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8 June 2015 – an action packed week, Mercury turns direct

The Astrology Blog – 8 June 2015

I take it all back about retrograde Mercury probably having done his worst as last week kicked off. That was definitely wishful thinking! Here it was one hassle and worry after another, which I won’t itemize, but the main things were linked to the classic characteristic of incorrect information. I’ll also be more aware in the future that Full Moons coinciding with a retrograde Mercury do indeed still bring things to light, but in the shape of disappointments, things that we’ve been trying to ignore, or things that we simply haven’t wanted to believe.

Also one of the main things on my watch list of “problems with transport or communication” is, as you know, anything related to phones. I went to make a phone call on Friday morning – to find that we’d been cut off. Yes, dear reader, we’d forgotten to pay the bill! The upshot of that was then having to drop everything else to dash into town – at least here in Greece they reconnect you instantly, you don’t have to wait days – but as you can imagine I wasn’t impressed with myself. Talk about should have known better!

I’m off to the UK again middle of next week and on Saturday I was on the phone to my lovely, helpful travel agent in the UK booking the return flight back to Greece. It was only after he’d taken all my card details, booked the flight – and then read the details back to me – that we realized that we’d misunderstood each other and that he’d booked the flight the wrong way around, from Greece to London! And guess what, a ticket for the right way around wasn’t available, please try nearer the time ….

Mercury is now “stationing” – getting ready to switch from retrograde to direct motion late on Thursday – so we’re reaching the end of the tunnel, but just to be on the safe side here’s the checklist to bear in mind –

• Try to operate by “re” words – review, revise, research, reappraise, rethink and so on
• Back up all your computer work
• Write things down – forgetfulness, being distracted, inattention etc can be a troublesome theme
• Getting back to ideas on the back burner
• Getting back in touch
• Rest and relaxation, give the brain some time off
• Keep options open
• Assume nothing, double check everything
• When in doubt, check it out – second hand opinions are a dead cert for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick – and don’t believe everything you hear
• Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially keys or anything linked to communication such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc and don’t even think about buying new ones for the time being
• The same for cars – never buy a car under a retro Mercury
• Plan any journey with extra care and don’t trust to luck
• Kill your speed when driving – allow extra time for getting there slowly but safely
• Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
• No matter how certain a situation might seem there is a good chance that it will morph into something else over the next couple of weeks – the “x” factor is at work

What else is in store this week?

All times stated in BST

Apart from the possibility of last minute Mercury antics the rest of this week’s astrology is looking good. Two of the major planets, Jupiter and Uranus, are heading for a harmonious aspect that will be exact on the 22nd, and the Sun and Mars are both already playing into that formation. At the end of last week we had Mars sextile Uranus, and here are the other three aspects in the making –

Monday Sun sextile Jupiter (22.57)

Tuesday Mars sextile Uranus (08.30)

Wednesday Sun sextile Uranus (22.31)

The sextile is a harmonious aspect that happens when two planets are exactly two signs apart –

The Sun – Jupiter happens at 17 Gemini – 17 Leo
• The Mars – Uranus happens at 19 Gemini – 19 Aries
• The Sun – Uranus happens at 19 Gemini – 19 Aries

So, we have four planets in masculine signs creating a formation that plays out during the first half of this week. It’s a picture that’s bursting with energy, with ingredients of differentness, the unexpected, breaking out of old moulds, learning, travelling, meeting new people, joining groups or getting new plans off the drawing board. Such issues apply particularly to any matter that has been dragging its feet while Mercury has been retrograde as this picture is the run up to Mercury making his own sextile to Venus and then turning direct again –

Wednesday Mercury sextile Venus (13.53) – at 4 Gemini/4 Leo
Thursday Mercury turns direct at 4 Gemini (23.34)

This week’s aspects will be especially significant for you if you have planets at or close to all of the mentioned signs and degrees and here’s the usual link for checking the position of your natal planets:

However, even if you don’t have planets on these degrees, Mercury turning direct is a major universal event. This is simply the reverse of Mercury turning retrograde, so anything that has been a muddle or a struggle will now start to move towards resolution. Here are the kinds of things to expect:

• Breaking news, expected or unexpected, that affects us or someone close to us
• Light bulb flashes of insight
• We stop talking/thinking about something and realize that we need to make decisions
• People get back to us or make decisions
• We feel more courageous or determined to make something happen
• We stop pretending
• We stop avoiding
• We tackle/say the things we’ve been putting off
• We get back to a matter that was first important three weeks ago
• Important information comes to light
• Memory kicks in and we deal with what or who has been off our radar
• Disputes or areas of miscommunication are cleared up
• We find the right person to deal with the problem beyond our own expertise
• Computer glitches/communication technology are solved/sorted
• Secrets are revealed
• Rumours are squashed when the truth outs
• Lost objects are found – or we find what we have been looking for

So this week pay close attention to unfolding inner and outer events. Something that had seemed impossible or irrational could suddenly turn out to be a no-brainer. If you want serious answers about any troubled area of your life then Mercury turning direct is the most likely time to find them.

The finale of the week is when the Sun catches up with Mars –

Sunday Sun conjunct Mars (16.57) at 23 Gemini

Astronomically this conjunction happens roughly once every two years (as the Sun has a year cycle and Mars has a two year cycle) – the last one happened at 29 degrees of Aries 18 April 2013, the one before that was 4 February 2011 at 15 degrees of Aquarius. If these signs and degrees are relevant placings in your own horoscope you might like to think back to those dates to see with which events these conjunctions correlated.

Astrologically the Sun – Mars double act is dynamic, energetic and positive, or aggressive and punchy. In Gemini, the sign of the twins, it’s a double, double act and a possible war of words. If you want to get your point across now’s your chance but choose your words carefully and be prepared to do battle with many conflicting points of view. Also look out for definite choices – anything in Gemini tends to bring up issues of duality or multiplicity and the need to list the pros and cons. Any issues connected to love affairs are also likely to be highly sensitized. The Sun – Mars union is masculine and passionate, and a classic aspect for meeting a new lover. In the progressed natal chart (showing how events are unfolding in terms of life’s major milestones for an individual), especially for women, any Sun – Mars aspect is a textbook indication for meeting a life partner.

I’m off to London next Wednesday but will endeavor to post a two week blog before I leave. If you’re interested in coming along to the astrology workshops in London on the weekend of 20 – 21 June, read on!

Love from Greece


Saturday 20 June
Level 1 Be Your Own Astrologer (13 of 20 places available)

Level 1 is suitable for all levels from beginner to intermediate.
This is a fun workshop, based on the material covered in my new book of the same name (Cico Books, March 2015). We pack a lot in, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to work on your own horoscope.
We will be covering the basics of Sun signs and planetary symbolism and houses – all very interactive and focused on working on your own charts. We’ll be studying transits and prediction in the afternoon session and I’ll be breaking everyone up into groups to learn more about your own horoscope.

Sunday 21 June
Level 2 Planets and Prediction (14 of 20 places available)

Level 2 is suitable for refreshers and intermediate.
Your horoscope is a natal blueprint but is also a mechanism in perpetual motion. Learn how astrology reflects not only your nature but your life experience in the past, present and immediate future, as described by the cycles of the planets.
My colleagues astrologers Sally Kirkman and Grant Davis will be with us on both days to assist with the work on everyone’s charts.
All workshops run from 10am to 5pm, £85 for the day, non returnable deposit of 35 payable at the time of booking, or as close to as possible. If you are a new student you will need to send me send your data – date, place and time of birth – as I’ll be drawing up everyone’s horoscope as usual in advance.

Email me if you’d like to reserve a place or if you have any questions that you’d like to discuss.

The venue for both workshops is:
The Astrological Lodge
The Theosophical Society
50 Gloucester Place
London W1U 8EA



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