Discovering Astrology

In a nutshell:

  • All the building blocks of signs, planets, houses and aspects.
  • The art of horoscopy and deciphering symbolism.

For beginners or refreshers

This online Discovering Astrology course is designed for students who are seeking a structured introduction to the basics of astrological interpretation.

The aim of the course is to provide an in depth understanding of the signs, planets, houses and aspects.

Ten modules in the course

The Discovering Astrology course comprises ten separate modules. Each of these modules will develop your understanding of astrological symbolism – and you will learn how to apply this knowledge to individual horoscopes.

Drawing up horoscopes

When you work with astrology charts you do not have to do the calculations yourself at the outset. If you’re already using your own software to draw up charts, that’s fine. Just remember that it’s easy to make mistakes with time zones etc.

When you work on a specific horoscope, I will include all the information you need to draw up the chart, such as:

  • The house cusps and
  • Planetary positions

This means you learn to draw up each chart in your own hand.

Learning to draw up a horoscope is a hugely underestimated learning exercise in itself, as you will discover. Especially because drawing up astrology charts is a dying skill.

I know only one other astrologer who still likes to draw up charts in her own hand – and it’s more than just artwork.

Working with horoscopes

We will work with a variety of horoscopes, including:

  • Celebrities
  • Case histories from my own practice and
  • Charts of your own choice

But firstly, we start with the important step of building up your clear understanding of signs, planets and houses.

Joannna Watters online discovering astrology course

Online Discovering Astrology Course

Fees: £325.00 for complete course of 10 modules

  • £185.00 for 5 modules
  • £135.00 for 3 modules

Email Joanna direct on for more information and details of how to pay.

How long does the online Discovering Astrology course take?

Each module is designed to take approximately two hours – but this is a variable estimate.

Because these are one-to-one courses, you can work entirely at your own pace.