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The Astrological Picture of Coronavirus, a Neptunian Full Moon, Mercury’s Turning Point and Staying on Track

It’s incredibly quick and easy to get spooked at the moment. Neptunian energy is brilliant at escalating things, to the point where perspective disappears. So it’s worth putting in our own boundaries in this respect too. For example, 9 million people live in London. 26 of them have coronavirus. Or, as one article that I read last week put it, if you’re under 50 and not living in China then you are more likely to win the lottery than you are of getting infected.

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What is Astrology for and Mercury’s Turning Point – 13 August 2018

In terms of learning lessons, however, retrograde Mercury is often a time of trial and error, when we find out what works and what doesn’t, up to the point when we experience something that makes us resolve, “I won’t be making that mistake again!” This can relate to major life issues and decisions, or just the little things that can make life more stressful than it need be.