This course is designed for those who’ve completed any kind of beginners tarot course, with me or elsewhere, and who are interested in honing their tarot skills along with learning about the connection between the tarot and astrology.

Astrology and Tarot Joanna Watters

Greek Island Tarot and Astrology

Course content

The Tarot and Astrology course introduces the symbolism of Sun sign astrology, to illustrate how tarot cards so often equate with astrological archetypes.

It’s extraordinary how often the cards reflect the actual Sun sign – eg Strength as a Leo, Knight of Pentacles as a Taurus – and how they describe the type of person or situation in question.

You’ll learn the astrologer’s shorthand – the glyphs for the signs and the planets.

You’ll also learn how to look up the key astrology for each reading, so you can develop another extremely powerful string to your predictive bow.

This course brings together Joanna’s foundational work in her books Tarot for Today and Astrology for Today


14 September 2022


First day 11am to 3.30pm

Other three study days 10am to 3.30pm


Joanna’s home in Nidri, Lefkada, Greece


Joanna Watters

Prices & How To Book


Course fees include tutor fees, refreshments – and taxis to and from your hotel on the four study days.

For more information and to book email


Regular tea, coffee and water is included in the course fee. Please bring along your choice of infusion or special diet items.

Lunch break is one hour.

Buffet lunch

You can bring your own lunch or opt to choose from a local menu.

This includes a selection of salads, local cheese pies and more.

Special dietary requirements are taken into account – simply email Joanna with your preferences.

Allow 5 to 7 Euro per day


There is a 15 minute break in the morning and another in the afternoon.