The Astrology of Relationships

In a nutshell:

  • How the horoscope reveals the nature of all significant relationships
  • Including synastry and predictive work
  • For “who and when”


For intermediate astrology students

Learn how your horoscope isn’t just about you.

This course unravels the astrological threads in each horoscope that make up the tapestry of our key relationships.

The type of parents, siblings, partner, compatibility, meetings and marriages, soul mates, friends, colleagues and so on…

All of these are embedded in the symbolism of the birth moment.

You will also learn predictive techniques for answering not just “who” but “when” key people will move into the individual’s life.

Astrology of relationships online course Joanna Watters

Online Astrology of Relationships Course

Fees: £650.00 for complete course of 10 modules

  • For this year you have the option to pay as you go, 2 modules at a time.
  • Every course is ten modules so it’s simply £65.00 for each one, and these are payable two at a time.
  • So, to get started on any of the online courses you make a payment of £130.00.

Email Joanna direct on for more information and details of how to pay.

How long does the online Astrology of Relationships course take?

There are ten modules. Each module is designed to take approximately two hours – but this is a variable estimate.

Because these are one-to-one courses, you can work entirely at your own pace.

Aim to complete one module a week, but you can do more or less depending on your own needs, work speed and available time.

We have a 60-minute tutorial (What’s App, Facebook Messenger or landline) at the end of each module to cover questions and prepare for the next module.