Mo – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Powerful, motivational – this course was beyond my wildest dreams. Elisabeth is an incredible teacher and ensures that each student is heard and understood. These courses are simply a must for anyone wishing to learn or hone their astrological or tarot crafts.  

Joanna – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Life changing. I’ve had a phenomenal time. Not only has this course helped me grow spiritually and as a witch, it has helped me grow as a person and opened my mind to parts of myself I didn’t even know existed.

Laura – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

This experience has been fantastic and really informative. The setting and location is perfect and the week has been interesting, relaxing and refreshing for the soul! It was wonderful having the opportunity to work with a great group from all walks of life, especially working with Full Moon magic, something that up till now I had only ever done solo. 

Julie – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

A totally enjoyable week. Elisabeth served up an interesting and fun course, I’ve learned things I didn’t even know about and have a lot to take back with me to put into practice. Joanna’s constant care for us all also very lovingly appreciated! All pure magic. 

Lynne – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Great energy and atmosphere, and the course was a real journey of discovery. Now I understand so much more about affirmations in connection to my natal chart, and how to use these throughout the year. 

Jill – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Idyllic, lovely, quiet and serene place and a fascinating course. Everything was well organized and ran smoothly, a truly magical experience. 

Henrietta – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

A great setting, fantastic group and brilliant teaching. Lots of practical useful tools to take home and start applying straight away. Loved the relaxed teaching style of the wonderful Elisabeth Brooke, sprinkled with wisdom and pragmatism.  

Nicola – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

The course was enlightening, fascinating to see how magic and astrology can work in partnership. Meeting others from all walks of life and Jo’s hospitality was all part of this wonderful experience. Recommended.  

Kathy – Greek Island Talking Tarot

You’re an excellent teacher Jo. This course has taught me so much in a practical hands-on way which was just what I needed, giving me the confidence to get out there and do more readings. I would definitely love to come back again!

Stella – Greek Island Talking Tarot

The perfect balance of focused work and relaxed social time. Expert teaching, supported by clear handouts. All was in flow and Nidri is a healing place.

Mo – Greek Island Talking Tarot

Enlightening. Educational. Fun! Would definitely recommend any of Jo’s courses. They are life changing.

Greta – Tarot Workshop in London

Thank you for the wonderful course yesterday.  It reignited my trust in my abilities, without getting ahead of myself! 

Gloria – Tarot Workshop in London

Thank you for the Tarot workshop on Sunday, It made me realise that I still have so much to learn but how I can improve. You are a great teacher. 

Melanie – Astrology Workshop in London

Generous Sagittarian warmth and razor-sharp wit, thank you for sharing your incisive astrological wisdom and practical methodology, giving us all a kind of roadmap to follow. I loved your robust guidance, your refreshing, no nonsense and principled approach: there was no room for any undisciplined thinking! Thank you Joanna! I’m already looking forward to the next workshop.

Tess & Chris – Tarot Workshop in London

Thank you so much for a fabulous day on Sunday.  We gained so much knowledge, we can’t believe how much we learned, and what a super group. 

Jane – Tarot Workshop in London

Just a note to say how much I really enjoy your Tarot Workshops.  It’s great to meet like-minded people in a relaxed setting, gain some really good insights into card meanings and do some meaningful practice.  Looking forward to the next one! 

Dave – Personal Year Ahead Report

Your Year Ahead report is very, very detailed and you must have worked very hard! I’m really happy with it, thank you!

Ali – Personal Year Ahead Report

I’m still reading through my year ahead report as there is so much to digest and take in. I can see this is going to be invaluable in terms of handling the ups and downs this year, and knowing when to take action or sit back is really helpful. Without sacrificing realism, you’ve helped me to put a positive spin even on the difficult aspects. This is something that will be a constant companion for me this year to reference each transit/situation as I go along. Wonderful and uplifting!

Amanda – Personal Year Ahead Report

Many thanks for the report. It is very detailed, you have obviously done a lot of work on it and there is a lot to reflect on. It is so good to get a proper personalised report. And to have another astrologer look objectively at the chart – without all the personal bias that comes from looking at one’s own! 


Laura – Personal Year Ahead Report

Wow! Thanks so much for the amazingly detailed and fabulously helpful report. I have read through it several times and I so appreciate the thoroughness and depth of your insight. Your observations were all spot on. I can see that it will be an invaluable companion for my year ahead, and I am already using it to help me make plans.

Alexandra – Personal Year Ahead Report

It is obvious that your year ahead report was such a lot of work! It is brilliant, and I am so grateful to have it. Your work is extraordinary, and you more than go the extra mile. There are moments in life when we just need some insight/guidance to help us on our way. I have been feeling nervous as I know there is a tough year ahead. But with your profound insight, guidance and compassion, I have had an inner shift, I have hope and know I will be ok.  Can’t thank you enough.

Dee – Tarot Workshop in London

Just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. I really enjoyed it and learned so much, I feel so much more confident now about doing readings.

Aakanksha – Astrology Workshop in London

I absolutely loved the workshop and the whole approach and concept of getting all different levels of knowledge was great. I learned a lot from my fellow students as well.

Greta – Tarot Workshop in London

For years, there had seemed to be too much to learn with Tarot before I could do anything enjoyable with it so, despite owning Tarot packs, I have never gone further than reading the first page or so of an incomprehensible book.  By contrast, with this delightful one-day course, we plunged in right from the start and it no longer seems daunting.  By the end of the day, we were undertaking readings for each other. The workshop has opened the door painlessly for further study. Brilliant.

Adele – Astrology & Tarot Workshops in London

I absolutely loved the workshops. Initially I was apprehensive about coming along as I’d only really dabbled with astrology before and didn’t have much experience with tarot cards. With both astrology and tarot cards being huge subjects, I couldn’t see how I would learn much in 2 days. I needn’t have worried though as I learned so much!  I went home with my head full of information and keen to practice doing readings. I’d love to do your courses in Greece!

Mo – Personal Year Ahead Report

Thank you so much for the wonderful personalised year report – I found it not only informative but utterly absorbing.

Alex – Personal Year Ahead Report

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my Year Ahead report. It made for fascinating reading. What came across was that there really is “a plan”. I feel both comforted and uplifted, and I know I’ll be referring to this guide not just for now but for the coming year, and the summary at the end was especially helpful. With thanks! 

Nicola – Personal Reading

Thanks so much for the reading Joanna, you simply would not believe how accurate it was. The tarot spreads summed up the scene and how I was feeling about my situation, and even described the personality of the other person that you’d never met.  The reading confirmed to me that what I had felt and already done was the right thing, and left me in no doubt as to how to proceed.

Margreet – Personal Reading

I wanted to tell you my news, because I think of you so often and I can’t believe how right you were with EVERYTHING. I did get together with the guy from Crete, we had the best time ever and, as you predicted, I got that light bulb moment of “he’s The One”. So yes, my life changed completely, and even more importantly… I am pregnant!! I will be a mum,  exactly as you said. So nothing could be truer than your reading of my horoscope. Thank you so much.

Diane – Personal Reading

I am just blown away by your reading. Literally, chills in places, tears in others, jaw dropped throughout. I can’t believe how specifically you nailed me and — just as amazingly — my partner. Who is indeed, as described. And looking for a career change as you saw. I am so grateful for your having done this for me. I really wasn’t expecting anything so … revealing.

Nollaig – Personal Reading

I loved my reading with Joanna. She filled the room with positivity and light and immediately set the scene of “no matter what mountain you have to climb you will get there”! I loved her up-beat way, her energy and focus. I also loved how she is completely absorbed with you and what you need to know. Joanna uses all her energy and in-depth knowledge of astrology and tarot to give you the inspiration, motivation and insight you are looking for. She pinpointed some significant dates for me. And so far two of these dates have been accurate. I wait with bated breath for the others. Joanna is just the tonic for the pick-me-up you need to take on the world. Everyone deserves a little bit of Joanna! I could not recommend her more.

James – Personal Reading

Joanna is enlightening. Her predictive and planetary analytical skills are quite simply excellent. They are also  breathtaking, with accuracy actually beyond comprehension at times. On our last meeting she told me that I should expect a sudden house move. Well, I sign the lease on a new flat today. This has come completely out of the blue, as she assured me that it would. When you are given dates by Joanna take heed!  Although these things are at times somewhat bewildering, she has an amazing compassion and ability to help one to make sense and accept what is being foretold. I could not praise her highly enough. So I am sending other friends in her direction now!

Michael Rowan – Tarot Workshop, London

Joanna understands how adults learn. In the classroom she creates and maintains a ‘safe learning environment’ which puts her students at ease and maximises their potential for learning. Too many esoteric trainers make themselves the ‘star’ of the show whereas Joanna puts the student first. By utilising a variety of delivery methods she caters for individual learning preferences.  Her workshops are fun, educational and inspiring because she ‘keeps it real’. She takes a hands-on approach to classroom activities and strives to make the learning relevant to the needs of the students.

Anne – Personal Reading

I never thought anyone could take me soaring among the planets in the way that you did.  It felt a little eerie and reminded me of “The Snowman”. I have never had such a thorough reading/interpretation. It didn’t stop there. Jo is always suggesting books and material which are possible to obtain from other sources which I have found invaluable for development at many different levels. Thank you Jo.

Jennifer – Personal Reading

What luck to have found you!! After my week in Greece, it was clear that not only do you know your subject inside out, but that you’re also an expert on encouragement. This made you the obvious choice for a reading for my partner when he was recently at a crucial crossroads in his working life. After the consultation with you, he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders and went ahead with renewed confidence. He is thrilled with the results. How can we thank you enough?!

Melle James – Tarot Workshop

I went to one of Jo’s London Tarot workshops and it was thoroughly enjoyable. We learnt not only the process she uses for specific layouts and how to conduct a reading, but more importantly how to connect the cards to tell a story. Jo is patient and fun. She puts you at ease and encourages everyone to participate. I would definitely recommend her courses. Thanks Jo.

Ann Simms – Working with Tarot

I would describe the Greek Island Summer School as total escapism! I loved being able to explore and promote the gifts that I already hold, through the experience of the group. The encouragement of fellow students was wonderful. We shared a strong bond of beliefs, respect and understanding. Jo watched over us and guided us, as we unfolded like a garden in the spring.

Lynne – Discovering Astrology

The course provided a thorough grounding in the basics of astrology – from sun signs to planets, houses and aspects. Then it was deeply interesting to move on to the symbolism and meaning of transits. So by the end of the week we could interpret natal charts – of celebrities and our own. This helped me understand how everything hung together. The setting is idyllic, relaxing and charming. It makes it a wonderful opportunity to mix sun, sea and swim with learning about this fascinating subject.

Karen Gray – Discovering Astrology

I want to say how much I enjoyed the course! It was expertly laid out, delivered and explained in a straightforward way. I can’t wait to come out for the next segment! Thank you for being a great teacher and host. And thank you for my reading, which was the best I’ve ever had. It was positive and absolutely filled with information. So thank you for that too Jo.

Christine Crockford – Working with Tarot

Fantastic! Well run, fun, informative and generally a great experience. Jo is patient and understanding. She also has a great teaching manner and is passionate about her work and this came across at all times. It was the perfect place to learn, beautiful scenery, stunning views. You really couldn’t ask for more! Thank you Jo for making my time in Greece such a joy.

Maxine Lewis – Working with Tarot

In one word, mind-blowing! This course has transformed my belief system about the tarot. Joanna’s natural teaching ability has empowered me, and shown me how to unravel the past and present as well as the future. I now see how the tarot tells an individual’s story, helping them towards understanding, direction and how to make positive choices. Joanna is a breath of fresh air, patient and clear, and the whole learning experience was a breeze. She also helped out with all aspects of the trip when it was at the planning stage. Thank you Jo from the bottom of my heart.

Denise Brown – Talking Tarot

The other students were more experienced but Joanna’s practical teaching methods ensured that we all benefited from each other’s input. Nobody missed a single moment of any class and Joanna kept us totally engrossed and thirsting for more knowledge. I really liked the way she taught us with examples from her own readings and an emphasis on what relevance tarot has for today. Joanna is an inspiring teacher and since I have returned home, I have carried on my studies. One of the best holiday experiences I have ever had.

Jennie Scott – Talking Tarot

I was very impressed with the skilful, structured and knowledgeable way in which the course was run. Although I had a little knowledge of Tarot when I arrived, I was amazed by the amount I had learned by the end of the week!

The course was made all the more enjoyable by the glorious weather and by being held in the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of your own home. I particularly enjoyed the companionship of the other attendees and hope that we will all keep in touch.

Nina Shuttlewood – Talking Tarot

A first class course – I felt challenged but never threatened! We learned so much in such a short time, each day was slightly more challenging than the last, culminating in the guinea pig session which gave me the ultimate confidence in what I had learned.  Recommended.

Nicola Bartlett – Working with Tarot

The course was absolutely brilliant.  The pace was just right, starting with the card meanings and by the end of the week performing a ‘real’ reading. The hours were just right – you feel that you are on holiday as well as learning something you really enjoy.  Excellent value for money, and Joanna and the others on the course made it a very special week. It has certainly given me the confidence I needed to know that I can conduct a reading and understand the cards as a whole picture, rather than just reading individual cards. Next year I would really like to take part in the Astrology course and then follow on with the advanced tarot.

Janice Larkin – Working with Tarot

The course was all I could have dreamed for, combining a rest with a well paced study of the tarot. Everyone received individual attention as well as being able to exchange views, at both a personal and professional level. Joanna is a warm and empathic mentor – and a wonderful host, opening up her home to us all.  She told me at the beginning of the week that many people become attached to Nidri – I would say that I leave a part of my heart here as I go. Really hope to do a follow up course next year.”

Aideen Larkin – Working with Tarot

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was extremely well structured, making the learning easy. It has left me with the confidence to leave here and start doing readings. The structure of each day was superb. Joanna, you put a huge amount of effort into the presentation of all the material. I was really impressed with your attention to detail, in every aspect of the course. I also really felt that I was on holiday and not just learning. Thanks to all who shared the week. I shall cherish the memories.

Amanda Samson, writing for Kindred Spirit magazine – Working with Tarot

The course was excellent – really well structured, clear and thorough. Jo is a gifted teacher and her warmth, humour and genuine interest in all of us shone through. The other students were great and there was always company if you wanted it. Do it – you’ll love it! Thanks for a fabulous week.

Diane Preston – Working with Tarot

I thought the course was excellent. It started out methodically and built up to doing a reading at the end of the week. The seminar hours are just right and the example material is fascinating. I don’t think the course could be improved on. I will definitely be back next year!

Julie Thomas – Working with Tarot

The depth and level of understanding that Joanna has for the cards is phenomenal. This has been a wonderful experience, on this beautiful island of Lefkada. The course has helped me with major issues of my own life. The energy of Nidri is extremely healing and conducive to learning with like-minded people who will become life long friends. I will return – this will not be the end of the course but a whole new beginning. Thank you so much – this has been a life changing experience.

Gloria Knight – Working with Tarot

I have really enjoyed the tarot course and I have learned a lot, about the tarot and also about myself. Joanna is a very good therapist as well as a good teacher. The course material was easy to follow. I love Nidri, it’s so peaceful, and I don’t want to go home! I can’t wait for the next course.

Lena Hjeltman – Private Tuition Tarot

To study tarot with Joanna is an exclusive experience and on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkas too. This was one of the best courses I have ever done. Joanna is a fantastic teacher with a big heart and challenging ideas. Thanks to her I quickly picked up this method of divination. As a psychologist, I recognised that the tarot is full of possibilities, when trying to help people understand themselves and their life direction. It can really make a difference. This is a process in development for me and I already feel a need to work towards a deeper knowledge.

Bill Murray – Talking Tarot

The course was great! The pace was perfect for me and covered all the ground necessary to give the student enough experience too, from handling and memorising the cards through to conducting a reading. The group dynamics were excellent and Jo led the whole week perfectly. Frankly I think you should charge a lot more – it’s far too little for a course of this quality! Thanks for everything and I’ll definitely be back.

Chris Day – Talking Tarot

The level and the pace of this course were great, and the content totally absorbing in every way. Exciting, thought provoking, and never dull! Super group of people studying with me. People who were helpful, supportive and enjoyable company. Joanna is a wonderful group leader, teacher and mentor – well done!

Rene Poole – Working with Tarot

I now have a much better handle on the many meaning of the tarot cards. The pace was just right and I was delighted that I was able to keep up with the other more experienced students, with no difficulty. I also found the course very therapeutic, and in ways that I could not have imagined.

Stephanie Whitehead – Talking Tarot

This week has been about so much more than just attending a course. It’s been a deep learning experience, at both a practical and personal level. It’s been about connecting with the cards but also with myself and with like-minded people. I’ve had a brilliant life changing time!

Most importantly it’s been fun and as a group we’ve had a laugh. The course content was spot on, as was the balance between class time and free time. All in all a fantastic experience, with a magical teacher and in a stunning location.

Ester David – Working with Tarot

Although I had been learning about the Tarot for many years I still can’t believe how much more I learned with Joanna. Such a useful course, and held in an idyllic setting. I was in heaven in Nidri.

Sam Murphy – Working with Tarot

A really enjoyable course, with a perfect balance of teaching input/support and student discussion and practice. I feel wholeheartedly that my money has been well spent and I would absolutely recommend.”

Sylvia Hardcastle – Working with Tarot

The pace of the course was perfect for me. In terms of the cost, content and quality of the whole experience – excellent. I feel I still have a lot to learn but am now looking forward to the challenge!

Caroline Shaw – Working with Tarot

I’m back again. The pace of the course was ideal with a great variety of exercises, enabling us to learn and practice. It was a great group and we had a lot of fun, making this a wonderful learning/holiday experience. Most importantly I feel that I’ve gained not just the knowledge, but the confidence to go away and do tarot readings. Very good value, with an excellent teacher!

Anne Ashcroft – Working with Tarot

I was absolutely delighted with the course. It was very stimulating, very well organized and presented with clarity. Joanna’s long experience in both the Tarot and as a teacher showed in her honed and varied methods of presenting the complex material. All aspects are covered and supported with plentiful handouts, along with interesting and pertinent exercises.

Most importantly for me, I received everything I had hoped for during the week – including a deeper and more synthesized understanding of how a spread works as a whole. I feel very well equipped now to start giving proficient readings. Worth every penny! Thanks so much Joanna.

Julian Brignone – Working with Tarot

I came to the course hoping at least to learn enough to do meaningful readings for myself. My expectations were greatly exceeded and we had tangible progress every day. I particularly enjoyed – and found useful – the chance to read for a complete stranger on the final day of the course. This proved how far we’d come. The exercise was handled in a supportive environment.

The pace was perfect, and allowed us to progress quickly. Joanna is very knowledgeable. More importantly, she put us at our ease and boosted our confidence in our own abilities to work with the Tarot. Great balance between learning the mechanics (such as card meanings, spreads, how to structure a reading) and hands-on practice. Best of all I now feel confident about reading the Tarot for others. We had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks Joanna!

Tania Ahsan

I did Joanna’s brilliant tarot course in Nidri when I was editor of Prediction magazine. It was just fantastic. I deepened my understanding of the tarot as well as enjoying a wonderful break in a beautiful, relaxing setting. I have drawn on the knowledge she imparted on that course in all my readings since.

I would highly recommend the course and Joanna’s work to anyone interested in astrology or tarot. With experience in editing magazines that cover astrology and tarot – for example Prediction and Kindred Spirit – I’ve had a lot of readings and attended many courses to compare her work against. She is definitely one of the best.

Jenny Wills – Discovering Astrology

Excellent. I feel I have learnt so much this week. The content was well structured, with each session building on the previous one. I felt relaxed and comfortable and Jo gave each of us equal attention. I have really enjoyed myself and will definitely be back again.

Joanne McCoy – Beginners Astrology

What can I say, except wonderful! Jo is a great teacher, very well prepared and so patient – everything was clearly explained and I have learned so much. Together with a fantastic setting, the whole week made for a lovely experience.

Zoe Alexander – Beginners Astrology

We covered a great deal of material but the pace was appropriate for beginners. The course content is excellent – explanations have been clear. Excellent handouts, all reinforced by practical sessions. Good value for money.

Jane Stewart – Beginners Astrology

I couldn’t wait to get to class and personally could have started earlier in the day! We were a mixed bunch, yet we all came together. It was a wonderful experience that taught me more than astrology. Thank you Jo.

Anne Baldwyn – Information to Meaning

The content of the course – the quality/quantity/variety – was very comprehensive. Excellent cost. Jo’s teaching was fun, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Jenny Sherwood – Information to Meaning

There was enough time in each session to really cover things and get involved. Felt intense, but in a good way and the time flew by. Worksheets were clear and useful, lots of relevant information. Good mixture of revision and personal work on our own charts. Great value for money – especially enjoyed being in a smaller group. Thank you Jo!

Lizzie Brown – Information to Meaning

The tutor Joanna Watters was excellent. Every student was given time and attention. Astrology is her passion and her teaching came from the heart. Her knowledge was boundless.

Naomi Stevens – Synastry: the Astrology of Relationships

My third time back to Lefkada and the experience was as great as the others. Brilliant course. Joanna is such a great teacher and her patience is endless! We have covered an enormous range of astrological material, all summarised and supported with clear handouts which I can take away with me and continue to work with. Thanks for a great week – see you next year for the Synastry course.

Christine Pain – Synastry: the Astrology of Relationships

Jo always spent time making sure that all students were happy with the topic covered, before moving on to the next one. From a fellow tutor’s perspective, there was a good mix of instruction, explanation and practical exercises. It’s now up to us to keep practicing it!

The subject material was just right, especially as Jo continually adapted what was covered, according to our needs. It was a very flexible, enjoyable and informative week – thank you. I look forward to more courses, so that I can keep filling in the gaps in my knowledge of this fascinating subject.

Nicola Botham – Synastry: the Astrology of Relationships

It’s the fourth year running that I’ve attended Jo’s courses. It was invaluable to consolidate techniques covered previously, especially transits and progressions. The synastry material was really interesting. Explanations are always clear and delivered with patience, to ensure clarity for all. A very worthwhile and informative course.

Jenny Gardner – Discovering Astrology

My fourth time on the Greek Island Summer School and I’ve particularly enjoyed this synastry course. I found that the astrology really came alive for me more than ever, which was so exciting. It’s been fantastic being able to draw from the past courses and see it all jump into action this week. Thank you for putting that smile on my face!

Caroline Shaw – Practising Astrology

Loved the hours – just the right amount of time to get burnt on the beach! Loved the home from home setting, and the easy going lessons. Liked it all in fact! Thoroughly enjoyed myself and it all ended too quickly. Perfect.

Annie Coombe-Jones – Practising Astrology

Jo’s input made it easy to book. She was wonderful at sorting out all the necessary arrangements. The course was well planned, thorough and Jo is a natural teacher. I learnt loads. The whole experience was a joy – and a great holiday. In essence, it was a fantastic week. It was a great course, in amazing company – with sunshine and plenty of wine!

Cathy Whelan – Practising Astrology

I loved this astrology course. Jo has taken the traditional method of teaching astrology and turned it on its head. She gave breadth to the subject, moving us through the building blocks as quickly as possible. Until magically the glyphs started to sing and dance from the pages – and to tell their own colourful stories. The seminar hours were perfect. Allowing ample time for reflection and consolidation – and time to explore the beautiful island. The very reasonable costs were helped even further by Jo’s invaluable input when arranging flights, rooms and transfers, not to mention her very friendly relationship with the local tavernas! Such fun and healing too. I will be back to learn more.

Ali Christie – Private tuition Astrology

The whole experience was a wonderful, warm and supportive week. The teaching was excellent and well paced. Jo is very caring and looked after us so well. Even though I could have coped with a higher level I now feel a renewed passion for astrology. The week was an inspiration for me and has awoken my need for astrology to be more of a focus in my life. A very big thank you for all your warmth and generous hospitality.

Gloria Knight – Practising Tarot

It is amazing how Jo brought each individual Tarot card to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, in such a lovely warm climate with spectacular views. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for a lovely week – it was a very personal experience for me that came along at just the right time. I definitely feel that I now understand things about myself a lot more. I understand how I operate and what makes me tick. What a gift to learn how to accept myself and not have to apologise for myself anymore. I feel rejuvenated and I know where I’m going in life. So all in all, the Greek experience has done wonders for me. I will be out there singing your praises!

Lizzie Brown – Practising Astrology

I have really enjoyed the week and the time seemed to fly by. I feel that I can look at things in different ways – and I feel that many things are now clearer for me. Jo was, as usual, inspiring. Her enthusiasm is catching! I’ve gained a lot over the week, in astrology but also generally. And it’s great to work in such idyllic surroundings.

Jan Garbutt – Practising Astrology

I am more than happy with this course – I love the way that the material is simplified in order to create a relaxed approach. It is fun, informative and grounding – and very well taught. Thanks Jo.

Marion Williamson – Practising Astrology

I really enjoyed the course although I could have handled a faster pace. (Marion was editor of Prediction magazine at the time). However, I got a lot out of the last two days in particular – and feel that I have now deepened my understanding of Astrology. Loved the group, the atmosphere, the food, the fresh coffee and adore Coco (Jo’s dog)! The hours are perfect, the setting ideal and your teaching inspiring and supportive.

Jennie Wharam – Practising Astrology

The course was perfect, the whole week was perfect, really beyond words. Excellent group tuition and personal guidance, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy Nidri. Jo has made this study holiday an absolute delight and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her courses. In fact I would like to come every year of my life and never stop learning astrology from Jo! Much love and many, many thanks for such a wonderful time – you went way above and beyond the call of duty in caring for us and teaching us your precious knowledge

Katherine Blythe – Working with Tarot, private tuition

Well, what can I say? The course was totally tailored to suit my personal needs, so it was perfect. It has shown me how little I knew beforehand and provided a much needed structure to my readings. The whole experience was also in keeping with the fact that I was on holiday. Joanna put herself out to cater to my “social needs” too for which I am very, very grateful! The week was fun and enjoyable, the time whizzed by, it was over all too soon.

Maxine Lewis – Working with Tarot

In one word, mind-blowing! This course has transformed my belief system about the Tarot. Joanna’s natural teaching ability has empowered me, and shown me how to unravel the past and present as well as the future. I now see how the Tarot tells an individual’s story, helping them towards understanding, direction and how to make positive choices. Joanna is a breath of fresh air – patient and clear – and the whole learning experience was a breeze. She also helped out with all aspects of the trip when it was at the planning stage. Thank you Jo from the bottom of my heart.

Hilary Kelly – Discovering Astrology

Both the island and Joanna’s home, the venue for the course, are absolutely beautiful. Jo is a wonderful host – friendly, helpful throughout and very welcoming. She takes a genuine interest in both your holiday and teaching needs. The course was thorough and sparked an intense curiosity in me, which has started a fascinating journey. Joanna’s new book Be Your Own Astrologer is an absolute must – by far the easiest and most absorbing book I have ever read on astrology. And the food was gorgeous and in great abundance! Highly recommended and will definitely be returning for more.

Julie Thomas – Discovering Astrology

I first did a course in Greece with Jo in 2007 – and I can’t believe that I left it so long to come back again. From now on it’s a yearly date! The course was brilliant, and so was the social scene. I thoroughly enjoyed myself every minute and made some good friends. Jo is an attentive host and had all sorts of extras for us to take advantage of too – I had the best pedicure and the best massage I’ve ever had in my life! See you next year.