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13 May 2013 – This week’s Astrology

What’s happening this week? Next week starts with the third of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, and then the third and final (until October) eclipse, so this week feels very quiet by comparison. However, there’s also a theme of uncertainty as we have Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune (exact tonight) and then Mercury entering Gemini on Wednesday night, first aspect a square to Neptune (exact on Saturday morning).

Even though Neptune is strong in his own sign of Pisces the squares can be tricky. The flipside to the Neptune coin is confusion, being misled or wrong footed, grief, anxiety or making mistakes through tiredness and lack of concentration. Neptune (Poseidon, god of the sea), is problems with water (eg plumbing) or seeking solace in over indulgence. Alcohol is the top of the list so if you’re drowning your sorrows you might end up making yourself feel worse! Ultimately Neptune is about redemption, whatever route you might take to get there.

That’s the broad theory. When writing theoretically it’s also easy to go for the worst case scenarios, so don’t be alarmed! I do like to quote real life stories and have permission from two friends for the following that captures the Venus – Neptune message. The first, who is not involved in the world of astrology/psychic things whatsoever, told me this morning that she’d received a message totally out of the blue from a man visiting other friends. They had never met before. He told her that she needed to forgive her husband, who died some years ago in a boating accident that was shrouded in mystery. He gave her more details that could leave her in no possible doubt that the message was authentic and that the burden she’d been carrying had been holding her back in life. The second friend made the painful decision to leave her partner, not because she didn’t love him or vice versa, but because he turned into a different person under the influence. These are painful experiences but they are also redemptive.

Finally there’s a lovely Venus – Uranus sextile (harmonious) on Saturday evening. This is fun, whacky, let your hair down picture, including love (Venus) events of the unexpected (Uranus) kind. Watch that space!

Here’s the link to this week’s column on Avon Connects:


4 February 2013 – This week’s Astrology

There are some weeks when life seems to be dragging its feet, and others when everything seems to be happening all at once. This week is the latter. New cycles are a theme as Venus changed sign at the weekend (into Aquarius) and aligns easily with Uranus and Jupiter midweek. This picks out Wednesday as good news day or as the point at which something drops easily or suddenly into place.

As ever, there’s a “but” as Mars now in Pisces, with Mercury following tomorrow afternoon and both headed to meet up with Neptune, muddies the water. It’s said that the ability to “tolerate ambiguity” – in other words, to be able to juggle contradictions rather than insisting on everything making perfect sense with totally predictable outcomes – is the mark of emotional maturity. I get the feeling that many of us will be tested on that one this week, or in the next few weeks, as Mercury is going to be swimming backwards and forwards through Pisces until mid April.

More on that as it unfolds. In the meantime, this week reminds us that joy/sadness are the two sides of the same coin. Or as my colleague Sally Kirkman says this week on the intro to this week’s astrology: “This is why Neptune is associated with saints and sinners: you can ‘lose yourself’ in spirituality or divine inspiration through music, poetry, art and film or you can spiral downward into addiction, another form of escape.”

The weekend brings the New Moon in Aquarius – sign of the collective but also of individual brilliance. However, coinciding with Mars/Jupiter and Venus/Saturn squares (obstacles/challenges) it would seem that the most effective fresh starts will be the ones characterized by acceptance rather than trying to blast through what can’t be changed.

CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column:

And if you’d like to read more about Sally’s take, here’s the link to her column as well:

29 October 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Hi everyone

Well the week doesn’t get off to the easiest of starts, which will sound like the understatement of the year if you live on the other side of the pond. This mailing goes out to readers in many different countries, including America, and there are at least three of you known to me in NYC, a city that will be waking up to lockdown as Hurricane Sandy meets up with winter storm fronts – Diane, Jen and Megan please take care.

The impending “Frankenstorm” is the out of control monster created by nature and it’s impossible not to think about the death/rebirth and horror movie genre symbolism wrapped up in the current astrology. Saturn will of course be travelling through Scorpio for the next couple of years but it’s always the ingress, the beginning of the journey, that is most interesting to astrologers. How does the shift make itself felt? In these first few weeks it’s been noticeable in many ways and a lot of things suddenly seem to be about time itself, symbolically appropriate as Saturn is known as the Lord of Time, ruling ageing, clocks, and Father Time himself.


Also the textbook Scorpio subjects of sex, death, power, secrets and subterfuge are there in abundance. Veteran news reporter John Simpson was quoted as saying that the BBC sex scandals were the worst to surface in 50 years, the then revolutionary The Joy of Sex marks its 40th anniversary and is reissued with the subtitle The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking, and the 23rd James Bond movie marks 50 years since Sean Connery made his sexy secret agent super spy debut in 1962. Now America is facing a mega-storm that is forecast to create havoc to tens of millions of people across 800 miles of the East Coast and has the potential to be the largest storm ever to hit the States. Many of these news items are ongoing.


Saturn in Scorpio is the “backdrop”. Back to the details of this week – Mercury arrived in galloping Sagittarius early this morning and is on an instant collision course with Neptune (Poseidon) in Pisces (the sign that rules all things marine). This aspect does rather sum up the idea of “deluge” (exact today at 17.41 GMT, lunchtime America). Throw in a Full Moon (today 19.51 GMT) in conflict with Saturn – it’s enough to paint a picture of evacuation for thousands of people.


For the second half of the week Venus is the troublemaker, in conflict with the outer planets of Uranus (dramatic change) and then Pluto (endings/rebuilding).


To sum up, as above – so below. The news stories are the bigger picture but also the personal story of many individuals. To personalize the astrology in your own world what are the bigger changes already going on/or that need to be made? What are you afraid of? Why is it so scary to rock the boat or do you allow feelings to swamp you? Are you “reactive” (deal with it when it happens) or “proactive” (plan ahead)? What do you need to do to get out of the path of your own hurricane? Food for thought!


CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column on Avon Connects:



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