of 10 places available)

PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE OF DATE for The Astrology of Relationships in September. This was originally planned to start on the 12th but will now start on the 9th. This is because by Sept we have the option of Thursday flights and packages (flying out 8th Sept, return flights the following Thursday 15th), which have turned out to be literally half the cost of the same holidays linked to Sunday flights.

The travel bargain is with Olympic Holidays, accommodation at Demetra Studios, a small block of lovely rooms set in their own gardens, on the seafront and just a few minutes walk to the main harbor.

Just £367 covers your flights, luggage allowance, accommodation (single person occupancy with ensuite bathroom and private balcony) and transfers to and from the airport. There is only this one flight coming to the island on Thursdays so if you want to do this course it’s advisable to book immediately. You can secure your package with a deposit with Olympic Holidays.

Astrologically the change of date is perfect. This course was planned to celebrate the beginning of Jupiter’s 12 month journey through Libra, the sign of partnership, and in fact Jupiter arrives in this sign exactly on the 9th. What does your horoscope tell you about the nature of your relationships? How to locate your love life in your chart, everything from meetings to marriages. How to interpret synastry, the comparison of two horoscopes that reveals the chemistry – and the issues! We’ll be working with transits and progressions. Suitable for intermediate level.


These workshops are designed to be fun as well as intensive. We cover a lot of material and you’ll have the chance to give and receive a reading. Additional tutors will be joining us so you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner – there’ll be lots of help and input to guide you.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate

Saturday 2 April
(14 of 20 places available)

Be a Better Tarot Reader – exploring card meanings, choosing and using the best spreads, and how to conduct a reading. Please be sure to bring a pack of tarot cards with you. I work with Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice.

Sunday 3 April
(13 of 20 places available)

Understanding Astrology – you have a horoscope sitting in front of you, but what does it all mean? How to make accurate interpretations re personality and destiny in life, love and vocation. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope in this workshop so please have your data to hand when you book – your date and place of birth, and time of birth as accurately as possible – so that I can prepare your chart in advance.

Venue for both workshops
The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place W1U 8EA
Hours – 10am-5pm
Cost – £85.00 per day, or £150.00 for both

1 of 4 slots available for private readings the week beginning Easter Monday, 28 March. Do get in touch asap if you’d like to book.

Finally, if you live in the north west of the UK here’s a date for your diary:


10.30AM – 4.30PM

Over Hulton Conservative Club
St Helens Rd
Bolton BL5 1AA





For more information contact –
Jennifer Staveley-Hall 01942 810743

22 July 2013 – This week’s Astrology

If you want to go straight to the columns here are the links for the weekly and monthly horoscopes:

What’s happening this week? Roll of drums, Mercury went direct over the weekend. He’s now got to pick up speed again but this time in the right direction. I always like to clock what happens around the time that Mercury turns – which was 19.23 BST 20 July. Let me just throw in that reminder again about “problems with transport and communication”. On this occasion I got an email almost exactly at that time from my niece who’d had the car accident. Trying to sort out the paperwork had been the predictable nightmare, in the words of my sister “like pushing a boulder uphill”, but on Saturday evening my niece found an email in her junk mail from the insurance company of the guy who’d driven up the back of her, admitting liability. Hurray.

This made me think of the myth of Sisyphus – a figure in Greek mythology who was forever condemned to pushing a boulder up a mountain only to see it roll down again – which is actually a very good description of how life feels under a retrograde Mercury. Conversely, then, Mercury turning direct will be like getting the boulder to the top of the mountain and finding that miraculously it stays there.

Here’s a checklist for Mercury turning direct:

  • Important information comes to light
  • Rumours are squashed when the truth outs
  • You find the right person to deal with the problem
  • People make decisions
  • Computer glitches are solved/disputes are settled
  • Lost objects are found

… and so on, you get the picture.

In addition it’s a busy start to the week up in the heavens, starting with the stunning Mars – Jupiter conjunction which happens only once every two years. This is like a blast of energy and enthusiasm, of things springing back to life, or into life. Love colleague Sally Kirkman’s prediction that Mercury turning direct in Cancer would “flush out” the royal baby (William is a Cancerian, Kate is a Capricorn but Moon in Cancer, therefore born on a Full Moon). Action man Mars is great for getting things moving and the Sun enters the royal sign of Leo (the Lion being the king of the zodiac) this afternoon 16.57 BST with the Full Moon in Aquarius a couple of hours later at 19.17 BST.

Venus also changes sign this afternoon, moving into Virgo. Traditional astrology says that this is Venus’ sign of “fall”, her weakest sign. This does not mean that those with Venus in Virgo in their natal charts are unloving! But Virgo is a Mercury sign, ruling precision and analysis, so Venus the love planet does not sit easily here. For now guard against being too critical of loved ones, or of allowing others to be overly critical of you.

The weekend brings the Mars – Pluto opposition and the Sun square Saturn. Not sure what I want to say about this combination other than I think I might just be staying in next Saturday night. It adds up to one huge, bad mood or the difficult finale of a situation that has dragged on and been exhausting to deal with. Even if turns out the way you wanted you’ll still be glad to see the back of it, or you may find yourself in a supportive role, helping someone through a tough experience. At least the weekend finishes with a positive Venus – Jupiter sextile (harmonious) on Sunday. These are the two “benefics” – love, life’s pleasures, enjoyment, liberation and the joy of those who care deeply about you and vice versa.





Monday 6 August

What’s the astrological picture of the moment?

Three major themes:

1. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Aquarius (04.27 BST) is swiftly followed by the Sun sextile (harmonious) Jupiter (10.57 BST). This pattern is full of promise and unfolding events will be those that pave the way to lucky opportunities/liberation/education and the resolution of legal and justice concerns.

2. Mischievous Mercury is still, however, retrograde… and will turn direct next Wednesday 8 August (06.41 BST). Expect details to start slotting into place on that date, or 48 hours either side.

3. Mercury getting back on track coincides with the end of Venus’ unusually long journey through Gemini, which started at the beginning of April. As Gemini is one of Mercury’s own signs this rather underlines the theme of new cycles in the making, especially those characterized by key choices or decisions. Whatever has been complicated or unsure in your life in recent weeks – or months – or whatever has required the waiting game should now be reaching a finale.

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