Personal Astrology Readings

In your first personal astrology reading you’ll learn key themes about your natal horoscope, reference to the past, with the main focus is on what’s happening now and over the coming year.

You will need to supply your date and place of birth, and also your time of birth – as accurately as possible.

Your personal astrology reading could also incorporate insights from tarot too.


Your first Personal Astrology reading is £135 for an hour and a quarter, including two to three hours preparation time on your horoscope.

Subsequent readings are for 1 hour – fees are £95.

Your Year Ahead – a detailed report including key transits, progressions and lunations for the next 12 months is £185. Allow 1 hour and 45 minutes / up to 2 hours.

You may also ask any questions you like in advance.

Consultations take place by What’s App or phone.

Waiting list is currently approx two weeks

How to Book

Email Joanna direct on

to arrange your consultation.

astrology readings with Joanna Watters