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astrology and tarot courses in Greece

30 September 2013 – This week’s Astrology


THANK YOU to the lovely group who were here last week for the astrology course – everyone enjoyed every single minute to the full, we shared some amazing astrological insights and the weather was perfect! What a great way to close the 2013 Season.

If you want to explore the fascinating subjects of astrology or tarot for yourself, and enjoy a week on this beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, here are the course dates for next year:

·         19 May Working with Tarot

·         2 June Discovering Astrology

·         8 September Astrology & Tarot – Combining the 2 crafts

·         22 September Good Timing – Predictive Techniques in Astrology

There’ll be more details on the website soon or contact me direct on if you have any queries, no matter how small.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Up until now there have been a maximum of 8 places per study group but from 2014 the numbers will be capped at 6.


If you want to go straight to the columns here are the links – suggest you read your Rising Sign (Ascendant) first and then your Sun Sign:

Weekly horoscopes on Avon Connects, starting every Monday:

Monthly horoscopes on Network She:


What’s happening this week?

The mind planet Mercury steals the headlines. This planet travels through all 12 signs once a year, never moving far away from the Sun, but because of three retrograde periods within each year his journey through each sign varies enormously in duration. At his fastest he can whizz through a sign in a couple of weeks, at his slowest the journey is a couple of months.

The latter is now in play as Mercury arrived in Scorpio yesterday but will start to slow down next week in readiness for turning retrograde on 21 October. He’ll be in Scorpio until 5 December so we’ll be talking about this placing and what it means a lot more over the next two months. For now, as ever when you have advanced warning of Mercury going retrograde no matter what the sign, the best advice is to get ahead! Any important plan, project, conversation, decision will benefit from immediate attention rather than leaving anything to chance.

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This week’s Astrology – 26 August 2013


If you want to explore the fascinating subject of astrology for yourself, and enjoy a week on this beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, I am running:

·        Astrology Week for beginners/refreshers, starting Monday 23 September – 4 of the 8 places available. 

·        Tarot Week for refreshers/intermediate, starting Friday 6 September – 1 of the 8 places available. 

·        Visit my website for more info about the Greek Island Summer School or contact me direct on


If you want to go straight to the columns here are the links for the weekly and monthly horoscopes:


What’s happening this week?

We’re now in the Virgo time of year – the Sun entering this sign at the end of last week, followed by Mercury. Textbook astrology will tell you that Virgos are perfectionists, particular, critical and health conscious but there’s a lot more to this sign than this rather stuffy picture suggests. When they stop fretting and picking everything apart there’s a whacky streak a mile wide, with a huge appetite for fun and clever humour. Mercury (the mind) in Virgo is especially good news as this is one of Mercury’s sign of dignity (the other being quick witted Gemini). Put Mercury and Virgo together and you get analytical skills, incisiveness and thoroughness.

Mercury is just separating from an opposition (challenging) to Neptune, while the Sun is applying (yet to happen) and will be exact in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Neptune is Poseidon – god of the sea – and tough aspects tend to signal the trickier Neptunian hallmarks of sea mists, fog, confusion and uncertainty. You may have to talk something through at great length in order to arrive at the truth, a clearer understanding or to isolate what really matters. The conversations I’ve been having over the weekend re a loved one’s wellbeing definitely fit this bill.

Alongside this theme we have Venus working her way through the Grand Cross that, you may remember, started last Thursday. To picture this just imagine drawing a large cross on a piece of paper. On one axis you have Jupiter opposite Pluto, and on the second axis you have Venus opposite Uranus. Putting it another way, all four planets are 90 degrees apart from each other. Venus is the fastest moving and by this coming Thursday she’ll be moving out of this formation. Along the way she “activates” the Grand Cross by making aspects to each of the other planets involved:

·        Last Saturday – Venus square Pluto

·        Monday evening – Venus opposite Uranus

·        Tuesday evening – Venus square Jupiter

Look out then for developments that link to the theme of a cross to bear – ie any situation that feels like a yoke around your neck, conflicted feelings, any sense of powerlessness, “it’s always going to be like this” scenarios – and so on. Venus is working on each point of tension to shift things and present options.

Mars moves from Cancer (his sign of “fall”, Mars energy gets turned inwards in this sign) into fiery Leo in the early hours of Wednesday. This underlines the shift from “there’s nothing I can do” to “how shall I proceed?” Again, discussing someone’s dilemma this weekend, I heard myself saying, “There can’t be a war if the enemy withdraws”. In other words, if you find yourself locked into a situation then one option is simply to remove yourself from it. Think allowance/acceptance rather than resistance. This is not defeatist, it’s about shifting the dynamics. Let me quote from the amazing David Richo:

“Now I have the intuitive vision to see:

·        Where I held on and thereby was held back.

·        Where I can let go and thereby go on.”

The second half of the week brings a series of positive aspects that signal the showing of results, the readiness to make decisions, to put new arrangements in place – and so on. With the times in BST, these are:

·        Mercury trine Pluto – Wednesday afternoon

·        Sun sextile Saturn – Friday morning

·        Mercury sextile Jupiter – early Saturday morning

·        Sun trine Pluto – Sunday morning

So this has all the hallmarks of an important and potentially highly productive week. Why not set out your objectives right now – I’ve just scared myself with my to-do list but I think it can be done!

Find out more about the Grand Cross and Mars’ ingress into Leo and how this week’s astrology relates to your particular sign:


12 August 2013 – This week’s Astrology


If you want to explore the fascinating subject of astrology for yourself, and enjoy a week on this beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, click on “Greek Island Summer School” above. The Astrology Week for beginners/refreshers starts Monday 23 September, the intermediate Tarot Week starts Friday 6 September. Just a few places left on each!

If you want to go straight to the columns here are the links for the weekly and monthly horoscopes:


What’s happening this week?

Let me start by flagging up that the second half of August is packed with activity, so make the most of this week which is relatively calm by comparison. If you’re on holiday you’ve picked the right week, and if you’re working then get ahead as much as possible. Personally I am battling on through daily heat of 35 degrees, as is the rest of Greece, so this morning’s blog is going to be brief and to the point.

Again, Mercury is the key player. He is now separating (moving away from) a square to Saturn that was exact yesterday evening, so today is the day to sort out hassles, misunderstandings or mistakes that arose over the weekend. His next aspect is a minor one to Jupiter on Wednesday morning (helpful) and then a trine (harmonious) to Uranus in the early hours of Thursday. If you want to make plans, put new agreements in place in your personal or working life then now’s the time to get cracking.

The other main feature is that the love, money and pleasure planet Venus is finishing her journey through careful Virgo. From a traditional astrological viewpoint this is good news as this is Venus’ sign of “fall”, the sign in which Venusian qualities struggle to express themselves. She moves into Libra, her sign of “dignity”, at 16.38 BST on Friday.

The Scales of Libra represent balance and the famous indecision, weighing things up, but they also symbolize partnership – how one side can’t exist without the other. Libra’s natural house is the 7th, where we find our other halves and significant others in terms of one to one important connections. Have you noticed how the Librans in your life are either in a long term relationship or rarely have long gaps between relationships? Librans are naturals at inviting in “the other”, at seeking opinions and enjoying the pleasures of being a couple. While Venus travels through Libra we can all learn a lot about the beauty and grace of this sign, and how we get results when we hone our cooperative and collaborative skills.


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