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Venus sextile Neptune

23 March 2015 – Spring fever, the joys of Venus and your sense of purpose

The Astrology Blog – 23 March 2015

Just to start by clearing up some confusion about the Soul and Spirit magazine Annual Awards 2015. I posted last week that they’re compiling their categories but you don’t have to vote for everything. Every box requires an answer but you can write N/A alongside the topics that you’re not voting for. Amongst the categories are:
• Most inspiring spiritual blog
• Best retreat/healing centre
• Best-loved astrologer
• Best-loved psychic
• Best spiritual book of the year
• Favourite mind, body, spirit author
• Best spiritual course/workshop provider etc

A big thank you to those who have already voted. If you want to give me a shout I’m looking for nominations for:

• Be Your Own Astrologer – book
• The Greek Island Summer School – retreat
• The weekly blog
• Astrologer
• Author

Here’s the link:

Answers need to be submitted by 17 April 2015. You will then be entered into a prize draw to win various goodies. The magazine then draws up a list of finalists and from 15 May 2015 you’ll be able to vote for your winners. I’ll post the link for that when I have it.

Be Your Own Astrologer workshop Hampstead Saturday 11 April

The 20 places are booked so this workshop is now full, along with all appointments for private consultations.
• If you would like to be contacted in the event of any cancellations just reply to this blog with Cancellation place on the workshop please OR Cancellation place for a consultation please
• I already have a list on the go for the next event – date to be decided – but again if you’d like to be contacted about this directly reply to the blog with Information for future workshops please

Last week’s Eclipse

Well astronomically it was a non event here being in southern Europe but the pictures on the BBC etc were stunning. Just thought it was worth commenting on this amazing phenomenon, that the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, but 400 times the distance from Earth, so they appear to be the same size, hence at Eclipse time the discs slot over each other to perfection. This is astonishing mathematics but also powerful astrologically in that it reminds us that the “lights” – Sun, light of the day and Moon, light of the night – carry equal symbolic weight in the horoscope. You are so much more than your Sun sign, which is the thesis of my new book, Be Your Own Astrologer.

Also regular readers will remember that I commented last week about the eclipse falling at the very difficult degree of 29 Pisces, the position of a Fixed Star called Scheat that is associated with intense suffering. On that note, and in the warrior spirit of the Spring Equinox, it would be a great start to the week if you would take just a few seconds – that’s all it takes – to like and share this Facebook page for fellow blogger Raif Badawi. Amnesty International is keeping up the pressure – and so can we. We only have to imagine if this were someone we loved…
Last week we also had some difficult Mercury aspects – which I have said before but forgot to say last week, often show as if Mercury were retrograde. Mercury is currently travelling through Pisces, sign of mutable water, and two people managed to put their mobile phones through the washing machine… astrology can be very literal sometimes, thank you Mercury, very funny… while another sent her phone off to have the back replaced and it was returned with the part replaced but wiped clean of a huge archive of her photographs and videos (Pisces’ planet Neptune rules film). Many of her faves are posted on her Facebook albums but the rest are gone… forever.
What’s happening this week?
With that warning in mind, note that Mercury has one more week to go on the journey through Pisces, and one more aspect to form before moving on into Aries next Tuesday. The last aspect happens tomorrow –
Tuesday Mercury conjunct Chiron (13.07)
Mercury as always is the news bringer – the planet he is aligning with indicates the kind of news. Chiron is the wounded healer but, as with all the outer planets, he is very much a double edged sword. On a positive note this aspect can indicate finding cures, healing experiences or bonding very deeply with someone special. Take note of what you hear about or whom you meet at this time. On the other hand this can also signal the arrival of emotional or sad news.
This aspect coincides with another major aspect just three hours later –
Tuesday Venus sextile Neptune (06.27)
This rather softens the possible blow of the Mercury – Chiron, being a very powerful aspect as both planets are dignified – Venus now being in her own sign of Taurus and Neptune being in his own sign of Pisces – and the sextile is arguably the most harmonious aspect of them all. So this is absolutely fabulous for falling in love, acts of great kindness and compassion, spiritual experiences, quality time with loved ones, especially girlfriends and children.

This is Venus’ first aspect since changing sign at the beginning of last week and in relationships the need for real empathy, not paying lip service, rides high. If you’ve been waiting to have “that conversation” then don’t put it off any longer. The early part of the week and especially Monday is definitely the best for heart to hearts, for getting someone to understand your feelings/point of view or vice versa.
Venus is also beauty and as she’s now in the tactile earth sign of Taurus this is also the ideal aspect for salon visits, massage, aromatherapy and so on. Venus, known as the lesser benefic (Jupiter being the greater one) also rules everything connected to life’s pleasures and the sweet things of life. Do whatever makes you feel good.
The flipside to look out for is anything connected to fantasy or unnecessary martyrdom. It’s too easy to dream on and on about something without actually doing anything about it, or checking out the facts, or believing oneself to be trapped or blighted! Love of course is top of the list. If you want to find out how someone really feels about you then this is a great time for testing the water – you could be pleasantly surprised.
Getting your act together in any sense is the subtext to all emotional or practical matters – Venus after all rules money too – as is underlined by arguably the most important aspect of the week –

Read more +

The Astrology Blog 8 December 2015 – Jupiter’s reasons to be cheerful part 2, Venus on the move


As I’ve posted for the last couple of weeks I’ll be in London 18 December for ten days. The consultation slots at the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead are now fully booked but I’ll be back again at some point next year. Let me know if you’re interested in future appointments or workshops in London. Also The Greek Island Summer School is now taking bookings for the following courses –

11 May – The Crystal Zodiac – with guest tutor Judy Hall
8 June – Be a Better Tarot Reader
7 September – Synastry: the Astrology of Relationships

You can read more info about these courses at the end of this blog or on the website or email me if you have any questions, no matter how small. I am here to help.

The Astrology Blog – w/b 8 December 2014

All times stated are in GMT

As I started off last week by saying, we’re in the middle of some lovely astrology that is unfolding throughout the first half of December. To flag up some advance warning now btw the astrology for the run up to Christmas is not so brilliant – the stuff of interruptions, hassles and changes – so don’t let time slip through your fingers this week with regard to whatever is important to you. This week the sign of Sagittarius and this sign’s ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, are still stealing the show, starting with –

Monday Sun conjunct Mercury (9.52)

This conjunction takes place at 16 degrees of Sagittarius, so if you have planets at or close to this point then this aspect will be especially significant for you. Don’t forget that if you don’t know the position of your natal planets you can find them in a matter of minutes by entering your date, place and time of birth into a chart calculator, such as this one:

What does a Sun – Mercury aspect signify? The Sun illuminates, Mercury communicates. Expect news, invitations, conversations, decisions and deeper understanding. Sagittarius is the sign of “the higher mind” so your values and principles may be part of the picture, or discussions may revolve and evolve around your own personal philosophy on life. This is definitely a learning aspect, in one guise or another, so you may also find yourself around those who have something to teach you. It’s also fun. Sag is an extrovert fire sign and the Sun – Mercury get together signals lively exchanges, those who brighten up the party, travel plans or news from afar.

Just to remind you, major aspects are usually at their most potent as they’re applying – ie the run up to becoming exact, especially the 24 hours beforehand – so you may already have clocked these themes over the weekend. However, also look out for Monday morning getting off to a flying start and act fast on new info. Throughout the rest of Monday this aspect will be separating, ie moving away from its moment of exactitude, although it doesn’t move totally out of its sell by date for roughly the following 24 hours.

Back to jolly Jupiter, Sag’s planet, who continues to be dominant for several reasons. Firstly, Monday brings this planet’s turning point, which happens only once every 13 months, lasting for four months at a time –

Monday Jupiter turns retrograde (20.42)

So, Jupiter now starts his retrograde journey (appearing to be moving backwards in the heavens) and will be backtracking through Leo until next April. So look out for turning points in your own life, maybe even things that stop you in your tracks and make you look in a different direction. Jupiter is very much linked to vision and plans for how you see your future. For some this will be linked to the arrival of a new face, someone who has a major and fortunate role to play, either personally or professionally. Those we meet under Jupiter skies are good for us and make us feel hopeful. The downside of Jupiter turning retrograde, however, can signal the need for a reality check or a greater risk of delays of some kind but these are likely to be temporary. Some matters may have to be picked up again in the New Year, but they’ll be there for the picking.

Regular readers may also remember from last week –

The Sun is now in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign of Leo. This “mutual reception” will therefore last until the Sun moves on into Capricorn on 21 December. This is fabulous astrology as the Sun is the life force and the illuminator, and Jupiter is the Greater Benefic – the Good Guy of the heavens who governs luck, opportunity and all reasons to be cheerful – so to have these two planets working as a team is extremely helpful to say the least.

This message should materialize even more strongly this week as the Sun and Jupiter move towards an exact trine (a harmonious aspect of exactly 120 degrees apart) – ie the moment when that teamwork crystallizes and reaches its full potential. The way to this stunning aspect is also paved by the Mercury – Jupiter trine a couple of days beforehand –

Friday Mercury trine Jupiter (11.25)
Sunday Sun trine Jupiter (15.57)

This adds up to a great end to the week and an even better weekend! Take very close notice of the things that are coming together in your life at this time, anything from new relationships to job offers, health remedies or any kind of new opportunity. They carry the feel good factor and reasons to be cheerful!

All affairs of the heart are very much on the agenda as the other thread running through this week’s tapestry is Venus, who will be changing sign –

Wednesday Venus ingress Capricorn (16.43)

This opens a new cycle with regard to Venusian concerns of love, and also money and life’s pleasures. Note that Capricorn is Saturn’s sign, so this combination is all about taking love seriously and respectfully. Venus in Capricorn smiles on emotional maturity and taking things at a steady pace. Note that this fits very neatly with the same theme as optimistic Jupiter turning retrograde. Slow down, think ahead, look at where your relationship is going and set goals together. All the things you discuss now will matter in terms of getting the best out of life and creating the kind of security in which feelings can flourish. If you’re single it won’t do any harm to follow your head rather than your heart for a while.

This is not to say that romance is lacking. Venus’ first aspect is a harmonious and soft focus one, which is exact just one hour after the stunning Sun trine Jupiter –

Sunday Venus sextile Neptune (16.56)

Neptune in his own sign of Pisces and in favourable aspect to Venus is about as romantic as it gets, but with the sign of Capricorn in the mix there’s a steadying hand at work. Apart from love issues note that Neptune rules dreams and schemes of all kinds, but all dreams now needs a definite game plan if they are ever going to move out of the wistful thinking stage. This aspect is also wonderful for connecting with those you’ve been away from or if there’s been a rift. Neptune is the urge to merge, to forgive and forget, to heal and redeem.

The more challenging themes of next week may kick in over the weekend as the big Uranus square Pluto will be exact early Monday –

Monday 15 December Uranus square Pluto (06.15)

Astrologers do tend to get a bit alarmist about this aspect, especially as it’s been around for a long time. Both planets are very slow moving and – because of repeated and prolonged periods of forwards and retrograde motion – they have actually been moving in and out of this square formation since the summer of 2012. Usually these major aspects between the outer planets happen three times but this one happens an unprecedented seven times. This one is the 6th in the series – the 7th will be exact on 17 March 2015.

Note that these outer planets are very much the backdrop to life and when their major aspects are formed this often signals global concerns are about to loom large. Uranus (rebellion, revolution, the unexpected) and Pluto (total change, evolution, hidden powers) between them don’t exactly make for an easy life. They signal political unrest, nature at her most fearsome and many matters of change that are beyond our personal control or even understanding.

This 6th square happens at 12 degrees of Capricorn so if you have planets at or very close to this point this upheaval may show in your own life. You will already know the context! Just expect the next chain in the link of breaking with the past or the starting bell for the closing rounds of battle with an individual or situation that has already taken a long time to work through.

But don’t let anyone rain on your parade. This is a week to be enjoyed and I wish you Jupiter and Venus type fruitfulness!

2 June 2014 – This week’s Astrology

The Astrology Blog – w/b 2 June 2014

All times stated are in BST.

It’s a quiet start to the week but don’t be fooled. Mercury is now stationing (slowing down) in readiness for turning retrograde at the end of the week so in some ways things are suspiciously quiet …the sort of quiet that happens when the dog is happily chewing through your computer wires or your child has found your hidden box of Lancome eye shadows. More on that in a minute.

What first? Venus is now travelling through her own sign of earthy Taurus. This is good news for all Venusian issues – love, money, beauty and fashion, anything related to produce and nature. Venus’s only aspect this week is a sextile (harmonious) to Neptune (Wednesday 14.17) who of course is also in his own sign, being on his long journey through Pisces that will last for many more years to come. As above, so below. I love the way that astrology reflects the world, your thoughts, plans and events. Even before I had checked this week’s astrology I had decided on a day off for my sister and myself this week as we’ve both been working nonstop so far this year – the eternal pitfall of being self employed is failing to stop and take proper time off, which you will immediately get if you are self employed yourself or if you work from home. I had already suggested an afternoon at the spa, a swim (Neptune in Pisces) and a massage (Venus in Taurus). So if you need a day off, if you need to de-stress, treat/pamper yourself and/or a loved one then this is the week to do it.

Otherwise Venus – Neptune is brilliant for all romantic concern, for socializing, especially throwing dinner parties or going to live music, and also for all acts of charity. Give or do what you can if you’re called upon, quietly and with grace. It will come back to you in so many ways.

The Venus – Neptune contact falls in the feminine elements of earth/water but the second major aspect of the week is the Sun sextile Uranus (Friday 12.21) which is in the masculine elements of air/fire. This is much livelier, possibly dramatic. Listen out for the unexpected such as news that takes everyone by surprise, especially as this aspect forms within 24 hours of Mercury turning retrograde. Also go with everything that is spontaneous even if it involves a big change of plan.

Business wise – and everything wise – look out too for themes of doubles as the Sun is currently on his way through Gemini, sign of the Twins. Seeds sown on last week’s New Moon in Gemini may start sprouting and things could move quickly but, again, not necessarily in the way that you had expected.

The backdrop to all plans, decisions or major events now unfolding is of course Mercury, who turns retrograde on Saturday at 12.58 at 3 degrees of Cancer. Mercury will slide back into the previous sign of Gemini on 17 June, and will turn direct again in Gemini on 1 July, but until then here’s the usual quick checklist for how to survive Mercury mischief:
Assume nothing, double check everything
When in doubt, do nothing
Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially phones, keys, cameras and any techno goods
Ensure phone is fully charged when you’re travelling
Don’t travel unless you have to
Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
Buy yourself time re major decisions
Back up all your computer work
Operate by “re” words – review, rethink, rework, revisit, regroup etc
So think ahead more than usual and allow extra time for all important matters, such as getting to a meeting or any destination, and catch yourself when trying to force square pegs into round holes. Avoid arguments, especially of the type that no side can win, accept differences of opinion for just that – differences – and abandon anything that is not A Good Idea.
Note that retrograde Mercury signals that second thoughts of all kinds are there for a reason and favours information gathering. You know what you think, now’s the time to find out what other people’s opinions are. This includes everyone from your other half to someone who’s an expert in their own field. Also be easier on yourself. If a resolution has fallen by the wayside you can always try again, if not tomorrow then at least by the end of the month when Mercury turns. Also note that nothing is written in stone right now, even if you’ve been told that it is.
Also remember that retrograde Mercury is great for getting “back” in touch. That person who keeps flitting across your mind? Call them. Also get back to plans and ideas that have been on hold and rework them. “Re” anything captures the right vibe. Wishing you a productive and interesting week.
There are links above for more info about the astrology and tarot courses on the Greek Island Summer School or visit the new Facebook page – I’d love a LIKE and thanks to those who’ve already done so:

Apart from doing a tarot or astrology course, Lefkada is an idyllic place for a holiday. If you want somewhere special to stay check out the beautiful Palm Villas in Sivota, about twenty minutes drive out of Nidri. They’re now on Facebook and you can contact me direct for special rates:

And if you want to read more during the week, make comments or share your own stories why not join my Facebook Group – The World of Astrology. Here’s the link:



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