Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces, Mercury Turning Retrograde – Reduced Rates Readings for May & Summer School Updates for June

Mercury’s exact moment of switching to retrograde may be late on Monday evening, but the themes are kicking in now. This turning point also happens slap bang in the middle of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses, the implications of which are covered in depth in this week’s blog, going out on Monday as usual. Don’t forget you can now buy single issues of the blog for £1.65 as well as monthly/annual subscription.

The Murky Waters of Mars – Neptune, Sun – Mercury Hotspot & Jupiter’s Eye on the Future (Horoscopes: North Korea, Elon Musk, Dame Deborah James)

In spite of the fact that Mercury is currently retrograde the harmonious link to exuberant Jupiter (the Greater Benefic) on his new journey through fiery Aries is a good news combination. This can take many shapes but look out for Jupiter hallmarks, ie anything or anyone linked to overseas or foreign travel, education, legal matters, generosity, opportunity or liberation.